Will Raising of teacher's salary help to reduce poor performance by students ?

I love this question because am a teacher and am going to do my best to do justice to this question.

Teachers, as we all are aware of, are the backbone behind all other profession. The value of teachers in our society are enormous. Teachers play an important role in the life of a student to be successful in life. They are aware that children are the future leaders of any nation. In other words, without teachers, a nation has no future. Teachers help build our children to become good citizens of a country. So the future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers. It is important to know that teachers are responsible for more than just the academic enrichment of a student.

A good Teachers is an inspiration to students. Most teachers understands their student more than parents understands their wards. Teachers builds a strong relationship between themselves and the student, which enabled them to create matchless change in the life of the student.

An American historian once said that, "teachers affect eternity," if this is true, why then are teachers the least paid professionals in the society? This is one of the many reasons most people don't want to become teachers.

A research conducted by Dolton and Gutierrez of University of London and University of Malga respectively, shows that the two key factors that determine how professional pay enhances teacher quality, particularly as it pertains to attracting new teachers. Shows that,

1. Higher pay promotes competition and therefore more and better teaching applicants.

2. Improving teachers pay increases the “national status” of the profession, again making it more attractive to potential recruits.

They further said that, a 10 percent increase in teachers’ pay would produce a 5-10 percent increase in student performance.

In conclusion, Dolton and Gutierrez said, if government are concern with education outcomes, increasing teachers salaries is important to teachers as teachers too are motivated to provide quality education to students.

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It depends on how the teachers themselves react to an increase in their salaries. Everyone knows that one of the ways to get the best out of your employees is to pay them more because the essence of working is so that you can get paid and earn a living.

It not illogical if you assume that teachers will be willing to put in more effort or at least me more enthusiastic about their jobs if they get paid more, and if they work harder on their jobs then most likely, the students will obviously fair better.

It's just like when the price of steem/SBD went up last year, people where a lot more enthusiastic about making posts and as such they worked harder because they knew they were earning more, as a result the overall number and quality of posts that were created increased.

Teachers are no different and if a teacher is paid better then they'll work harder. The truth is that an increase in salary will solicit an increase in performance on the parts of the teachers and if we assume that the performance of a student is directly proportional to how well the teacher teaches the students then an increase in salary would actually be a good thing.

At the same time, let's not forget that when teachers are paid more, they don't need to worry about making money elsewhere and as such they can focus more time on their jobs and students. It's easy to enter the class, blurt out everything you need to say then step out and go and do something else that'll give you money, but when you're paid well, your major concern becomes how well you can perform to keep your well paying job.

Let's not forget that if you increase the overall amount that teachers are paid, it will make the profession a lot more attractive and will thus attract greater minds to the profession. The reason why IT and oil companies have such smart employees is because they pay well, if teachers are paid well then better people will apply to become teachers and even be more than happy to got to college and study an education based course just so they can become teachers.

Dedicated teachers are what's needed to boost the performance of kids in school today and if the pay is reasonable then there's no reason why a teacher wouldn't be dedicated to their job and their students.

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There is no direct relationship between teachers salaries and the performance of students. Today, the real need is about having the dedicated teachers who understands the application of what they are teaching. Increase in salaries is a concern but increase in salaries would lead to increase in fees and change in the profile of the school completely. The increased fees may not be permitted by their license requirements. Hence salary increase for teachers is not the solution to resolve problem of student performance


The impact of teacher salaries on students in schools is a major concern, because the results of good education become a benchmark for student success, good performance can be seen from the success of teachers in carrying out their work.

teacher's success can be seen from the learning outcomes obtained by students. to measure the value of student success in learning is the value obtained by students from each subject he follows. The impact of teacher salaries on school productivity is a major concern for governments around the world, it can be explained that the teacher is a professional who can make students able to analyze the number of problems faced. One of the factors that contribute to teacher performance is compensation. The success of school education institutions cannot be separated from the achievement of teacher performance. Good teacher performance will produce quality education, this salary increase is the teacher's motivation in teaching knowledge, so there must be a relationship between teacher and student salaries, because teacher salary increases can motivate their performance in school, teacher salary increases have an important role in achieving student intelligence in school.

teacher salary increases help reduce poor performance by students