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How can domestic violence be handled?

Domestic violence occurs when couples or dates use violence,  threat or harassment to keep their victims in check. Domestic violence happens every day and victims of domestic violence need to understand that they are not to be blame for the abuse. Domestic violence stems when abusers feels the need to control their partner. The reasons behind this is low esteem, difficulty in controlling anger, inferiority complex, extreme jealousy and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Some people developed this attitude through traditional beliefs,  they think that they have the right to control their partner, some learned this act from their upbringing. Some children grew up in an environment or household where this kind of act is a norm. Others may arise from an unchecked psychological disorder. But one thing victims of abuse need be aware of is that no one deserves to be battered no matter the situation.

In other words, domestic violence happens mainly when the abuse feel the need to dominate their spouse. This may take the form battery, sexual violence and verbal harassment. Children that were once victims of this act, may grow up thinking that violence is the way to resolving indifference. A person with this kind of attitude may need to avoid being drunk or high, as highness trigger their violent impulses towards their partner. Domestic violence is evil and should not be allowed in any society. Victims of acts like this need to admit to themselves that they being abused, even if they do not see the need to  leave the relationship. This will enable them to protect themselves in that relationship. They can handle this situation through the following ways.


At this point,victims are aware that violence is inevitable in their relationship with  their partners, so victims of domestic violence should develop plans to helpful plans that will curb this kind of act in case of emergency. They need plans to provide a safer environment nor just for themselves but also for their children. The plans should be detailed and should contain where they should keep spare keys, an emergency cash and spare clothes for a quick leave.


Victims of domestic violence may necessarily need to seek help from friends, family, police and neighbors. When violence act is about to occur, victims should develop a means of communicating to friends, relatives or neighbors so that they can call the cops.

Domestic violence is a serious crime and perpetrators of domestic violence are sometimes aware of that and are scared of  the presence of police. This may cause perpetrators of act like this to think twice in case of future occurrence.


Communities offers different services, among which include programs for abused victims. There are many services communities offer to families that suffers from domestic violence. This services includes, emergency shelter and counselling sessions. Churches in this kind community offers help to abuse victims. Local police also offers occasional  check on families that have reports of domestic violence.

In conclusion, victims of domestic violence, have a huge role to play in curbing this act. They should take advantage of the cops and the community help program in other to stop domestic violence.


The very first step is to be aware. I say this because the forms in which domestic violence takes are so diversified and sometimes they're so subtle that it becomes very easy to be oblivious to them, or to tell their extent and just how bad they've become. So being conscious is the very first step. And it is only after one has determined the type and the extent of the abuse that we can start to take action, but before this there would be very little that can be done.

Among the types of domestic violence we have the physical type which may include being at or threatened by someone else perhaps in may start from little axe of primary babe pulling pushing or forcing somebody to perform some physical actions--forcing someone to drink or take drugs for example. And it may escalate as far as to the extent of punching and other physical altercation.

It may also be the sexual form of abuse, I.e where a person is forced or coerced into forms of sexual behavior or touch from another person. It include unwanted touching of genitals or breasts, or basically unwanted sex of any type (anal, oral, or vaginal,) and this can happen even when one is married! And it us usually sexually demeaning or humiliating to the person experiencing such abuse.

There are also verbal, emotional and psychological forms. That is when a persons self worth it self esteem is constantly targeted and damaged by another, via constant criticizing, belittling, cursing or having people turned against them by the abuser etc. It may also be from the use of threats, fear or intimidation.

Having identified the form in which the abuse comes, we can then begin to take steps to solve it. But regardless it is always important to note some things, and these are that: first most abusers feel deep down in them a lack of power and they try to make up for this by making their victims feel weak. Secondly domestic abuse is never justified. Abusers will always try to come up with excuses and even make seem as though it is the victim's fault. But no matter the kind of rhetoric an abuser spawns, there is never a valid reason to abuse another person. And thirdly it can happen to anyone! This goes a long way to assure the victim who might feel that there is something wrong with them to justify being abused. Anyone can find themselves in this situation. Abusers can be any race color height, can be of any occupation and can even be found in the high stations of life, and same goes for the abused.

Now noving on to the steps that can be taken to stop this violence. The first is understanding the appropriate authorities that can be contacted. The laws and peculiarities differ from place to place, and so it is only after being familiarized with the laws that one can know the appropriate step to take regarding whom to report the issue to.

