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How has the internet change your life?

Seriously, I have been affected in many ways both negative and positive. I don't know if I can say everything but I'll try.

Before I had access to the internet, I was once a very studious guy. I mean, I could pass for a nerd. I was always reading and was the joy of many of my teachers. I got picked many times to represent my class in competitions. I remember times when I felt like I was way smarter than my other classmates. It really gave me much displeasure because I didn't have to work very hard to pass them with gaps in scores.

I was always in the front seat in class and always asked questions. Then, there were rarely any questions the teachers would ask that I didn't have answers to. I'd wait most times till I was sure that everyone had tried and failed and BOOM! I'd provide the answer. I was like the untouchable.

However, things took a drastic turn when I got a phone. I got obsessed pretty easily. I was marvelled at the things you could do with the internet, most especially games. I was (and still am, kinda) a game freak. It began to take my time. I would spend all the little money I had to buy airtime for subscription.

I decided to stop asking questions too. Nearly all the questions I had were answered by Google. I felt like it was pointless asking my teacher when Google would provide the answers and even go in depth. I didn't know that asking questions went beyond just wanting to know. It has a way of building bond with the teacher.

Anyways, it began to affect my empathy. I related more with the online than with people I saw. People see me as an introvert but I think I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I was always in the company of friends. Now, I can count my friends in one hand. I've missed lots of opportunities to network and socialise because I'm just too engrossed with the internet.

That on one side, the internet has helped me immensely too. I won't know what Steemit is if I wasn't online.

The internet exposed me to the outside world. I began to see that there are better civilizations outside of my country. It made me want to develop myself.

Being online has also patterned my thinking to know that I didn't have to be caged in the box that is a white collar job. I could be my own boss and make the decisions I wasn't compelled to make.

Today, as a graduate, I am learning skills that wouldn't require me going out everyday, wearing suits everyday and hanging a suicide rope on my neck. It's this freedom I've always cracked for.

Even in school, homework and project works would have been very difficult if not for the Internet.

So you see, there's been both positive and negative sides to the internet. One just has to find the balance that won't be too extreme.

Thanks for reading.


How Has The Internet Changed My Life?

I love this question because the answer is cross-generational. I'm a 30 year-old Millennial and have a very different take on this than pre-Millennials and Generation Z folks. For me, immediate access to information has had its positives and negatives.

For example:

  • Increased Productivity (Pos)
  • Information Overwhelm (Neg)

Life Before The Internet

I was 13 when I had my first computer with dial-up Internet access with a speed of about 300k/s. I've always been an info-hound; held a personality full of curiosity and would spend most of my time at used book stores. Learning something new, or even discovering simple information, was a process:

  1. Hold a strong desire to discover the answer to a question.
  2. Leave my house and travel to a bookstore or library.
  3. Take an educated guess at which book held the answer.
  4. Skim through the text.
  5. Didn't find anything? Return to Step 3.

And that was it, sometimes I found what I was looking for and often I didn't. This entire process could take hours. Yeah, it was tedious, but it was also an adventure. Kind of like searching for a collectible comic book for years, then suddenly stumbling upon it spontaneously. That particular feeling of fulfillment has been lessened with websites like eBay or Amazon.

Early Internet Life

Loading pages took minutes, there was no tab browsing, web search kinda sucked, and streaming a game was out of the  question. I was young and couldn't see its potential. Honestly, I wasn't impressed.

Enter Ethernet

Everything changed when I received my first cable modem. I don't remember the exact Ethernet speeds, but it was game-changing. Gone were the days where I would be having a conversation with some friends, a question would come up, and no one would know the answer. No longer did we have to accept the fact that we might never know, and move on. 

Eventually browsing via HTTP became a more pleasant experience with the introduction of CSS and JavaScript. And with a faster connection, I could play games!

Today, The Internet Assists My Development

What are the step-by-step instructions for that ancient Tibetan contemplative practice? Boom, I can have the answer within minutes.

Do I have a hunger to learn the basics of making a film? There's a free YouTube course for that.

The Internet has also allowed me to share what I have to offer with the world. I myself have a YouTube channel with over 22,000 subscribers:


I've connected with people I would never have otherwise in a life without the Internet. It's provided new social outlets, business opportunities, and improved my overall quality of life. I'm also kind of a shy person and communicating online is a lot easier than speaking in front of groups of people.

A Dark Side

I mentioned earlier about a negative impact the Internet has had on my life: this idea of information overwhelm. Marketing is everywhere on the web. Every person, every website, every application, every service: they're all trying to grab your attention; pop-ups, notifications, etc. Accumulating time online passively will likely have you fall victim to this, decreasing your productivity, and cluttering your mind with thoughts that may overwhelm you.

However, with some active practices filtering information and setting up controls for information streams, this can be remedied. I've heard (although I cannot speak to this) that people who were born after me and do not know what life is like without the Internet, have faster processing abilities and may not be affected by this "information overload" as much as someone like me.

A Life More Connected

In the end, the Internet has allowed me to be connected with more people, more information, and has been a great tool to use in fulfilling my desires. I'm thankful for knowing what life is like without it, but I also would not want to go back.

I'll make an exception for smart phones, I could do without one of those :)


Oh most of my adult life is connected to the internet. Haha. Without it my life would have been a whole lot different. There's just two things really that the internet has helped me with: as a source of side or main income and a way to communicate to the world.

1. Source of Income

When I discovered the internet I also discovered ways to earn some money online. Not big money though, just the little ones like PTC sites and such. That's it. I also didn't like referring people back then. Don't blame me for thinking small because I didn't come from a rich or very social family at all. Haha. At least I didn't fall for any email scams like other people. Whew. So if there was no internet, I wouldn't have earned a few dollars here and there.

