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Do you believe in luck/fate?
Why are some people so lucky, being able to earn 6-figure income, always being in the right place and time - even if they are lacking in IQ/EQ

In the brain of many people, there is always the question of whether the fate depends on our choices or depends on luck. This is while in reality the fate is something that is fated for the individual.

The path of his life has already been determined to reach a specific destination. There is nothing in the fate of chance, there is no chance, and there is no choice, because according to the definition of fate everything is already predetermined, and when the fate decides or there is no choice or chance, or if it exists, the same chance or Chooses to determine the fate. In general, people who believe deeply in the issue of fate do not believe in luck and fortune. The same is true.

Luck means any incident without a cause is recognizable as a matter of fact, and if it is in the best interest of a person, it is very pleasing to him, and if he ends up at a loss, he is sad and the so-called folk draws him to "black soil" .

Our fate is our own hands. It is for those who want to attribute the cause of any failure to anything other than themselves. Whatever happens reflects your beliefs and there is no predetermined fate and fate for us, and everyone, according to the beliefs that he sends to the world at any moment, attracts the events of his life in accordance with those frequencies, builds powerful beliefs and worldliness. Change it Take advantage of the law of release. Letting go of it for some time will surely get better results.

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I've been lucky a few times in my life.

Those times mostly had to do with not getting in trouble at work,   or getting away with something that I shouldn't have.  Nothing too big though.

Fate is a harder one to peg.

 I know a guy who is a complete jerk to everyone.  He made one decision in the stock market that could have cost them everything..... but instead made him a multimillionaire.  

He treats everybody like crap.

Fate? Unlikely.

Luck?  Most certainly.


Fate is a factor that depends on us and our work towards it,luck is just an event that occurs even when

we don’t deserve it or expect it,but i still believe that someone can work towards luck though luck can be

effective without any factor attached to it,,yeah i believe in luck because from my own personal experience i

have been able to be lucky in some certain situations that i have lost hope because realistically such thing

cannot work or be achieved but luckily for me it happened for no reason,so yes i strongly believe in luck...