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What are the most important things you consider in a friendship?

This is a good question i must say and i really take friendship seriously and very stern when it comes to making friends. At a practical level in my own case, I will advise the following:

1. Do we have one thing that unites us?

In friendship, it involves two different people who are coming close together and will be sharing parts if not all of their lives. So you need a common ground of attraction that will always remind you of why you became friends and it is this common ground that will strengthen the friendship between you two. For example, i have a friend Kingsley and we are best of friends today and our common ground of attraction is music. We both love music and this was what brought us together and everytime we have problems in our relationship, it is still the factor that pulls us together again.

2. Love for one another

The two friends must love and appreciate each other in their friendship. I mean if there is no love in that friendship then it is not even friendship to start with. Both friends need to love each other and this love should be one of sacrifice that enables you to be able to always be there for the other person when he/she needs you, to make sacrifices for eàch other, feel for each other etc.

3. Sincerity

This is a very important factor in friendship. Many friends at times are too scared to tell the other partner the truth thinking it will hurt them. For example, you discover something in your friend that is not nice or maybe she dresses in a funny manner or something and instead of telling them you simply pretend to like it and when they go out there, they are laughed at and gossipped behind the scenes. You should be sincere in friendship and always tell your fiend the truth even if it hurts.

4. Trust

For every relationship to function well then there must be trust because without trust, then both parties will never experience growth in their frienship and will never even get to share pertinent things about themselves. Trust is needed in every friendship and it is very important.

These are the few basic and most important things in friendship.


First and foremost for me in Friendship I look at all the basic qualities that I can't find even in my family. As you must know some friends are worth more than family and the reason is because they're truthworthy, reliable, relentless ability to show concern in earnest situations, being able to be present in any predicaments.

Most important love. When love exists in a friendship, then other things will definitely follow because love is the most important virtue in friendship, when it's present it will be difficult to forsake someone you call a friend who is definitely in need.

For me the most important virtue is love.


Friendship can be a treasure in your life. And the most important things I consider in a friendship are:

- Honestly. You should be really honest to a friend, and being honest means you are true to them and you are not being fake.

- Trust. I know a lot of friendship breaks due to trust issues, it cause complication but please trust your friend, no one will feel happy when someone will doubt them. And as a friend treasure the trust he/she gave you. Because no matter which angle we look, trust is a very big deal. And when trust is there, reliance follows. We rely to our friend because we trust them, right?

- Respect. We all have differences, we may have different belief in a certain thing but never degrade each others belief. Respect what your friend thinks, you may not agree to it but friendship doesn't always mean you should be following each other's opinion. Your views may be different but respect should always be there.


For me, friendship is second to family that is why i am very careful in choosing my real friends. Like my family whom i can depend on at all times, that is how i see my friends too, someone i can depend to at all times. Trust is the biggest factor in friendship so that i could tell them anything without holding back something because i know what i say to them are safe. I am not into quantity but to quality. One true friend is enough for me. Love should be present too because that would fuel the friendship to last forever because without it wont grow deeper. Even if you wont see them everyday you would know someone from afar is loving you without any hesitation. That is how i look at friendship and how i treat my few true friends.


It has to be genuinity , it is really important that we make friends with someone who has same kind of goals that we have

Also we must note that we are always staying with someone who is motivated and speaks positive all the time

Definitely as Albert Einstein quoted - you are the average of the friends you be be with