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What are the importance of Open-Source Software/Hardware?

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Your question is an extraordinary question today, because this will resolve misunderstandings about the Open-Source concept.

Let's discuss it in full.

Open source is a system / method for development that is not centralized by an individual / organization / institution. It is more centralized to collaborate by using open source code, and free access by anyone.

Usually,  Open source is made not for commercial purposes or to get money, but  for a larger purpose, so that it can be beneficial for developers,  users, and many people. Users  will be able to develop software / open source hardware by implementing  modifications that come from innovation and creativity they have.

The purpose is :

1. Freedom of Thinking

There is no limit to thinking and developing innovation because all codes / structures can be modified freely. Nothing is hidden, even though the learning curve is higher.

Developers,  both beginners and professionals are able to change, add some parts,  fiddle freely, or even give advice (issue) to the creator of the  software / hardware.

2. Boundless Future

Because  open source can be modified and repaired, maximized by others, the  device will not stagnate, and will continue to grow over time. From an open source device, utilization will appear in other fields. For example: the Bitcoin crypto currency platform, at first there was only one platform. Over  time, there are currently more than 2,000 crypto currencies that have  been registered, which are sourced from the open source Bitcoin  platform, or development / derivatives thereof.

3. Legality

We will never deal with the legality factor if we use open source. However, make sure to release the software / hardware that you modified with an open source license as well. If you claim to be yours, that will be a problem.


From  the open-source nature, the most important thing is that there is no  limit to the creativity and development of the product. So, these products can be used by others without limits, and of course the more days the better. 

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Let's go back to the origins. Free software is imagined in the 80s by Richard Stallman. He asserts that computer programs must be freely usable and, above all, studied and modified.

Open source has brought a break in the software economy by lowering costs in an incredible way. Everything that forms the basis of a computer platform, a web platform, has become simply free: operating system, databases, server software, development tools, administration tools. Of course, the total cost of ownership is never zero: it takes hardware, support and human expertise to deploy and run all this. But for a start-up, the barrier to entry has been dramatically lowered, stimulating and accelerating the creation of innovative companies. And for user companies, this new situation has translated into gains in competitiveness.

Open source has also won the hardware, under the name of "open hardware". This is about sharing plans of circuits and entire equipment. A good example of open hardware, the Arduino project is a fully open source programmable microcontroller, hardware and software, which can be adapted for all forms of signal processing, or process control. It can be programmed to react to external sensor signals, process them, and control actions.

The key word behind these projects, these approaches, is that of reappropriation of technology. Technology is not the preserve of a tiny elite from the heart of Silicon Valley. We can control it, especially if we join forces. This is the principle of FabLabs ... We are not just idiotic consumers who go into debt to buy the latest smartphone, which we will not even have the right to change the battery. With a few friends, with a little help, with open source plans and software, we can build amazing things in our garage. Not quite the last smartphone, but not very far. 3D printers open new frontiers for these approaches. After taking control of the software, it will be possible to regain control over the hardware. We already dream of downloading, under free license, the plans of a spare part for his coffee maker, to print at home his piece in 3D.


The thing that makes open source software important is the availability and openness that the application brings.

Openness is what makes everyone want to learn and understand how it works which ultimately wants to contribute to it.

That's also what makes Linux able to grow as it is now even able to compete with commercial OSes like Windows and Macintosh.

If in the past Linus Torvald had not sent an email to the Minix forum about this small project, surely this big thing would never have happened. That is the strength and importance of open source software.

You can see, read, try and change the code.

I see the future, and it has Pinguin on it ;)

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