What are the countries where 1 US Dollar is enough for one times food?

I bet there are quite a few countries across the world where you can get quite a few kilograms of any food but I'm going to talk to you about what I know and that would be Venezuela.

Last week I managed to make 5 semi decent hamburgers by just spending around 1.40$ it's a bit above the 1$ budget but still pretty good since I fed 3 people with that.

The exchange rate last week was around 180bss per $ right now is around 230bss but that's hyper inflation for you, hyper inflation is a bitch.

I bought 5 meat patties for around 100 bss and that's the most of the expense, i bought 5 hamburger breads for around 30 bss and that's the bulk of the expense.

I bought 2 tomatoes and 1 onion for around 30 bss and with tat I had spent almost a dollar. The rest of the expenses where a small mayonnaise and I had sombre tomato sauce already so I didn't have to spend on that.

Worth those ingredients I managed to make some semi event hamburgers for a fraction of the cost elsewhere and I fed 3 people with them but it could also be the food for a whole day for a single person.

Of course you would still need something to drink but we had some water which is healthy to lol...


There are quite a lot of countries that your 1USD is enough of a meal actually. I'll focus on the country I lived, Philippines.

1 USD is actually equivalent to a good meal. In fact, you can eat at a good restaurant for 1 meal. Yes, I mean meal and drinks. Its value is very high here to the point we can even use that $1 in 2 meals or 10 biscuits. A good meal of Rice, pork, and drinks satisfies your stomach. 

You can eat on a lot of restaurants too, even in Metro Manila. That 50 pesos is enough for a meal and if you're in a province, that could make it 2 meals. Its good to see that $1.00 is having a good value in different countries. That's why, Steemit is a very important platform that could potentially solve the incentivation woes of people in the community. Steemit has indeed played a great role of providing us our daily needs despite of just staying online.

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In many countries that are in the South East Asia, one US dollars can get you enough food for one meal. In Malaysia, there are two days in a every month, that if you go to a buddhist vegeterian stall, you can get free meals and you just need to donate some money. Any country that has a weaker currency denomination would really have a high chance that things would cost alot less. 

In Malaysia, one USD is now currently RM 4.18 which used to be 3.25 like that. Regretting to have any USD when the Malaysian ringgit was alot higher. Alot of outside tourist who come to Malaysia and especially my city would feel like a rich dude. But for countries which are neighbours to Malaysia, like for example, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Phillipines, you can get loads more food with only USD 1. Even in some parts of China which are more rural relative to those which are in modern states, you can definitely get something for a cheaper price. 

USD 1 is still worth alot at this point of time. 


There are quite a number of impoverished countries, developing countries and third world countries where a dollar would buy you a normal meal for a middle class or lower class but I'd be answering based on the country I'm used to.

From where I'm from, which is Nigeria, a US dollar is equivalent to 365 naira by current exchange rate. With 365 naira, a low class citizen and middle class citizen cannot cook with this amount because it's too low, he/she would be needed like 3-5dollars or about a thousand five hundred naira to cook a proper food but if the person decides to eat at a local buka, 365 naira is just enough to eat a decent meal just to get the person by till he/she eats the next meal.

However, a dollar worth of food here, is not a food that night necessarily satisfy the eater but just to get the eater by till he/she gets home and eat a properly cooked meal or goes to an expensive canteen where you have to pay more to eat well.

A dollar can only be used to eat a decent meal when eating out at a local buka but cannot be used to cook nor eat a well garnished meal right here in Nigeria.

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 India. I know well about our place so I am sharing with you in this answer.

1 US Dollar is equal to 72.48 Indian Rupees.

You can cook a day's complete food with one dollar. One kg of good rice is 40 Rupees only. But I am now with some decent food available outside home, for 1 US Dollar.

We have all classes of hotels where one meal cost thousands of rupees and in the other corner, quality food with the low price also available.


In southern India, lunch is of rice and vegetables. Non-veg things are supplied at extra cost.

The above Meal costs only 50 Indian Rupees. It comes with unlimited rice, Vegetable curry (Sambar), fish curry, boiled buttermilk with masala, soup(rasam), plain buttermilk, And with 5 to 7 types of side dish.

If you buy a fish additional you have to pay 20 Indian Rupees. The cost of fish varies according to the fish type. In small mess hotels, they will not go for costly fish items. Sardine, Mackerel, and Tilapia are the common fish variety available in the mess. For which they always collect 20 Rupees.

