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It is best to select from where to add product to Steemhunt.?
It will be the best if you select from the official website.
I used steemhunt before and i saw a lot people selecting official website. Some uses 3rd party websites.
But i suggest to search on google and select the official website.
According to the official Steemhunt guidelines only the following sources are allowed:

"We only accept these four product links (Your post will be delisted if you include other websites than those listed below):

3-1. Official product website
3-2. Major app store link (AppStore, PlayStore, etc)
3-3. Crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) - The project that has failed to be pledged won't be accepted.
3-4. Github, Bitbucket repositories for open source projects

Also, the product link MUST be activated properly. If the link is broken or does not work properly, your hunt will be delisted."

Hopefully this should give you some ideas as to where to search for products as well!
Yeah absolutely