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Who do you think are the most intelligent guys on the musing, whose answers completely satisfy you and you like them the most?
I have a bookmark folder named "Intelligent Guys" and I bookmark and save in this folder the IDs of the steemians I like the most and are intelligent/cool and have vast and sound knowledge about a lot of things/matters/issues/subjects/topics etc etc. Who are yours?

I don't use any bookmarks for the one's I consider to be the "most intelligent". 

I would say, it's rather easy to discern who are the intelligent one's, based on stats, and personal perception of intelligence, but stats alone will not be a good basis for measuring one's intellect. 

It's safe to assume that stats are more than a measure of intellect alone. Posting consistency, time spent on the platform, and time spent on individual questions and answers are a factor that go into the stats that can be accumulated from musing.io.

Although it's good to associate yourself with other intelligent individuals on the blockchain, do not underestimate the value in communicating with less intelligent individuals. This is my advice, based on the idea that communicating with everyone who is using the platform correctly will result in an overall positive reception for you. 

I don't hesitate to answer a question , even if I feel I might be more intelligent than the person asking, because it feels good for me when I help others. Intelligence is awesome, but I don't think it should be the determining factor in your communications with others on the platform entirely.

I hope this answer helps. 


I think the most consistent people who satisfy you may vary with other users. I haven't gone as far and study and bookmark anyone but I have  a few I know and trust that their answers will be better than the normal ones.

There are new users joining every day so i am sure we will hopefully see the standards keep improving. 

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My folder is called the mirror

Anyway, good for you, I guess. 

Stalk away, little Sister. 

I see some names frequent this place, and I like some of their answers.

But I didn't go that far as to remember who's the smart one, who's the funny one, or who's the annoying one.

I'm pretty sure I would be on all of those lists.


I have a few names but I'm not going to name any. You can find out by reading their comments. 

I don't have a bookmark folder and those names are not written down anywhere but I know them.

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