Another step to take is to find someone you trust, friends or family, that you can share your experience with. It might even be more advisable to contact a professional. So that even if you choose not to immediately leave the relationship, you at least have a third person who is aware and you can contact at any critical time when you might need an intervention.

Keep a Journal. You should also choose to write down the date and time of any incidents that occur, and what kinds of form they took, perhaps physical sexual etc. This can end up as being used as a legal document in the end, and can also act as a means of keeping tabs on events so as to make for a quick and accurate recalling when/if that time comes that such is ever needed.

Be aware of your environment at all times. Whenever you are with an abusive partner it is highly advisable to be aware of the things that go on at all time. Be aware of their moods and the tone of their voice. In short any subtle hint that can help you recognize when they are about to go off on their abusive path

Lastly you should have an escape plan and be ready to use it! Prepare a bank account, have a packed case, have an emergency phone. Don't ever be scared or coerced or blind to leave an abusive relationship!

Cheers and have a nice day!


Domestic violence is an issue which must not be treated lightly at all. There are increasing cases of domestic violence and although the authorities are trying their best, many cases go unreported mainly due to the fear of being punished by the abuser after reporting him/her to the authorities. 

Take India for example, women are brainwashed right from the beginning not to oppose men-folk and not to talk back or even complain. This is also the case with other such countries nearby. This attitude has made it difficult for the ladies to even think independently leave alone fend for themselves. There are rare cases where the parents give freedom and the girls are able to make a success of their lives but it few and concentrated in a few states where it is okay to educate the girl child. 

How to handle domestic violence

It is not easy. Many a time, the abused person is not aware that he or she is being abused. By the time, the person realizes it, it would have been too late and even if rescued, they would be left with scars that would mar their life. Sadly, it is children who suffer the most. These children grow up into individuals who are not capable of living a proper happy life and could also hurt others. Did you know that Adolf Hitler had an abused childhood?

  • if you are aware that a person is being abused, please report it to the authorities and make sure that the abused person is rescued. 
  • if the abused person is capable of handling the situation, counsel him/her and coax them to oppose and be prepared to face their fears
  • advice the abuser and tell him/her of the dire consequences if they continue with harming other individuals or animals
  • if you are the person who is being abused, remember that there are various agencies which are out there to help you both online and otherwise. You only need to take the first step

The key factor is to stay calm and be brave enough to oppose the person who is abusing you and then only can you actually redeem yourself. Remember you are special and deserve a normal life like others.

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Commonly a lady feels that the maltreatment she experiences is her blame, that she has committed an error. This finding is false; manhandling is the abuser's blame not the victim's. In the start of this astonishing adventure the unfortunate casualty may feel the purposes behind being mishandled are defended, over the long haul and she continues changing herself for the abuser, she at that point understands that there is no getting away from his fury, he will be fierce for any reason and no reason whatsoever. An abuser feels entitled over the unfortunate casualty's body and her psyche, she isn't permitted to have independence, for the abuser she is his item.

Numerous ladies trust that remaining with her better half and enduring this maltreatment would be to the greatest advantage of her kids, as the family is kept together. Be that as it may, an examination directed by analysts saw those newborn children that were casualties of outrageous maltreatment, had additionally turned out to be injurious towards other youngsters and came up short on the capacity to express compassion. Misuse turns into a scholarly conduct, and an endless loop. Studies have indicated it is to the greatest advantage of the tyke for the guardians to isolate on the off chance that they can't keep up a sound relationship. A mother is completing an insult to her youngster by proceeding with her poisonous relationship, and a more prominent damage to herself.

There are serious impacts of abusive behavior at home on the person in question. She gradually ends up subject to the male as her opportunity is grabbed from her and she is cut off from family and companions, she is made to feel uncouth and doesn't have the certainty to abandon him. On the off chance that a little girl sees her dad manhandling her mom, and is a casualty of that maltreatment herself, subliminally she is more than liable to pick an accomplice who will demonstrate similar characteristics. When she will experience indistinguishable encounters from her mom, it brings a sentiment of regularity and a more prominent acknowledgment of this unpredictable demonstration, as her mom languished peacefully over years so will she.

