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What is the mentality of all people?
Hello friends, how are you all, I hope everyone is good, I have not been new to the show and have I raised a new question among you that the mindset of all people is different or do I think that everybody has conscience and love. But there are people in human beings and human beings in the same way Because the love of every person and the steemit is different, I think that everyone else works among you, but does not actually think one thing is working for the same reason. Someone might be here to pass the time, so for the good future for an income I think all people have a mentality of one kind. Thanks, to see my post and hopefully I'll try to explain the next day

Well for starters, there is no singular mentality that's possessed by all men and women, we're all very different and none of us share 100% of the same mentality, we can have similar mentalities, but not exactly the same.

In the real sense of things there's alot that governs a person's mentality, from culture to upbringing to religion. People who share any of these three will probably have similar mentalities, but they won't be completely the same.

If there was one mentality that all of us share in common, it's that of self preservation, excluding people who actually want to die then all of us have the mentality that we have to do whatever we can to survive lest we perish.

Aside from the act of self preservation, I don't think there's any mentality that all Human beings share.

I hope this helps.