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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "perfection"?

When I hear and think of the word "PERFECTION" a nirvana or a paradise is what I reminisce, the reason is because perfection is something that I think humanity can never attain, it is the end and finiteness, a non-existence of a world without strife, racism, drug abuse, corruption, inequality, injustices, electoral malpractices and all other major ills and bad issues that are affecting the world currently, I believe all these things that are mentioned is a characteristic of a life which we live in and if we take them away then the world may come close to perfection but not exactly full potential perfection.

So whenever I hear perfection or think about it the only thing that I find synonymous is a paradise unimaginable. I believe before something can come close to perfection then it must be not be terrestrial or man made, human being is a replica of imperfection already because we're tainted by things like greed and selfishness, perfection is without blemish and this world we live in is an antonyms of prefection and that is why I can authoritatively and categorically tell you that perfectness and perfection doesn't live in this world.

In my first paragraph I mentioned Nirvana, (which means a place close to a paradise) I believe perfection is not close to human imagination and therefore the characteristics and features to be able to define it is lacking in anecdotes and examples in general so in a nutshell I will say perfection is something the human mind can never imagine


Perfection does not exist in reality. You can come close to perfection only and not purely perfect. So it is more like an illusion. If you are obsessive about perfection then you miss out on getting close to perfect and if you aim to reach as far as possible towards perfection, then you may do good in your life.

Perfection is good from analytical point of view and setting out a plan in your life, the word perfection can be utilized in your analysis. But in practical life you can not achieve perfection.

Mind itself stays in the world of illusion most of the time and mostly the wave of dreams are like the illusion of perfect world, but in reality not at all a real world, because the real world have real challenges and limitations where as a mind does not have that limitation or barrier. That proves that mind tends to be perfect and try to stay in a state of illusion. But practical life is not a perfect world.


What actually make it perfect, is the likely question I do ask? I believe human are imperfect being and thus the saying "we are just human" when err . Most times perfection is just an illusion from the human head to act almost rightly in the site of others. Human keep gaining new knowledge , morality and etiquette everyday. And as long as views of people are always different, this makes perfection impossible.

Though human are programmed to learn through mistake and experience daily but the fact that it keeps on ,makes it difficult to reach perfection. And sometimes I see those who see themselves as perfectionist as people who try to cover up the guilt of their imperfection by pretending to be perfect.


"Perfection Is An illusion; it can't be attained, much like a Mirrage. This is because ideals and social Truths are subject to changes as the actors choose to .This account for regular reviews of laws , constitutions and statues by which societies are governed.

Perfection is subjugated to Change , which is constant!! It is only Change, therefore which is Perfect!!

So, you are still searching for perfection?, You can only find it among the cemetery citizens !! What a fruitless search for a non existing golden needle in a haystack sack!!