What do you think about the quality of the answers on musing?

Initially it was Quantitative

Now it is Qualitative.

So you can say it is improving really. When it was just new, people perceived as if quality answer is equal to lengthy answer with so many images and illustration. But now I feel like, people have started realizing that quality answers may not necessarily be a lengthy answer and it all depends upon the type of question asked. I am not saying images/illustrations are not good, they are but subject to the type of questions asked.

It is a good sign for the community also and in the entire process of answering and making some money, people have also started making some research on various questions asked here and I firmly believe that as long as they are not copy pasting it and for research purpose they are taking so many references, it is good for the community, because if you do proper research about a topic, you yourself can get to know a lot of things which would eventually add value to your information base and that is a good thing, musing along with the reward for your effort also making value addition in your life.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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The overall direction is refining the quality of their answers to questions. While curators are generous about upvoting answers during the early days, the people adapting the platform didn't really put much heart into their answers unlike today which has more room for competition and limited voting power to keep everyone happy. 

I think the competition made some positive effect on the quality of answers as spammer realize they got nothing to do here but waste time in their attempt to milk the platform. 


Generally speaking, the quality of answers is excellent. Many people seem to take a lot of pride in supplying in depth and well thought out answers. Its great to read them and Musing recognises this with some great upvotes.

The quality of questions however...... :-(

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The quality of naswers in general is very good, if not even excellent. People, who are answering the questions here on Musing try to do that in detail. And it is not just about getting rewards, it seems that many people also get some kind of personal satisfaction, when they provide good answers, which help people resolving their issues or questions..

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To be honest, sometimes I see answers that are too convoluted. Maybe  this happens because the assumption that a long answer will result in a  large upvote, but the reality is: short, solid, clear, more valued  answers.

In general, the various answers that I have seen are quite good.

The  problem here is: there are a lot of questions that are almost the same,  or even not high quality that are scattered on our beloved platform. 


The quality of the answers at Musing is quite good, several times I get enlightenment when I see the answers written here.

Maybe some questions seem trivial but seeing the response of the answers given by various types and Steemian backgrounds, really adds insight and enlightenment.

There are good questions that trigger someone to answer with enthusiasm equipped with data. There are also trivial questions and not too good, but the response given by the answerer is also very good.

Quality is only a matter of time, at first it's all about quantity, and then comes quality.


In general the quality of the answers on Musing is very good! I think the incentive of Musing upvoting good posts really motivates people to write good answers!

Some people do go over board and write really long answer that are't really needed. I tend to switch off or skip the really long answers most of the time. in my opinion quality doesn't mean quantity. There is more of a skill to write a specific answer in a few words!