Is there a good and also "safe" alternative to Skype?

There are many Free VoIP (voice over IP) Apps that can serve as an alternative to Skype. VoIP in simple terms means the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

These apps have different features, complexity, and functionality and based on your interest/liking you can choose any of them. The best part is that these All Apps can be used to make calls to devices connected over the internet. So here is the list of those Apps that serves as an Alternative to Skype, and are worth considering:- 

1. WhatsApp 

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook a long time back in 2014. It's a very famous App that can be installed on any smartphone iOS or Android. Simple to use and you can make free video calling, texting sharing images, videos and what not. A good option to consider if you are looking for an alternative to Skype.

2. Google Hangouts 

Google hangouts is a product of Google and it allows you to chat over video, text and do video and text chats with up to ten people or so at a time for free. Woth trying google hangouts as well.

3. Viber 

Viber App allows you to make international calls from your desktops. You can enjoy free voice and video calls and text chats with your friends and family members using the same app. Simple and easy to use App - the GUI [Graphical User Interface]is very straightforward enabling to use the App very comfortably.

4. Appear.in 

This has been my favorite as this App is the simplest ways to start a video call. The best part of this Application is that you do not need to download or sign up to use the App and it lets you connect with friends, families, and colleagues. 

What we need to do is that as a user you need to visit the website

Appear.in website or launch the App on your iOS phone and create a “Room” link. Once the room is created then share with those you wish to chat with and when people enter the room they all can choose between video calls, voice calls or send text chats amongst the members in the chat room.

I would say just explore these listed options:- WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Viber and Appear.in and if it suits your requirement. Else there are many other various options as well to explore like:- Webex, Viber, Talky, Voca and many more. I hope this should help and suffice to find you an alternative to Skype.


Gonna second the bit behind Discord. It's very complete, and a lot more stable than Skype especially if you're using it for video and voice calls. I've never had lag or issues with a call unless it was my own internet or the internet of someone else messing up and then it really only affects them instead of the whole group.

Discord is built for gamers, sure, but it's for everyone. I'm part of multiple servers for a variety of reasons, and I can have multiple channels inside of each server for whatever is needed in terms of organization. It's great, it's safe, and it works a ton better than Skype. A lot of people I know are leaving Skype for Discord for this reason so that's where you should go if you're looking for an alternative.

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An alternative can be Discord, why Discord? it is multiplatform, it allows you to create a server for meetings with different channels, you can manage user roles, make calls and call videos. It is a very complete app.


If you just want to know alternative!

There are many,

1 - what's app.

2 - Facebook messenger.

3 - Imo.

4 - Discord.

5 - Team viewer.

As you get many alternatives, now let us talk about the safety parameter that is really important.

WE know that anything we do on internet is getting recorded, our every action is Being recording or saved. Nothing is safe here, 

Lets take an example here.

2 days ago , i was searching on internet about solar charging lights,  and when i opened my Facebook, There was an add about solar lights. how Facebook came to know about it ? There is not way Facebook could know what i am searching on the google!

but yes, there is a way, which is called cookies,

as like that our every data, is saving on their servers and we need to be more careful when talking on any of platform who is providing video call facilities.

I hope the answer is clear my friend.