What negative sides did technology bring into our society?

This is an immense inquiry, so I won't imagine my answer is far reaching. Science and technology command each part of our lives.

Our everyday exercises would be unrecognizable without the consistent forward walk of advancement in technology we've had as a general public.

The magnificence of technology advancement is that it expands upon itself. For centuries, individuals to a great extent experienced the way their folks, grandparents, et cetera lived. Presently, we expect that our youngsters will lead fundamentally more beneficial, more profitable, more pleasant ways of life as a result of the increasing speed of mechanical improvement.

The drawback of technlogy advancement, and its regularly expanding pace, is that we, as a general public are poorly arranged for its reactions. At the point when innovation makes a whole class of specialists outdated, what are those individuals to do? One may state they settled on the wrong decisions when choosing which abilities to manufacture and which enterprises to begin their vocations in, however foreseeing how innovation will change the world is hard and getting harder. This issue will appear to an ever increasing extent.

Innovation likewise enhances efficiency of people heterogeneously. That is, the most talented individuals are the ones whose capacities are most expanded by innovation. Subsequently, innovation can be a driver of imbalance of pay and riches. Rising imbalance has been a hotly debated issue as of late, and is a driver of social agitation which has huge consequences for the political field.


Modern civilization is the gift of modern science. Modern science makes our life easy and comfortable. Technology is related with our today's life. Without technology we cannot think a single movement. Nowadays, technology has become a part of our lives. 

Technology has both merits and demerits. The advantage of technology is the blessing for us. We should do best use of technology. But we should avoid the demerits of technology. 

Now, we  talk about the bad aspects of technology:

1. Our young genaration waste their valuable time for using social networks. Students waste their  reading time in the place  social media. As a result, They kept away from their study. If this is going on, they become addicted to the internet at one time. Which is very bad for a student.

2. At present, criminals also uses technology for creating crime. Their first choice are social networks. They threaten people through social networks. They threaten people for money in exchange for life. The common people spend days in fear.

3. Now a days , almost everyone has a mobile phone. Mobile phone is very useful for today's life. But some of people misuse this technology. That's very bad for our society. Some bad boys disturb girls by misscalls. As a result, girls feel uncomfortable using mobile phones.

4. Technology also makes our life easy and simple. It's good on one hand, on the other hand it's bad. It's good because by using technology we can do any work in a single second. On the other hand, it's bad because technology has made us lazy. It also bad for our society progress. 

I think we all should best use of technology in our life.


Thanks for your good question.

Technology brought many negative sides into our society.

This modern world is the gift of technology. We live in the age of modern science. Technology makes our live easier than before. Technology has brought a revolutionary change in our daily life.

Though technology has brought a hugh number of benefits in our daily life but it also brought some demerits also. The number of demerits is very low than the number of benefits. Technology trying to invente many things for our welfare.

Negative sides of technology in our society : -

• In present the young generation is wasting their valuable time in Facebook instead of wasting time behind study or many important works. Facebook, which was invented by technology. This is a negative side technology in our society.

• Most of the students and children's wasting their time behind video games. When they need to give time in their studies. By sitting for a long time behind video games many fetal diseases caused. It is another negative side of technology in our society.

• Many criminals using technology in order to continuing their antisocial work. It is also a negative side of technology in our society.

So, it can be said that technology brought many negative sides into our society.


Negative impact of communication technology in people's lives:

Social and Cultural Affairs

Nonetheless, technological progress can negatively have an effect on cultural aspects:

1) ethical deterioration among voters, particularly among teenagers and students. The progress of economic life that has place an excessive amount of stress on the fulfillment of varied material needs, has caused some voters to become "rich in material however poor in spirituality".

2) Delinquency and deviant acts among adolescents area unit progressively progressively weak within the authority of the traditions that exist within the community, like mutual help and facilitate. Delinquency and deviant acts among teenagers and students area unit increasing in varied forms, like fights, graffiti, traffic violations to crime.

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Technology has been a major blessing to mankind but however, technology has also caused a lot of damage Ik the world, some that can be corrected and others that can't be corrected. This is just a case of what has an advantage also have a disadvantage and what appears as a blessing can also be a curse.

In the wake of technological advancements and development of science and technology in the world, there have been a lot of bad sides the entire world didn't bargain for. I'd be analyzing some negative effects of technology in our world today in few points.

Firstly, it is worthy to note that the advancement of technology in the world has caused the rate of in employment to triple in the last 7 years, as humans are no longer required to do most jobs anymore but machines. A machine can successfully do the job of ten humans which means that for every machine created at least yen humans would become unemployed. This negative trend is brought about by advancement in technology. In a bid to make life easier for factory owners nd industry owners, staffs become unemployed and the after effect of massive unemployment leads to increase in crime rate, as the unemployed would look for alternative means to make money and might end up getting frustrated and resort to crime.

Secondly, advancement in technology in the world by making the world a global village has reduced the rate of interpersonal communication between community folks, families et al. With the introduction of the social media, most individuals no longer have physical friends nor even talk to their family members but have friends they can't see on Facebook or other social media platform which has directly and indirectly affected their ability to communicate well with others they can see physically.

Furthermore, advancement in technology in the world comes with health risks. Before technology, there was nothing like cancer or other chronic diseases but with the improvement of technology in terms of GMO foods and other high risk products created with technology the human lifespan gradually keeps reducing. Radiation from telephones and network masts etc are vivid example.

Conclusively, there are a lot of other negative effects of technology on the world which I couldn't list but the bottom line is truly technology has been a blessing to making life easier but also a curse because it has made life worse and unbearable for some. Technology led to the development of the hydrogen bomb that sank Hiroshima and Nagasaki till today. That is one glaring example that technology is a curse as well


There is an award winning series called black mirror that sums up all the negativity in society. It is absolutely brilliant. Each show is its own story. I recommend you start with shut up and dance or freefall. 


There is no denying that technology brought about many benefits to our lives. It made our life simpler and our works easier. With every advancement of technology comes also comfort.

However, technology brought about not just good but also harm. With the positive things technology has brought, there are also countless negative impacts it also brings. 

One of such is laziness and procrastination. Before, phones are primarily used for communication,i.e. calls and texts. However, with the advancement of technology, phones are no longer for communications only. Before, we can only play video games using computers and laptops. Computers and laptops are quite expensive back then. So basically, only those who can afford can play video games. However, when android devices and IOS devices were made, the functionality which can only be found in computers can now be found in smartphones. And, low-end smartphones can now easily be afforded by common men. With these, people nowadays become lazy because there attention are fixed to their phones. They tend to procrastinate or postpone their tasks because they are busy in front of their smartphones.

Another thing, before we were able to buy a washing machine, we hand wash our laundry. However, after we were able to buy one, we were very dependent to it. Due to our dependence to the machine, sometimes, during brownouts, our clothes are left unwashed.

Another negative thing technology brought is the proliferation of Fake News. When someone posts fake news over social media, it can be seen instantly by almost everyone. Then another someone shares it. When many people talk about it, even if it is fake news, it becomes true. 

Another thing, gossips are now digital. 

I know that technology has brought so much comfort to our lives but we should also not overlook the damage it can do to us. As much as possible, be responsible.

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