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What is the healthier way to loose weight?
I have been noticing for a couple of years now, most of the movie stars and other celebrities loose weight overnight and it we don't see any change/effect on their faces ... Means they get thin on the belly, hips and other body parts but not on faces.

There are currently 2 schools of thought: 

1. Calories in and Calories out theory.

2. The theory that weight regulation is caused by hormones like insulin.

I will simply touch on the theory of hormones as calories and calories simply states you are not spending enough energy. Also known as you are lazy, go for a run.

Hormones like insulin regulate how much sugar is allowed in the blood. It unlocks the cells and lets sugar and nutrients be stored in the cell. Because high blood sugar is inflammatory to our veins. So it can't stay there too long.

The ketogenic lifestyle teaches that you reduce sugar completely, forcing your body to use a different type of energy source called ketones. This was the way human have lives for thousands of years, before we started modifying our foods. And the way you where fed as a baby. Breast milk is the perfect ratio of macro's for a ketogenic diet.

When you actively seek to reduce sugar intake you will have great effects within a week.

Famous celebs using this diet include Kourney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, the fiji national rugby team, Halle Berry and Lebron James.


Crash diets are never good. The weight loss might not last long and often you end up piling up even more weight than before. It is better to adjust your lifestyle and eat a well balanced nutritious diet. Avoid sugary fizzy drinks, milkshakes, alcohol, fried foods, highly processed foods for instance and get some exercise (a good mix of for example cardio, weights - building muscle tones your body and increases your metabolism, some stretching, resistance training, yoga. What you fancy. Also avoid artificial sweetener because they could result in cravings for food and especially for sweets. Those sweetners are not as healthy as some might think.

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Shedding pounds may not be one of the least demanding undertakings, nonetheless, in the event that you embrace some straightforward mentalities, you will accomplish amazing outcomes in an exceptionally predictable manner. To enable you to get thinner in a solid and enduring way, we have arranged some weight reduction tips that can be tried today. 

Tips for quick and enduring weight reduction 

Losing a ton of weight quick isn't such a troublesome thing, the genuine trouble isn't to fall into the scourge of the accordion impact. 

Continually swelling and thinning (an accordion impact) can influence anybody to dive into debilitation and take an ever increasing number of radical measures in the expectation of getting thinner for the last time. The issue is that the more radical the measures to get in shape, the more the concertina impact will in general show up. 

To enable you to escape from the accordion impact, to get thinner strongly and keep up your optimal load after some time, we have arranged 11 weight reduction tips that are very basic and can be consolidated into your day by day schedule absent much trouble. 

1 - Avoid following marvel eats less encouraging quick weight reduction 

Those prevailing fashion abstains from food that guarantee quick weight reduction are a full plate for the accordion impact. These weight control plans are extremely prohibitive and deny your collection of essential supplements. 

To get in shape and keep up your optimal load after some time you can not give your body a chance to be suspicious that you are losing fat rapidly. 

The body is extremely insightful, and in the event that it understands that it is being denied of supplements and that it is likewise losing fat, it will figure out how to diminish vitality utilization, so you won't lose fat, you will lose just water and fit mass. 

2 - Drink a lot of water day by day 

Water, other than basic for a sound life, is an incredible partner of the individuals who wish to get more fit. Attempt to drink somewhere around 06 glasses of water multi day, ideally chilled. 

3 - Avoid devouring exceptionally salty sustenances 

Overabundance salt advances liquid maintenance in the body, causing swelling and expanding vibe of weight. Furthermore, salt additionally supports hypertension. 

4 - Eat gradually and bite nourishment altogether 

Eating too quick can lead you to indulge on the grounds that, from the primary fork, your cerebrum takes around 20 minutes to comprehend that you are eating and that your stomach is full.

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Maybe they undergone liposuction or other cosmetic medical procedures whether invasive or non-invasive.

It is not possible to lose a noticeable amount of weight just in a day or overnight. So, I am guessing that there could be some procedures done to them.

Celebrities usually have cosmetic doctors or coaches/advisers as their appearances really matter a lot for their profession as a celebrity.

In terms of healthier ways to lose weight, I would say that the natural ways are better. Like doing regular exercises and having a well balance diet. As well as having a healthy lifestyle.

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Best way to reduce the weight is to consult your nutrition first and have proper diet plan. 

In this way you will be able to reduce you weight without having side effects. 

Nutrition will give you proper plan for diet and some basic exercises. By following that you can reduce you weight.

It is not very easy to follow diet plan but you have to stay focus and motivated towards achievement to your desired goal. 

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in my opinion, there are various things that must be done to lose weight in a healthy manner. and this is very much related to the daily lifestyle.

the first, you have to exercise regularly. doing exercise aims to burn fat in the body.

second, reduce the portion you eat. This is so that the calories that enter your body are not excessive

Third, consume high fiber foods. foods that contain this fiber function to delay hunger. fiber-containing foods such as papaya, beans, avocados, and oranges.

finally consuming enough water. consuming enough water aims to accelerate the body's metabolic system, and prevent dehydration that is lack of body fluids.