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What's the best way to make posts go viral on Steemit?

Deliver Exceptional Quality Posts! Just Kidding! XD

I have been on Steem for over 9 months now and that one rarely works. Again to make things clear, it works but very rarely! One must have a significant visibility first either by being followed by a lot of people with a significant stake on the platform and/or through the use of bidbots.

The thing though is that even if one boosts a post up to the Hot/Trending section, it is still not guaranteed that it will go viral. People now usually don't look at the Trending section because it's the same people over and over again. What I noticed though is that there really is an easy way to make a post go viral on Steem, and by viral I mean being resteemed around and receive a lot of comments.

GIVEAWAYS! Around 95% of users on Steem love Giveaways. As a matter of fact, there are a number of people who even uses GINA's word watchlist feature to notify them when someone uses the tag "giveaway/s" and when someone mentions the word "giveaway/s". That is how Steemians love GIVEAWAYS and I think we all do too. :)

Having said that, since the majority of people on Steem love receiving something with minimal effort. The best way to make a post go viral is to give them a reason to interact with it. 

This could be as simple as picking one lucky winner to receive some liquid Steem/SBD on the comment section and/or if one has a significant amount of upvote, UPVOTE ALL comments on the post. You will be surprised how all those upvote fishers have somewhat a radar that detects who among the orcas/whales upvote whatever comments they receive on their blogs. XD

Well if you don't have the means to give people free stuff, you can start by creating a very unique post and by unique I mean something that people don't usually see on Steem. Curators love something original and unique. aThe majority of people with a significant stake on the platform are also now sick of contents that are somewhat repetitive. If you can deliver something truly unique then the chances of it going viral is very likely to happen.

Also grammar is very important when it comes to posts like this. Most people hate reading, so if you use too much big words and/or write a very length article people will usually skip that one. A post must be easy to read and easy to digest. XD

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Content is as yet ruler and substance significance is considerably more imperative than any other time in recent memory for making better blog entries. To amplify significance, it takes significantly more than just great substance or incredible plan. Regardless of whether you have top shaking subject for your crowd, there is still a great deal to recollect for making a strong blog entries worth perusing.

1. Make quality substance that emerges among others

Center a particular specialty point for a particular target gathering.

Ensure that your work is significant and avant-garde.

Give tips, systems, how to articles or engaging substance for your particular gathering of people and point. Including an incentive for the perusers will make your posts important as a helpful asset for profitable data on your theme

2. Compose a snappy feature and presentation for your blog entry

Make a snappy title and a presentation that will make your perusers need to peruse whatever remains of your post.

Outline what your post is about.

Blueprint the point and your key contentions, yet keep the tension.

3. Augment clarity for perusers and web crawlers

Keep your sentences as short as could reasonably be expected and as long as fundamental

Sort out your post in areas with under 300 words with solid subheadings and passages with under 150 words

Incorporate something like 1 inner connection and 1 outside connections for related points, statements or high specialist sources.Use a dialect and wording that meets the tonality of your objective perusers.

Edit for spelling mistakes and language.

4. Check your blog entry for watchwords and SEO

Incorporate your center watchword in your feature and presentation and also in subheadings and duplicate.

Utilize your center watchword additionally in picture and video title and depictions.

Apply your watchwords in your stay writings for inner connections.

Just utilize applicable setting to put your catchphrases and keep a watchword thickness of 1-3%.

Compose your title in under 57 characters and a presentation in under 160 characters to meet the necessities for "title" and "meta portrayal" to effectively show your post in the web crawlers.

Tip: You can utilize Yoast to enable you to check your post for SEO and lucidness

5. Incorporate pictures and recordings for more snaps

Envision instructional exercises or specialized guidelines by utilizing screen captures or screencast recordings.

Utilize infographics for making agendas, advantages and disadvantages, well ordered aides, stream graphs

Just utilize important pictures for your substance and don't overstuff your blog entry with visuals.

