What do you think is the reason why Steemit.inc isn't supporting Vimm.TV with SP delegation? Is it because of what Dlive did in the past?

It's a totally different situation from what DLIVE did, afterall musing.io got her own delegations after dlive absconded from steemit, the truth is that VIMM.TV it's relatively new in fact I have only seen a handful of people using it I think before delegations can be gotten by any decentralized application it must be proven and tested by a mass majority number of people I clearly do not understand their prospect yet, (VIMM.TV) neither do I know if they have a white paper or how they operate so to be clear on this issue I do not think they deserve a delegation yet until they have proven otherwise in any case, they have to earn the acceptability of the majority of the decentralized users on steemit.com.

I don't think decentralized apps should be getting delegations immediately they resume operation if not everybody will decide to start running their own decentralized application because of delegations that they may get from Steem.INC so this is definitely a different issue we now have so many decentralized application on this blockchain and decentralized application must first of all prove its purpose and its mission before they can get a delegation however for now I do think they should still remain under scrutiny till they have proven their dispensability.

Another thing is that, I think Steem.Inc is not stable at the moment. with the fluctuation of the price of steem and all it's really been a difficult period for them (steem.inc) so in this precarious situation I do not think they will be willing to delegate any amount of steem power for now. This is purely my opinion and do not speak for them but I'm definitely looking at the prices in the market and I think it will be a defining factor. I hope this helps your question


I could think of many reasons as to why Vimm.tv is still not being supported by Steemit Inc with SP delegation despite them being a good replacement for DLive.io:

  1. DTube now has Stream feature. A lot of people are still not aware of this feature but aside from posting your videos on DTube, you could also do some streaming. Probably Steemit Inc wants DTube as the main video platform on Steem?!

2. Very few users.  According to @miniature-tiger's latest monthly report for Steem DApps, last month there are only 196 unique authors for the whole month who made a post or comment in Vimm.tv contents.

While this is somewhat understandable considering they are still new and they don't have enough SP power to encourage some Steemians to hop over to their platform, It is worth to note that other platforms were already doing well even before receiving SP delegation from Steemit Inc. Before Musing received it's delegation, there are already a decent number of contributors here, so number of active users might also be an issue for them. 

3. Not their priority at the moment and are also trying to save some funds - Steemit Inc is focusing all their attention on SMT's, RocksDB and reducing costs in running the api nodes lately. Also, with the current bearish market, they even have no choice but to lay off 70% of their manpower to try and save some funds all in order to keep their main developers and servers running.

My guess is that it is related to this. The main reason why they have stopped supporting (delegating) to other Steem Platforms that are worthy of their delegation is to save some funds in case they need something for the development of SMT's et al.