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What are the signs that a girl likes you?

In my experience as a love adventurer (LOL), there are a number of signs in body language that a woman will show when she likes you.

1. Eye gaze

Well, often when women like us, they will try to steal a glance. When you see it, he will look away, but when you are unconscious, he will pay attention to you again.

2. Mismanagement

Secondly, they will be embarrassed when meeting, talking, or even just face to face.

3. Looking For Reasons To Be Able To Meet

There are often times when women will look for reasons to meet you. Sometimes, the reason doesn't make sense.


She glances toward you when you are near. Not just once either. Like on different occasions. On the off chance that she remains eye to eye connection when you see her, she's a solid young lady. In the event that she turns away before you do, she's somewhat modest. 

She requests your assistance regardless of whether she comprehends something. This bodes well generally in a school setting and work settings, as well. She needs assistance with an extremely simple sort of math issue yet you and every other person get it. Help her in any case. (pst. Look cool when you're doing it. OK.) 

When both of you are talking, she's taking a gander at you and her feet confront you. That is vital. In the event that her feet are confronting you, she has her entire body confronting you. She's giving careful consideration. Be that as it may, if there are hindrances to her non-verbal communication like sitting in a seat and turning most of the way around to take a gander at you, she either doesn't have a craving for giving her complete consideration or the teacher educating in advance, will see her in the event that she turns the distance around. You'll need to make sense of that all alone. Be that as it may, more often than not you'll know whether you trust yourself. Good fortunes ! 

She limits the space among you and her. I don't know how yet at whatever point a person closes space to draw nearer to a young lady, it's abnormal, notwithstanding when I consider it. In any case, when a young lady does it, it would seem that she's truly intrigued and it's adorable. Huh. Peculiar. Be that as it may, no doubt, she limits the space between both of you and breaks the individual air pocket a tad in a non-frightening manner, not at all like how most folks do it. 

She breaks the touch obstruction. In the event that you are strolling and you see she's strolling along the bearing your heading, her arm may brush against yours. She's attempting to make "first contact". Physical contact that is. :) And in the event that you are conversing with her, see whether she contacts your shoulder or inclines toward you or something when you make a joke or when being a tease.


Actually, you don't need to feel cheated by women. Simply reading the sign that he is not interested in you, then you can stop approaching. Many men who have not been able to read this sign. If so, we just tell you right away!

Never contact you

If you are interested in a woman, you will try to contact her at any time. Likewise with women. Even though the woman likes to be shy, she will contact you if she is interested in you. He will also bring out an interest when talking or texting you. If you don't feel these things from him, maybe he really isn't interested in you. He doesn't want to talk to men he doesn't approve at all.

Avoid or Doubt when Invited on the Road

When a woman is attracted to you, she will be enthusiastic when invited to walk or eat together. Because, he feels he will be closer to the person he likes right? However, if a woman is not interested in you, she will always have a reason to avoid promises with you. Or also, he will look hesitant in agreeing to your invitation. fine in seeing his attitude, Bro.

Avoiding eye contact and maintaining distance

Besides not wanting to talk to you, he doesn't want to look in the eye or be close to you. If you are sitting cross-faced at a cafe, he will avoid your eye contact, or does not want to be stuck with eye contact for a long time with you. He prefers to see his drink or the room around him. He will also maintain distance when you approach him physically. Avoid touching hands or skin directly. From this attitude it is clear that he is not too comfortable with your presence and is not interested in you.

The Man He Likes Is Different from You

On one occasion, we will definitely ask questions about the characteristics of the person he likes. That way, you can find out how much you accept yourself. However, when he explains a man's description that is different from your personality, it could be a sign that he wants to say "you’re not my type, man".

However, many men instead turn themselves into desirable figures so they like themselves. Actually, you don't need to change yourself. Don't change your personality for the sake of a crush. There is no guarantee that he will change to like you. It is better to retreat from this business. Find other women who like you and your personality.

"I'm Not Ready to Start a Relationship Again"

Women feel bad to say firmly that they don't like us. He finally did the refusal subtly by saying "I'm not ready to start a relationship".

Indeed there are women who need time to start a new relationship, but this also becomes a sign that he doesn't want to build a relationship with you. Many men are fooled by this answer. Finally they continued, waiting for a long time, until there was no clarity from the woman. Finally, you will feel cheated by women.