Tip: You can utilize Canva to make simple infographics without being a planner

6. Utilize joins and solid CTAs for your blog entry

Utilize connects to related blog entries to control your perusers to advance readings on your webpage.

Utilize sticky substance and takeaways to influence your perusers to buy in to your blog or leave their email deliver to development.

Urge your perusers to peruse on or remark on your post or to snatch a white paper, an agenda or a digital book by utilizing solid call-to-activities (CTAs).

7. Advance your blog entry via web-based networking media and re-reason your substance

Offer your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, however share them at various occasions and days.

Offer your blog entry pictures on Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, utilizing your center picture with your presentation, hashtags and a connection to your post.You can likewise share your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to re-share your posts with various visual grapples.

Offer your blog entry in unique intrigue networks, for example, Reddit.

Additionally share a connection to your blog entry to social bookmark systems, for example, Diigo, Digg, StumbleUpon.

Calendar your posts at the best occasions for each system and over a few days, weeks and month to broaden the life expectancy of your posts and Re-shareand re-plan your evergreen presents from time on time to resuscitate them.

Syndicate and re-distribute your post on Medium, Tumblr, Linkedin Pulse, Bloglovin, yet sit tight for 3-7 days to give Google a chance to file your unique blog entry first.

Note: Each interpersonal organization offers distinctive choices for advancing your substance and networks respond contrastingly to post groups. Each system is utilized for various purposes and has surge hours at various occasions. To viably cross-advance your blog entry, don't simply cross-post a similar message on each informal organization. Tailor the message for your presents on fit every online life stage and crowd.


Well first things first your post has got to have content that's worth reading. Nobody wants to go through a post that would make them question whether it was a kindergarten student that wrote it.

When you have that very important part down, next thing is to pay for upvotes, there's no shame in doing it, alot of people do it, not to make money, but to give their posts a little more visibility. You might write an epistle worthy of only the eyes of the gods, but if nobody with substantial SP upvotes it then best believe that even the gods of promotedpost, hottopic and huge-whale won't see it.

Finally, you could solicit some help from someone who's already recognised in steemit, that way if they share your post then alot of people are going to want to know why someone so prominent saw it fit to grace his page with your post.

If you check all these boxes and the post still doesn't go viral then maybe it's time to hit the drawing board again.


There are many ways to make your posts viral on steemit.

Steemit is a great platform for earning money. There are many options for working on it. There many communities on steemit which gives free upvotes.

If you want to know everyone about your blog or post then you need to do make your post viral on steemit. By making your posts viral on steemit then everyone get know about your post and blog.

There are many ways to make you post viral on steemit. They are : -

1. You need to start a giveaway some SBD, Steem or sp delegation. Then everyone will interest to join in our giveaway and also read your post. And you can add a rule to join your giveaway. It is the person who want to join in your giveaway must resteem your post. Then everyone get know about your post.

2. You can create some contest on steemit about various subjects. Then you must add the resteem rule so that everyone get know about your posts.

3. You can viral your post by buy a hugh amount of upvotes in your post. By buying a hugh amount of upvotes add your posts on trending. There are many people who resteem many trending post. Then there are a chance to retseem your post.

If you do this things then you can make your post viral on steemit easily.


In my opinion there are three ways to make that happen:-

  • The first option is that you must have a decent amount in your wallet  sbd or steem to promote your post though bots upvote. There are many leading bots like minnowbooster, smartsteem, rocky1, buildawhale and many more. Definitely if you can upvote your post through bots and if the post payout becomes 100 usd or more then it will start showing in the hot and main trending page and that is one area I think every steemit users check at least once in a day. So in that way you can at least get the visibility and if the topic is interesting not only you will get more new followers but also some organic upvotes may be big one also. So this is one way to make your post viral.
  • Second option is that you should have 20k or 30k SP at least and you should have a habit of upvoting your followers comment in the comment section and that way many new comers and minnows suddenly jumps in, to engage with you with a hope to get an upvote from you in their comment. Here dont get it wrong. Not all the comments are spam comments, you will find some productive comment also. So this is another way but this is a bit less effective than the first one.
  • The third option is to make an announcement ...contest type or giveaway type along with you post/article, this will certainly result in a surge of more readers and followers to your blog section and you may get some genuine reader/follower in this way.   

