What is the right way to earn people's trust?

This is a great question!

I think the very best way is to be honest.

There are many reasons why people are not honest, either by saying things, and not following up with action, or saying things that are untrue, or by not telling the full truth.  They might be trying to avoid confrontation, or prevent someone from getting hurt feelings or to hide something they are not proud of.

The thing is, that people are extremely good at noticing when someone is not being totally honest... even if they don't know why they know, they still know... there are hundreds of visual cues that we subtly pick up on that make us feel uneasy.

I have a friend who is very kind and very sweet, and ever says anything bad about anyone... and it might be that she doesn't think many bad thoughts, but it's hard to entirely trust her because someone that nice just doesn't seem realistic. 

So... honesty really is the best policy.  

I'd rather have someone hurt my feelings, but be totally truthful... and if we're being honest, I think everyone is the same.  


If someone doesn't quite trust you yet... then I would make a very strong effort to make sure that you are always very truthful towards them, even if it means telling them things they don't want to hear.  It's also important that you actually do the things you say you'll do.  If you do this, the person might be unhappy in the short-term, but they'll trust you, which is way more important in the long term.  It may take a while for them to trust you, but keep at it... it's definitely worth it.

Great question!  Hope this helps.



Let's put it like this, how do I earn people's trust the right way? Cool, Firstly, Il'd like to ask myself, am I trustworthy? If one is not trustworthy, one cannot expect to expect to be trusted. Who are we kidding, I trust you the first time, you mess up, I trust you again, you mess up again, that's it pal, and don't expect me to not rat you out when the situation comes around. 

I like the fact that you phrased this question this way, that trust should be earned, you don't impose it, you don't force it, you should be worthy of it. 

You've got to be honest and straight, this is best for me, see, being honest doesn't mean one does not make mistakes, but when you're quick enough to admit your errors, and do right by them. 

You've got to have integrity, its a very powerful tool that every human respects naturally, saying you'd do something, and actually doing it, not being a two timing person. 

You've got to be original, not someone else, or other people, and that's magical.

If I meet someone myself, and I see these qualities, I'ld naturally trust such person. 

A lot of time we forget that we attract what we give, I have to ask myself, do I trust  other's as well?  

I hope this answers your question...


The best way to earn someone's trust is to listen to what they have got to say with their heart. People who listen are more easily trusted. Next, I guess is to not lie as much as possible unless it really helps to reduce conflict. Be genuine and get to know that person without any motive or intentions. Accept any flaws that a person may have and that will reduce any displeasure which may appear later when you get to see some flaws in a person.


Want people to trust you, well then trust them. It takes time to see if somebody is worth trusting.  You get a certain type of person that nobody will ever trust and they will never trust anyone either, give them a chance and trust them with something small. It might mean something big to them and that will make them want to trust you.

That being said, some people will never like you even if is for no good reason, the same goes for trust, some people just don't trust us for no good reason.

Stick to what you say and remember what people say, people tend to trust people

that take note of the things they say.


These are the right ways to earn people's trust in different situation and in different relationships :

1. FIRST IMPRESSION : If you go for a interview or first day of work first impression is very important. You must take care of your outfit especially your shoes because people notice your shoes or slippers first then only your dress.

2. EYE CONTACT : Eye contact should be there is all kinds of official or personal communication which makes other person think you are interested in listening to them and makes them trusted.


 SPEAK TRUTH : If you lie, no matter for small things or serious things lie is always a lie and that makes other person feel you are fake and never trust you. Always speak the truth no matter how hard it is truth will always makes you a trusted person.

4. STOP GOSSIPING ABOUT OTHERS: If we gossip about others the person who listens will think that someday you gone tell about them to someone else so they not gone trust you and share all there secrets to you

5. BE IN YOUR LIMITS : Whenever you meet new people never take over advantage with them. Know where you stand in there life. Be patient before getting attached and never get into there personal or even don't share your personal things so soon to everyone.

6. DONT BREAK PROMISES : Before you make promises to someone think well and once you are sure that you can do what you said only then make promises. Breaking your promises will make other person feel untrusted. 

7. ASK APOLOGY : No person is perfect in this world so whenever you do any mistake be the first to ask sorry and try to correct your mistake. This is one the important way to earn trust from people.

8. SHOW GRATITUDE : Say thank you to all helps you even for small things. Showing gratitude with your low level employee will make them feel good and all your co-workers will trust you for your humanity.



The only way to earn people's trust is to be consistently trustworthy. It will take time. Unfortunately, that sort of capital can be squandered much more easily that it can be earned by betraying that trust.