The well known 'Ringer Bajao' battle urged inhabitants to stop abusive behavior at home by ringing the doorbell at whatever point brutality was suspected. The issue is that despite the fact that we know about a neighbor whose yells are heard because of torment, we tend to tend to my very own concerns and leave. It isn't so much that we don't feel awful; it's that the 'observer impact', an idea of social brain science becomes an integral factor. We trust that another person will encourage that individual, somebody more daring, more grounded, and more experienced in dealing with this circumstance.

Ladies are generally reluctant to report instances of residential maltreatment in dread that her significant other will be captured, that a long legitimate continuing will follow bringing open disgrace and investigation. Thus 'Extraordinary Cells' have been made, it gives advising to married couples where they show specialized strategies, and the mentors gradually work to evacuate animosity. The primary endeavor is dependably to spare the marriage, as the answer for aggressive behavior at home isn't generally partition. However this choice is in the hands of the spouse, in the event that she trusts she wouldn't like to remain with her better half then she isn't obliged to experience advising.

Presently the law is ladies' ally, with the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act (2005), the Indian Law has come to understand that there are multifaceted issues looked by ladies in residential issues. This Act ensures ladies, helps ladies, and furthermore gives wellbeing to ladies financially, physically and rationally. At the point when a lady documents a FIR against her abuser, she gets prompt assistance from the police and there is no deferral in capturing the criminal. Presently, a lady does not need to experience a battery of cross addressing where her respectability is put to address, she is lawfully in the situation of intensity and her needs are met first.

We have a tendency to disregard the way that assistance is required from the two sides. The abuser needs to go for mental guiding and ought to have outrage administration treatment, while the unfortunate casualty needs advising to recapture her feeling of self and distinction, to make her more autonomous and confident. Being a greatly forceful individual with no power over your feelings does not need to be your fate, it very well may be ceased with the use of the correct techniques and getting the correct help.


The authorities need to be involved. No matter how abusive the individual is, no matter how much he/she threatens to hurt you , or themselves, or others, it's all manipulation to maintain control. 

Get CPS (child protective services) involved if kids are around, call the police whenever you are attacked, ask for an order of protection. Advocate for yourself. 

Victims of abuse love to make excuses why it's easier to not rock the boat, and will believe their abusers claims of violence if the victim tells, but here is something to remember about abusers:

Abusers are cowards. They will threaten you if you even think about calling the authorities, because attention is the last thing they want. 

As a 18 year victim and survivor of abuse, I can only say one thing in regards to abusers.

Fuck them.

If you can come to forgive them over time, it will likely free you, or help reduce the trauma you will have to live with , for the rest of your life, but I personally have little regard for women beaters, and child abusers. They belong in jail, or isolated from society forever. 


The approach to dealing with domestic abuse may not be the same for all countries due to cultural differences but it is always advisable that the victim does NOT remain silent.

You can report to legal agencies assigned to handling domestic abuse cases, or seek informal justice from family and relatives in the advent of such an issue. Depending on the country of residence, some legal channels may not be available Or may be uncooperative.


Comprehend why abusers misuse. Misuse is about power and command over a victim,[3] frequently showing when an abuser feels an absence of intensity in different zones of his or her life or wants to remove control from their victim.[4][5] While misuse occurs from numerous points of view and for some reasons, it generally shares a couple of highlights for all intents and purpose:

It is never legitimized. Abusers dependably have a reason or an explanation behind the things that they do, however regardless of what they say, there will never be a legitimate motivation to mishandle another person.[6]

It is never the injured individual's blame. Numerous abusers will state that the unfortunate casualty was "requesting it" or that the injured individual's conduct should have been rebuffed. These are simply pardons for the abuser's conduct, and they are not valid: nobody has the right to be abused.[7]

It can transpire. There is certifiably not a solitary 6 that maltreatment or that is defrauded. Abusers can be any race, religion, sex, sexual introduction, or financial status, as can victims.[8]

Remember that in spite of the fact that casualties of abusive behavior at home are overwhelmingly female, men can likewise be casualties of household violence.[9] Because it isn't as normal, laws have a tendency to be composed as though unfortunate casualties were all female.[10]

Know the law in your general vicinity. In America, government laws secure casualties of aggressive behavior at home. Most states have extra laws and resolutions overseeing what considers abusive behavior at home and how it is to be prosecuted.[11]

Governmentally, two laws particularly address aggressive behavior at home: The Violence Against Women Act and the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act. The principal accommodates legitimate guide and financing for moving for casualties of abusive behavior at home.

