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If you could go back 10 years in time, what would you change about yourself and why?
The past is history, and looking back, we would lament missed opportunities or wasting away a period of our lives. So if you could go back and change something about your life, what is it?

 Wow, it's an interesting question !!!

I am one of those people who do not regret anything that happened in the past because I consider it an experience, maybe it sounds a bit "cliché" but it is the truth, my father raised me with that thought and to this day I keep it .

However if I had to answer your question in real life, I would change maybe ... (haha I was 5 minutes thinking about the answer)

What I would change would be silly things maybe, I would not have gone to my graduation parties for my boyfriend who at that time was very jealous and possessive, I really wish I had gone.

And maybe it would change the fact of having slept with some guys, if I could choose not to do it with some I would definitely do it hahaha (this is the honest part of me)

Of the rest I would not change any decision in my life, as I studied what I wanted against my father's will, I have always traveled where I wanted, I went where I wanted my parents to agree or not.

I have always had in mind the phrase "do what you want, it's your life" and I know that nobody can live my life just me ....

So if you are reading this if you have the opportunity to change some opportunity of your present then do it, it is your life, life is only one and nobody can live it for you, do what makes you happy, and take the decision that you Heart want, sound cheesy or not.

If you read me and you regret some elections of years ago, then do not do it, it happened and even if you want, you can never change it, and that is something that you must mentalize, it's over, you can not change it, now just laugh at you and turn the page.

Again I repeat, life is one, and if you can not change the past because it changes the present and your future, and stop worrying and anguish, just be happy and do not blame yourself for decisions made in the past!!!!



Well, my 10 year anniversary with my wife is coming up here in about a week, so if you are looking at that, I probably wouldn't change anything.

The only thing I would potentially change about myself is I wish I was healthier.  I need to get my weight managed.  Right now I am slightly overweight and I have always been for quite some time.  

I want to be healthy and well so I can be with my wife for a long long time.  I wish I had gotten myself on an exercise regimen.  It is important to stay healthy and really your body and your health is our greatest asset.


If I could go ten years back in time, I'd probably be in high school, about to round up. I'd advise myself to not do anything simply to please someone.

I graduated from a department I never loved simply because I wanted to do something that would please my father. Ten years back and I won't make the same mistake. I'd study computer engineering that had been in my mind since my first year in secondary school.

We should never allow others shape their ideas into wishes in our hearts. We deserve to be able to make our choice for career without external influence.

I'm still regretting that decision today!


I would go back to a rural life where I will be able to do some farming, in the old organic way. Today, whatever is sold as organic, used to be normal 10 years back. And I am a big fan of living a natural life, away from all the pollution. Unfortunately, I am leading a life at a city, which I cannot change right away, because I also have to take care of lot of things in the family. 

Going back to 10 years, will free me from all these, and I would try to live my life first to the fullest. 

We all have come to a point, where we are leading towards unknown happening because of the surroundings we are living in, the food we are eating, the air we are breathing and what not. Did we have so many people suffering from diabetes earlier ? Do you get good cow milk now ? Do people know, lot of illness can go away if you just keep a cow ? 

Even if I know, I will not be able to go back, I am not staying away from my goal. In next 10 years when the kids will be grown up, I will still move away from all this pathetic life style and lead a simple living in a village. 

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If I could go back 10 years in time, one thing I would do is to acquire relevant professional qualifications that would make securing a high paying job in my geographical location. Some ten years back, big multinational companies don't concentrate much on extra professional qualifications other than one's university qualification. And the professional certification courses were very cheap to get then.

But now, in order for some big companies to consider one worthy for employment, the don't just concentrate on one's university degree or work experience alone, they also look for the necessary professional certifications you have in relation to the position that you are applying for. And the sad thing now is that most of those other professional certifications that one needs to climb higher in his field or have a very good job are very expensive to get now.

So if I could go back ten years in time, I would acquire lots of professional certification that would still be relevant in the future. Other aspects of my life are very ok