You can have a good Lunch for 70 Indian Rupees. If you are a vegetarian 50 Rupees is enough.

Breakfast and dinner also cost under 1 US Dollar.


I am from the Philippines and a dollar is worth around 53 pesos now. Which is enough for a good single meal, depends on where you will be eating and what foods you will purchase.

There are also some fast food chains here with 50 pesos as their lowest meal price. It is a rice meal with a regular drink already.

If you are really on a tight budget, you can eat 2 meals with that one dollar. Like buying on canteens or what we called turo-turo here where a cup of rice is 10 pesos and you can choose what viand you will paired your rice with from 15-40 pesos each order/piece. Then you can just ask for the free water.

I have been to Malaysia before and I could say that you can also have a good single meal there with a dollar's worth.

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There are many types of food available for 1 USD however many of it is unaccessible in the United States however just are just few of my top picks for just 1 USD worth .. well .. maybe plus minus 20 cents. 

1.  Roti Telur - a choice of indian flavour , indian bread mixed with egg. A very popular dish in Malaysia which all Malaysians love. The average cost for a meal like this is about $0.80 or less. 

2. Noodle Soup - some uses rice , some noodles or the thiner version mee hoon.  Available almost everywhere, and is considered the fast food of Malaysia commonly eaten for breakfast. 

3.  Mee Economy -  lol ... its a nickname we give it. stands for "budget noodles" normally comes very plain with just an egg and almost nothing else besides chilli and perhaps some vegetables.  Normally cost not more then $0.50

4. Char Siew Pao - soft buns wrapped around a variety of available flavours such as pork or chicken or even tausa ( red bean paste ) .  This is commonly eaten at Chinese food stalls / restaurants and is normally priced below $0.80 each. An extremely lovely meal to fill up the hungry tummy

5.  Nescafe Tarik - I had to put this in as no meal is complete without a nice warm cup of local coffee !  Nescafe is my top choice of drink to go along with all the food spoken off in this post however everyone has their own preferences. 

I really liked this question as it gives so many perspective of various type of food around the world with only $1 

Cheers and have a great weekend ahead. 

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I think there are many underdeveloped and least developed countries where $1 is sufficient to have a one-time meal. It also drills down to what kind of a meal and where you are planning to have the meal. If it's a Resturant than I guess its difficult and if its street side food or food from a hawker or peddler on the street than $1 should suffice for most of the countries in this world.

Also, if the food is burgers and fries and other fast food items than in this scenario also $1 should suffice. 

Image Source: crossfitelkhorn.com

But if we are talking about a proper meal and that too in a decent Resturant than I think for most of the underdeveloped countries $1 should suffice for a decent one-time meal.

According to the un.org - there are currently 47  countries on the list of LDCs. 

Source:- https://www.un.org/development/desa/dpad/least-developed-country-category.html

So the point that I'm trying to make here is that countries where the GDP [Gross Domestic Product] is higher it reflects the average wealth of each person residing in the country. So by this rule of GDP per capita if a country has a lower GDP or falls into a lower GDP rate than there are higher chances of $1 having a great value - and having a one-time meal with $1 is a possibility and vice-versa.

In a nutshell, I would say that in 47 LDC - it would be possible to have a one-time meal with $1


Few months back I've been to Peru and for little more than 1$ like 1.2$ I was able to get a two course lunch with a drink. Other country is Colombia where 1$ = 2700 pesos and with that money I was able to buy a glass of drink and arepa de choclo, type of corn. Delicious food! Other country is Mexico, at the airport in Mexico City you can get a hot dog for 1$ which is 17 pesos Mexicanos. Same street food extremely cheap and delicious. Avoid only tamales, which is horrible in Mexico, but delicious in Costa Rica :) hope this help :)

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a small city in East Malaysia call Kuching you can have a meal with just usd1 (around myr4). a bowl of kolo mee myr3 and a small cup of kopi O kosong myr1.

actually is depend on what food you buy, not the place matter.

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20 dollar estimated 110 TRY Turkish Lira

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In my country, Indonesia, 1 US dollar is 15,000. With that money, I get delicious food. I can get two bowls of rice, fish or chicken and vegetables.

I think many countries in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, we can get delicious food with 1 US Dollar

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