Also, my first career was in the graphic design industry at several companies. I worked as a graphic artist/designer/visualiser. Without the internet, I could still survive as long as there are computers. After that is a whole different story. (Yes I kept doing {and still do} art on the side because of online inquiries. All of the art commissions I get are online!)

When the influx and proliferation of call centers in the capital of the Philippines happened, I became part of that industry next. I'm sure the BPO industry would not be around if not for the internet. 

This also means if the internet didn't come around I also wouldn't have practiced speaking the English language well. I wouldn't be the better English speaker that I am now. If anyone would have talked to me in English I would probably still be speaking slowly or brokenly. 

Oh I remember the first time that happened back in high school. I was shy to speak much to some foreigners when I met someone. Haha. I only said one or two words. Oh well. I wonder what my next career would have been if not for the internet?h such is life.

Anyway, after working in customer service I then went into my current career which is real estate. Oh yeah! Now we're talking. Now we're getting somewhere. So let's see... now that I think about it, my first condo sale was from an online inquiry. Someone saw my post online and they sent me an email. Wow. This person was working overseas that's why. You know what, my next one was also the same! Someone saw my video post online and voila! Whoa... I wouldn't have been able to sell those condos if not for the internet! What a shocker. 

No I still haven't made millions but I have a greater chance of making some if I keep working at it. Hahahaaaa. Oh I just love the internet. I feel slow as a turtle but I'm gonna get there, mark my words. Slowly but surely it seems... Whew.

2. Communication or Online Social Interaction

As mentioned above, the internet played a big part in my second and third career. Now comes the communication aspect of having internet.

You see, without the invention of the world wide web there are a lot of easy communication and transactions that wouldn't have happened. 

I wouldn't have:

  • learned a lot from different people across the globe. Self-help articles and videos are the best!
  • learned how to deal with foreign scammers too. 
  • experienced having online friends who are still my online friends to this day. Lol. Of course I've gotten more online friends as well over the years. Fun times eh?
  • been able to communicate with my grandma who lives abroad. Bless her. 
  • been able to communicate with property clients who also live abroad. See? The internet is a very useful tool.
  • been able to buy and sell items locally and overseas. 
  • been able to survive without work for almost a whole year or less on several occasions.
  • been able to do a lot of things I don't need to mention here. Hehe.

So you see, my life would probably be a whole lot different if not for the internet. I don't know if it would have been worse or better though. Who knows? Thank God for the technology we have today.

And so that's it! 

*cricket sounds*

Oh wait!!! I forgot about online gaming! Haha. There was a time I got hooked playing Ragnarok (MMORPG). Omg. Haha. And can you imagine not being able to watch videos on YouTube and Facebook without the internet? I mean, come on! My life would be so boring! 

Also news about current events and social responsibility would definitely be slowly delivered without the internet. Reaching out to a family member or a friend would be slow too if we didn't have apps and programs connected to the internet. Ah it is such a great tool even if there are dark sides to it too. It really all depends on how we make use of it. 

How about you? How has the internet changed your life? Let me know in the comments. :D



All images are from Pixabay or giphy.com except the Westin gif made by yours truly.


i should say a lot

living in a country that's labelled the capital of europe, where censorship doesnt exist but television very much tries to avoid anything that's not related to local politicians and things arent censored, but covered for raison d'état it opened up a highway to the world over 25 years ago to me

but with all the geolocation and centralization going on, even on planet krypton where the major players seem to aim for re-centralization i can't say its quite the same, the internet seems to have shrunk to google amazon and facebook while actually it looks more like the current physical model of the universe, about 96% of the internet is dark matter, nodes that never get visited by anyone who doesnt know where they are or have nothing to do with it,

nonetheless if i had that when i was 15 i could have quit school sooner, wasted a lot less time on indoctrination and would be a lot wiser since i didnt have mental braindamage yet hahah

its still my last and only hope to ever get a life again


 Membantu Segala Aktivitas Anda

Maka bukan hal yang mustahil jika teknologi internet nantinya akan mengubah gaya hidup dalam rumah Anda. Seperti halnya jika Anda memasang teknologi Wireless Micro Controller di setiap sudut garasi atau tempat kosong di rumah, maka Anda akan mendapatkan informasi tentang di mana Anda akan dapat memarkirkan kendaraan Anda. Bahkan Anda mungkin bisa mendapatkan informasi tentang apa yang berada di dalam lemari es Anda ketika terhubung ke dalam internet atau daya listrik rumah Anda. Mungkin juga Anda dapat mengaktifkan lampu rumah Anda melalui perangkat smartphone Anda.


The internet has changed my life in more ways than one.

1. I get to learn new things daily simply by surfing.

2. I get to meet and discuss with new people who are cool and sometimes have intellectual conversations.

3. I make money through the internet via the numerous blogging platforms.


We lose touch with the world around us while on the internet, I'd rather stay online than go out to hang out with friends. I stay hours online without even knowing it.

Overall, I wouldn't trade internet for anything.


The internet has changed my life so much.

It has given me the opportunity to make friends with different mentality and view towards life

My knowledge has increase drastically

It has aid my academic learning more efficiently

The internet has also affect my life negatively by making me a gadget addict

It took away my social life and all

I'm getting more introvert more by the day

All thanks to the internet


Internet has changed my life both positively and negatively

Positively :

Internet helped me to learn 2 languages English and Russian. I've watched lots of videos in foreign languages, talked, chatted with native speakers without spending money because of the internet.

With the help of internet I've learned tons of useful information like psychological facts, financial advices, which I can implement them in real life.

I made lots of good friends from the internet. Internet makes people closer those who live in different countries.

Negatively :

Addiction of browsing internet. Sometimes l just waste my time with browsing needles things on the internet internet.

I go out less since I use internet and it can make me less social.