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What are the social rules we should know?

I am not sure if I would answer this question correctly or not as if I really know what the question mean.

I am interpreting this question to be. What are the social rules that I would follow when I am out in the public no matter it being the social network public or the public public.

The first thing is that i would try to show my nicest part. Show that I've got proper manners. Who knows when you will meet that person some day.

Facebook social rules I follow

Try not to brag to the public about everything in my life. I think it would really annoy someone if I showed everything in my life. Try not to comment negatively on any post even if there is nothing nice for me to say about a given post.

Don't post stuff without understanding what I would post. It's basically an electronic tattoo. Once it's inked on the net, there is no way it could be erased. Don't post any obscene or nudity. I have never posted anything that showed graphic violence. I think it's something bad for our soul.

Anyways, this is my second part which is for the social rules when I am out in the public.

I will always clear off my table after meals and not make a mess so the person who cleans up my table won't find it uncomfortable.

Be on time when I have to attend functions or when I have to meet my friends..


For me, the most important social rules are:

"Don't hurt if you don't want to be hurt"

So, respect each other's actions [whatever it is], because everyone has their rights.

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When visiting somebody, don't open their PC/tablet, don't sneak into their room, don't open their drawers/cabinets, don't peruse their journals, don't open their ice chest without authorization. 

When meeting somebody after quite a while, except if they need to discuss it, don't ask them their age and compensation. 

While gifting somebody, except if you completely realize what the individual needs, give them a gift voucher or money. It is dependably a superior blessing which enables a man to purchase what they need as opposed to what you figure they may need. 

Continuously request a glass of water when you visiting somebody haphazardly and the host asks "What might you want to have?". Keep it straightforward. The host probably won't be in a situation to give you a glass of juice or brew or scones yet are excessively humiliated, making it impossible to state that out. Try not to put them under social weight. 

When you are expecting guests, make proper courses of action. Clean the house, supplant toiletries and so forth. Try not to make them feel like a uninvited visitor