There might be some other options but I think these are the main options which are really effective to make a post in steemit to go viral, but these options can bring the first sight visibility and the in-depth engagement by people with your blog will only happen through quality content and/or interesting topics.

Thank you and Have a great day.


The short answer is it has to be good enough. If you have a decent number of followers and they resteem it to their followers it can start a chain off and sky rocket in value. Viral these days would be 400-500 votes I imagine and not paying for any of them. Being curied today is similar to going viral then and they only curate on decent work.

Paying for bid bots or resteem services are a waste of time and if the post isn't good enough could possibly be flagged for abusing the system.

The aim is to get to trending but 99% of those posts have had loads of money spent on them to get there .That is not viral in my eyes as they have paid for those votes.


Why should you want that? Most posts that go viral

  • have most of their votes done by auto-votes who follow the author or follow a curation trail - none of those voters have read the post.
  • have spent a lot of ressources in bots to get votes - again votes with no readers
  • People who vote for it because "it must be important" - the question remains whether they read the post. 

Get yourself noticed in your fields of interest with good comments, good posts and every post of you will go viral there where it counts.


Really the ONLY way to make your post go viral is by paying for it to do so.

If you spend enough money, buy enough votes you can hit trending or hot or promoted pages.

Most people quickly realize however that doesn't mean the post is quality or worth reading, simply that enough money was thrown at it.


Two things can be done 

* the obvious way , use your money (Steem/Sbd) and send them to bidbots and they will give you upvotes which will rank the post to the Trending Page

* the Second one : If you have Whale friends who will give you Upvotes and by that you will see your post in the trending page (It is highly unlikely though)

By luck not many users have gone to trending page while if your content is original and you have worked for it using bidbots could work fine and many users will find your content useful and they will like it as well for the quality of it.

So basically this are the two ways for now.


I personally am not a fan of this, but I have seen it done many times by both regular users of the platform and by people testing a hypothesis.  

The best way to make posts go viral on Steemit is to buy upvotes to get them to the trending page.  

Like I said, I don't agree with it, I don't think it is right, but that is just the harsh truth of the landsape right now.

Ideally, you would spend your time composing a well written thoughtful post about a subject you are passionate about and are able to show some direct knowledge of. 

People would pick up that post and be drawn into it.  They would read it and love everything about it.  They upvote it and then resteem it because they want to share it with everyone that follows them.  This then creates a domino effect of people loving and sharing your post with their followers.

Eventually your post is spreading all across Steemit and is showing up at the top of searches in Google and before you know it the local TV station is talking about this post that is now a viral sensation.

That is the way it should happen.

Like I said though sadly right now the best way to go viral is to buy it...


Make sure your title grabs the attention of people and your tags are the popular ones such as “life” “Steemit” “sports” “music” . If you write good content then you can appear on @curies radar which is a great start as it give some you anything up to 1000 vote . 1000 upvotes will get you on the hot list so people looking at these will upvote you and then you will get trending. A lot of Steemit content and new initiatives are trending on Steemit right now so writing about the platform will be a good start. If you grab the attention of a whale you have a tickets to trending and the post can sky’s rocket from there . My best post received 1400 upvotes and 40 dollars . Unless you are paying for bidbots that’s is not bad in today’s climate . If the sameness post wasn’t back in December we could well be talking a couple of grand


In short QUALITY CONTENT on INETRESTING TOPIC+BIG UPVOTE USING UPVOTE BOT to make it to the trending page and generally this is the traditional way in steemit to get more views and also to make it viral at least within steemit platform.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Very rarely is a post actually viral on steemit. Most of the posts with big payouts are from the authors paying for bid bots. Most of the time they are losing money on them.