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Is gender equality realistic?

It's not realistic to me. We are made differently with different attribute and we should stop forcing the equality thing but instead fight for things that should be made right concerning a certain sex, not imposing equality which is not ideal.

Even the so called feminist still display some aspect of hypocrisy that shows that they are not ready to be equal to man.

No sex is better than the other, we are differently made to be great as whom we are.

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Gender Equality?? There is never anything close to that !! If there is; there wouldn't be "GENDER" in English Lexicon!

Nature is a conglomerate of OPPOSITES, each complementing the other in function, to make a whole!!

Negative and Opposite Charges, making electricity possible; Cations and Anions in chemicals enabling their reactions to produce desired neutral products; the far right and far left power block Nations ensuring stability and peace in World Affairs and many more similar examples abound!!

The Males and Females as Created by Nature are meant to complementing one another! Thus they are differentially equipped with opposing reproductive organ; brain polarity; differing physiognomy for diverse physical tasks etc.

Notwithstanding these opposites; NO gender is Superior to the Other. But one ought to act as the leader of the union for effective team work!!

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No, I don't think so. The kind of gender equality most women are fighting for won't be realistic. The society will never conform to that completely. There was a time I carried out a study and needed to share questionnaires to a number of participants.

On the field, I realized that some married women refused filling the questionnaire without consent from their husband. It was really worrisome to me as the nature of the questionnaire and the questions asked had nothing to directly do with their husbands.

On the other hand, their male counterparts would fill the questionnaire without needing approval from anyone. This is because there's already a default faulty notion that the society holds of a woman getting permission or approval from her husband before doing certain things.

The issue of gender equality has a lot to do with society's standards, values and expectations than individual perception. What the society holds to be correct or wrong about men and women's rights and position tends to mould our individual beliefs consciously or subconsciously.

For instance, in Africa and where I come from, I grew up seeing my mom and other mothers always being the ones who cook and serve food for their husbands when they are back from work. They look up to the men to bear most of the financial burdens of the family, pay children school's fees, pay utility bills, provide money for food. While the women play supportive roles, they also took responsibility for some financial needs and in some families, the women act as the bread winner.

However, even in such families, the women still remained submissive to their husbands in most decisions concerning key matters of the family.

Gender equality implies that men and women have equal rights and be treated same. But today, when we talk if gender inequality, only the women are considered, the society forgets completely that men have also been victims of gender inequality.

**One thing people need to understand clearly is that gender equality means that men and women should be treated equally and fairly but it does not mean that men and women are equal. What most women fight for today is not the rights but power.**

Some women wish to have the kind of power men possess by virtue of their "sex". They want to be the head of the family while they have their husbands submit to them. They want their husbands to be the ones in the kitchen cooking for them at their command. They want to dominate men. They want the kind of power men have but most of them are not ready for the accompanied rresponsibilities.

Women believe that men are stronger and that's why they are more powerful than them. On the contrary, I don't think so. I think women are even more powerful than men. No man can withstand labour pain, and do that again for 2 or 3 more times. I believe that men are men because God created them to be head over woman. Simple!

What I'm totally against is unfair treatment to a particular gender by virtue of their "sex". For instance a woman who is being denied a particular position she's qualified for in the corporate world by virtue of her gender. I'm against women being underpaid for the same job, they'll pay her male counterpart more. I'm against laws, systems or people who don't believe that women should contest for public offices. I'm against practices or deliberate actions from men that would hinder a woman from reaching her full potential or pursuing her ambition or kill her freedom of speech etc.

I don't see men being superior to women or vice versa. But I strongly believe in the natural order of a man being head over woman, especially in family setting. We should all fight against unfair treatment to all, whether man or woman and not fighting to possess the same power as men or to have them under your command or demands.

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No,it is not real.Man and women are different.But this is not in terms of superiority.Since primitive socienties,the pysical and structural tasks of man and women have been seperated.
Since the man is physically stronger, while hunting, the woman is obliged to provide the order in the house.  
In our age, of course, women in all of the tasks that men undertook, but in terms of the different work of power and brain activities, men and women are separated from each other.  
Rather than mentioning gender supremacy, I am in favor of the need for two genders in the world and how the difference should be evaluated.  
We need men because we need a father and a woman who protects her woman. We need a woman because we need a mother and a man who makes her man happy. Sometimes we need sentimentality and a motherly attitude.