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How long should a person wait to date again after a breakup?

there is no "should."

completely up to the individual to choose for themselves what feels or doesn't feel right.


It's not about how long ago the break up was. It depends on how well they have moved on after the heartbreak. Some manage to move on right away. Some remain unready for the next couple of decades.

As long as your heart is ready for another round of happiness-heartache rollercoster, go ahead and and start mingling. But if you're still mourning, give yourself and your date a favor, just stay single until you're already moved on.


i say no amount of time is idea, what i suggest is to give your self ample time time  heal, love your self and do some soul searching. 

Jumping in on another relationship may seem the easiest way out but in the long run, you will realize you are not being true to your self and being unfair to the new person.

And while you give your self time to heal, do no not be in hast to jump back in on a relationship without getting to know the person. We often get carried away very fast by the idea of what could be with the new person rather than understanding and deciding after a period of time weather or not to be with that person.  This wil avod anther likely breakup in the future.


I think it depends upon you really. There is no definite amount of time which serves as a requirement for you to date again after a breakup but here are some points to ponder I can suggest:

Ask yourself if you are ready to start dating again. Before you jump to the next person, make sure that you are emotionally ready. By ready, I mean you are not just filling the void in your heart the last person you dated made. That you totally have moved on from your past relationship before starting a new one. There is a huge tendency that you might hurt the next person and yourself as well if you enter a relationship without moving on from the previous one. Also, it would be very unfair for the person because he/she is already giving you his/her time and effort while your heart haven't fully healed from the past yet.

Ask yourself what your intentions really are. Do you really want to date again because you like the person or you just feel lonely and you want company? Make sure you know your intentions and hopefully, they're good.  Maybe you just want someone who can mend your broken heart or someone to listen to your sob stories. Whatever your reason may be, make sure they're right and you will not end up hurting you and the person you choose to date.

In all honesty, I don't see anything wrong if it will take time before you date again. Take your time, heal your wounds and decide whenever you are ready. In the same way, I don't see anything wrong with dating after breaking up with someone. As long as you are emotionally ready, and your intentions are right, then do what makes you happy. Just make sure that you will not hurt anybody and yourself as well. I hope my answer helps!


Some people always say to wait for 3 months. We have the 3 months rule but I don't really believe about it . It usually depends on you though . If you have met someone special and you wanted to date with him . You can actually do it , why wait for a long time . Its only a date ,not in a relationship. Going on a date is one way to move on from a break up . 


There is no rule and is up to the individual. When a relationship breaks down it happens over time so your mind is already clear and made up. There should be no time limits and is different for everyone.


It relies upon how you feel. 

Rather, it's best to attempt and give yourself as long as it takes to deal with whatever leftover sentiments (positive and negative) you have about your ex. 

"In case you're still in torment, fixating on your ex, or experiencing enthusiastic whiplash, you're not prepared to date," "The best post-separation dating is done when you've acknowledged the way that your ex is an ex in light of current circumstances." 

It is additionally imperative to feel as if you are prepared to open yourself up to another person. 

"[You] have high confidence, an open heart, and feel prepared to be open to another person," 

You don't have to thoroughly disregard your ex with the end goal to accomplish this defenselessness. In any case, as indicated by Sherman, a man who is prepared to date and begin another relationship realizes how to contemplate the relationship that has finished 

"They have taken in exercises from their past relationship and consider it to be a venturing stone to turning into a more astute dater; one who has greater clearness about what will work for them in a relationship later on