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Please do you guys think that steemit would still be here in the next 5 years? If yes, give reasons. If no give reasons as well.?
I ask because I am confused

Yes, I believe Steemit will still be here in the next five years. There are two reasons for this.

First, unlike other cryptocurrencies that have no real products outside of the cryptocurrency, Steemit is already a functioning product based on the Steem Blockchain. It has a significant amount of active users and there are a number of apps and platforms being continuously built alongside it, like Musing.io. These apps and platforms can only help the blockchain attract new users and investors. So, Steemit will not only be strong enough to survive in the next five years, but also thrive.

Second, the upcoming launch of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) will create massive opportunities for growth in the upcoming years. Once SMTs are finally launched on the blockchain, it will provide the opening that Steem and Steemit needs to facilitate mass adoption through tokenization. What the ERC-20 tokens did for Ethereum, the SMTs could potentially do for Steem. 

It is because of these reasons that I believe Steemit and the Steem Blockchain will still be here and thriving in the next five years. 


The Steem blockchain will be around in 5 years, and will be stronger than ever with all of the developments going on! However, I think that uif Steemit the website will be around it will need to make some rapid changes, otherwise users will migrate to alternatives (such as Steempeak, busy.org etc)

The reason Steemit has time to change is becuase it is the 'first mover' in terms of the Steem blockchain - it is the one most people come to first when joining Steem. However this is starting to change now with Dapps having the option to onbaord new members themselves.

Steem needs some serious development if it will ever become fully functional - e.g. offering onscreen notifications (such as busy,org does), rather than having users using offsite alteratives like Steemd or steemworld. Also it would be great to have some filters to filter certain content (such as filtering out certain types of posts, e.g. dmania or photography etc)


If we look 5 years into the future i would say Steem will probably be the go to site for anything to do with social media.

The platform is changing at a rapid rate. One just has to look at why we experienced the latest hard fork to understand the growth that is coming. Development is moving at a fast pace now.

SMT's is the start of big things with new Dapps being developed all the time. Steemit will be full of different communities all with different tokens holding value against Steem. The onboarding will be up to each Dapp and they will control their own little worlds and economy with their individual token.

Once people who aren't on here understand what they have missed out on and that one can earn rewards from doing various things then the explosion of new users will happen very quickly.

Crypto currencies are still in the beginning and haven't really even started. People will learn to understand what each one stands for and  what value each one potentially holds. When that happens and with the knowledge that you can mine tokens by doing things this place will change drastically.

Steemit may not be the central attraction with blogging in 5 years but it will be  a hub. Steemit inc is working on something new called destiny and that could be anything but I am sure it will be something that will add value to all of us. 


It may seem that Steem is loosing enough traction and obviously under price in the market.

My personal point of view is that the majority haven't seen the potential of Steemit as a social media platform and the transcation speed of Steem as a digital currency with almost no charges.

I won't take long until the majority realize it, and so by the time that the SMTs are released and in full-operation, then we will se a turn of the tide.

The previous of scalability will be addressed and the majority will have the attention that they haven't experience before and on-boarding of new sign-ups will be quick and hassle-free like any other social media platform. Of course the "monetary reward" will be its greatest edge.


I think Steem has a lot of potential and I for sure think it will be here in the next five years.  Next year we have SMT's coming out and that is going to be a huge change to STEEM as we know it now.  They have a great team with a good roadmap and there are a lot of things coming in the future that are going to help sustain STEEM for a long time.  

The introduction of Steem Monsters is a great example of the potential that STEEM holds.  The number of users that are being introduced just because of that game are huge.  I think only time will tell, but if you look at the projects that are being created right now and the new ones that are coming out each day you will be able to see the potential that the blockchain has.  

Dig into some of the new projects that are being developed like Tasteem, Steemhunt, Steempeak, Steem Monsters, Steepshot, etc.  The future holds great things for us.


Steem blockchain will be around for next 5 years and even 10 years, I'm 99% sure.

AS for Steemit (the platform developed by Steem Inc) I'm not so sure. There are many good platforms for Steem out there with improved features, for example Partiko and eSteem to name a few.

Why I'm optimistic about Steem is that it is growing and will keep growing, at least for the next ten years. Many Dapps failed but those that survives will reinforce Steem's value as the master blockchain.


Steemit is really here to stay because they have

created a lovely structure on the steem blockchain

and they keep attracting more users who want to

benefit from the goodies attached to the platform,now that SMT will soon be launched even makes it more

interesting for steemit users because they can now have the chance to get more opportunities to make money from their contents on steemit...


I personally do think that Steemit, the blogging platform will still be here in the next 5 years but will be overshadowed by other Steem platforms.

The next 5 years, DApps like Dlive (The Twitch of Steem), DTube (Youtube of Steem),  DSound, Steepshot, Musing (Quora of Steem) and games like Steemmonsters will dominate the Steem blockchain and the internet.

One problem I see with blogging platforms is that not everyone has the time nor the patience to write medium to long articles. People only want to enjoy a platform and blogging/writing is kinda like a job and we know people hate putting even a little effort on anything. Plus, not everyone is confident in writing especially formal english. So DApps who works like the current social media platform but instead of getting pure-likes people get rewarded for posting their content will be a big hit. If all goes well, the next five years, Steem will overtake at least half of what the current social media platform it is now today. 


I think it will be here but it may not be recognizable from what it is today. 5 years is 2.5 times as long as it has been around so far and it is nothing like what it was on day 1. Hopefully it is much more user friendly and marketed to the masses by then for mass addoption. 


I don't think it will be. Ned seems very set on starting his new project "destiny" and I think that will spell the end for steemit. Destiny will probably be simular but it will hopefully add some safty nets to prevent the abuse that happens on steemit. 


I still have faith in Steem because active users and witnesses are not justifying the centralization around Steemit, Inc., but working to decentralize development and infrastructure. In this respect, Steemians are more realistic than XRP or IOTA bagholders, for example.