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If you are given a chance to be a whale for a year. Will you use this opportunity to gain more power or will you use it to empower other users?

If I could be a whale for a year, quite honestly my answer would be both.  That is the cool thing about Steemit, the more you give to the platform, the more you get out of it.  

As you empower others, they are going to return the favor.  If I upvote someone pretty consistently, it is fairly common that eventually, they are going to start upvoting me in return.  Like wise because my upvotes will be bigger, my curation rewards will also increase.  

Just being a whale is going to grow your account whether you are actively trying to or not.  Even if you wrote no new posts and only used your SP to upvote other authors, you would still be bringing in those curation rewards I mentioned earlier that will make your personal account gain more power.  You can't really do one without the other. 

The only way you could empower others without actually growing your own account would be to delegate out all of your SP.  

I just don't see that as a valid option though.  You are always going to want to stay active on the platform.

If I could be a whale for a year, I would personally like to find a balance between earning a good income and giving back to the people and groups that I feel deserve to be recognized and helped.

There are many great people and projects on Steemit that a single 100% upvote from a whale could really make a huge difference for them. 

Like I said, it is important to remember that by helping others you are effectively helping yourself and there isn't anything wrong with that.  It is the way the platform is setup and the way it is supposed to function.


I will answer this question fairly and honestly.

I strongly believe that any person having good amount of resources should use it for himself and should also use it for the development the things around him.

When I talk about steem community in the context of the question asked by you, if I become a whale and will have sufficient resources like steem power, I will use 50% of it to empower myself and will try to fulfill my needs which I require on day to day basis(here I am talking about the needs not luxury or wishes) and 50% of the steem power I will use to curate to some specific tags like photography, steemstem. I love photography although I am not a professional phototographer but I love macro photography. steemstem is the other area of interest in steem community.

The people within the community who are having sufficient resources should have more responsibility to develop this community and make it a better place and that is should be the essence of this community but the reality is, some people are really doing their best to develop but some are just trying make the the most out of it.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Hello Monoarc

Well this is a very interesting question, because it explores the depth of human greed and selflessness. So the action to take in this scenario is dependent on which of these traits is predominant in the individual.

Alot of people are selfless with the little things and greedy when they acquire plenty. And there are those who are greedy with little things and selfless with much.

I'm sure alot of responders would say both, highlighting how they would help others and also help themselves. But the truth is you'll never know until you become one. Well I'm not one yet, but I recently got a small delegation on my account and it upped my voting weight. With that little change I started to vote others, but ended up realizing I wasn't profiting due to curation rewards. And I felt I needed to grow, so I started voting only where the curation rewards would be juicy. That was the greed there to gain more power, but I was selfless to vote others too. True I can excuse myself by saying the delegation was little and not enough.

But that's the thing, human needs are insatiable, so the more we get, the more we want more.

When I realised how much the greed do grow had taken over me, I had to put some good authors on my autovote even if the curation rewards weren't as juicy as they others.

So to answer your question, I would set out to empower others, but just like every other human I'm sure greed to acquire more would come, hopefully I'll see if for what it is and stick to my true path.


Oh my, that would be a great opportunity.

If I do, I will support minnows like me and invite influencers from other social media platform and increase Steem's popularity.

In that way, I'm able to empower a vast majority.


My answer is both!

My main goal would be to help and support others to grow, to produce good quality content. I got help from others when I registered and I know what it means. Now it's my turn to support others. I'm not a whale and I don't think I would ever be one but hypothetically, yes, this would be my main goal.

My other goal would be to gain more power. Some people see this only as a bad thing although they should not!

Gaining more power with decent and honest methods is a good thing. Having more power would help me help more people. More resources mean more help. Pretty simple.

Gaining more power with honest work is a good thing!


Becoming a whale for a year, so it means the Steem Power is delegated to my account, and only me can use that. I don't have the power to delegate it to anyone. So how will I use the delegated Steem Power?

I am going to use my power for myself, and to other users. Let's be realistic. We all want our account to grow. Besides, if my account will grow, I can use it to help others as well.

As my account continue to grow, I can have the possibility to delegate the power I earned for my account to some projects that will help the minnows. I might even establish a curation account designed to help minnows who creates good contents. Of course, I will manually choose curators with good characters. To be honest, I knew some curators who lambast even their fellow countrymen that's why I'll choose curators that will encourage people to create good contents in a more compassionate manner.

I will also help projects or dapps such as dlike, musing, ulogs, eSteem, and others that I am using regularly. I'll also join trails which intends to grow small accounts.

Since Philippines doesn't have a unified team, I will try to build one with solidarity. If others doesn't want to get involve with my work, I would respect them. I will focus on those who are really passionate with Steemit, as well as those Filipinos who have the heart to help others.

Becoming a whale is an opportunity for myself and others. If I was given such power, I will surely give back the generosity given to me through helping others.

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Good question.

I would do both. I would use part of my power to empower other users, and part of my power to gain more power. Because, when I do that, gain more power, I will also be able to empower more users...


Wow, if I really get it then I can able to fulfill my dream. My dream is that if once I am able to be a whale then I will give free upvotes to those who doesn't get upvotes by writing quality content. If Iam given a whale for a year then I will give free upvote to the quality content writer.

Steemit is paltform where we can earn money by blogging. There are many people who really do well on steemit by writing good content or bad content. There are also many abuser on steemit. They income money by doing abuse.

There are many people who really create original and quality content on steemit. Whatever they create original and quality content but they Don't get any upvote. They are many of them who don't get upvote and they are not able to invest on steemit.

On the other hand, there are many abuser who don't create original and quality content. One side they don't create quality content other side they invest a lots of money in their bad content. It is really very bad things.

So, I have decided that if I am gives a whale for a year then I will support the original and quality content writer.


Honestly speaking I would love to utilize my account for both purpose.

Helping other

Helping myself

Helping/  myself give more chances to help other after losing whale