Realize what neighborhood assets are accessible. Contingent upon your city and state, there are diverse assets accessible to enable an injured individual to get away from a fierce accomplice, squeeze charges, discover impermanent lodging, or even move.


The only good way to handle a situation with domestic violence is to get the victim away from the abuser. It is extremely unlikely that the abuser will ever change, so the victim needs to realize that the only solution is to get away. My best tip would be to just leave the house one day when the abuser is at work or something like that, then go far away and report the crime to the police. 


Help guardians that have been mishandled (mentally, physically and explicitly) by their folks to be better guardians to their kids. Numerous individuals that are fierce to their accomplices or youngsters originate from families with ages of abusive behavior at home history. By helping them be better guardians to their kids that cycle can be broken. Things they may need to learn are outrage administration and limits.

Make shared care the default after separations. Youngsters require two guardians and a few people guarantee they require male and female good examples.

Put more spotlight on ladies who misuse their kids. In numerous nations maltreatment by moms (or ladies when all is said in done) are not talked about to such an extent and rebuffed as cruelly as a similar transgression made by men. I don't know how common this is however there are such a large number of situations where kids are set with their oppressive mother after a separation rather than the dad. I recollect one situation where the judge gave the dad appearance rights yet the mother would mishandle the youngsters each time the dad saw them. Rather than taking ceaselessly the moms care since she was mishandling the youngsters the judge took away the dads appearance rights for the security of the kids. It's unbelievable. On the off chance that you get the kids out of circumstances where they are manhandled they are substantially less liable to be damaging later on.

Help men that are casualties of abusive behavior at home, they are half of abusive behavior at home exploited people and endlessly disregarded:

Reserve covers for manhandled men.

Give men genuine help lines for abusive behavior at home unfortunate casualties. It's an unthinkable situation that when a man calls an abusive behavior at home helpline he is alluded to a hotline that helps men who fear they may get savage.

In particular: Fund fair investigation into the subject. Numerous nations won't support look into that methodologies the point from a particular edge or may create certain outcomes. That is unsatisfactory. To improve arrangements we need to all the more likely comprehend the issue.

In the event that you need to take in more google Erin Pizzey. She established the world's first safe house for battered ladies and gives numerous discussions and meetings about aggressive behavior at home right up 'til the present time.

Alter: This was simply transferred to youtube and gives a decent outline of Erin's work and encounters running lady's safe houses.


I have worked with a few philanthropies that arrangement with guardians putting some distance between their youngsters.

The inquiry solicits What are SOME from the approaches to end DV.

On the off chance that you Google Parental Alienation and related issued managing kid authority you will find that separation is on the expansion, partitions are on the expansion, and custodial court cases are on the increment.

On the whole, a youngster is probably not going to grow up observing the two guardians in generally a large portion of the cases in the western world.

Young men who grow up without dads are regularly wayward, and have little regard for ladies.

Young ladies who grow up without dads have little learning of men who are defensive and undemanding.

kids from broken homes ordinarily have terrible connections in later life, and furthermore will probably wind up against social, candidly sick, and reliant on medications, alchohol, and so on.

Thusly youngsters have more shot of broken connections, at that point their kids will rehash the arrangement. As the law will then for the most part give the mother guardianship the dad will ordinarily wind up irate, thus fortify the circumstance which can't be settled genially.

Such circumstances are regular enough. You will locate that Domestic savagery is frequently the result of these circumstances. The law does not resolve them. The law is principally intended to stop youngsters turning into a weight on the State.

Certain ladies' gatherings will attempt and uphold 'Ladies' Rights' over 'Youngsters' Rights'. The finished result is more rough, and the horrendous circel proceeds.

Obviously, the possibility that ladies are equipped for DV is frequently played down despite the fact that it is normal. This is fortified by the way that men griping of DV are less inclined to whine, and more prone to be disregarded on the off chance that they do grumble.

In this way, one way to deal with completion DV is to supplant the Family Courts with Arbitration benefits that empower guardians to work for the best advantages of the youngsters instead of having antagonistic connections.

The main recipients of such threatening vibe are the legal advisors.