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Why only answers get upvote, while questions don't get upvote?


First of all let me just say that questions do get upvotes on musing. Good questions are always valuable and musing probably knows that better then any of us.

Everybody  has questions but few are ever answered. I think there is a  reason why  answers are more deserving than questions. Sometimes it  takes hours to  ponder over a question, so an answer could be written.  Some questions  are even more information oriented and you have to look  at the data  from the internet to answer them and that takes considerable  time and  effort. 

A question that took only ten seconds to type  may take  hundreds of seconds to answer. If somebody invested time in  coming up  with a good question the there is someone who will spend even  more time  in coming up with a good answer.

I usually ask questions that I  want the answers to. This means that my  primary motive to ask a  question is to get an answer to it. Getting an  upvote for it is a side  advantage here. This kind of attitude also helps me in keeping even my  questions more streamlined.  

Prioritizing questions over answers  could create a situation where people will just post a ton of questions  and wait for others to answer. I am not saying that this is necessarily a  bad thing but  this would allow the quality of questions to suffer as  quantity would  become the objective (due to posting questions just for  upvote). 

Asking questions when necessary is a good  thing that  keeps musing.io alive but we don't want a situation where  questions are  being asked solely for upvotes. I really do think that  this might not  be good for the long term.

I also feel that those  asking the  questions should also try to upvote the answers that they  feel deserve  theory upvote. We need to keep in mind that musing upvote  is not the  the only one that counts. Our upvotes also matter to other  people using  musing.io


Questions will get rewarded if the question is a good question, How to determine a good question is an individual thing,

Those who ask the question are getting answers. They are being rewarded by an answer to their question. If the answer to the question is a decent answer those who asked the question should give a thank you vote.

The ideal behind this is to prevent misuse and abuse by asking questions spam questions,

How may stars is there? This number increases all the time.

Is there life on other planets? without defining what they think life is.

A question should have a better reason to be asked other than I might get a reward for this. There are meant to be asked in the quest for knowledge.


If you ask questions to get an upvote then it's wrong approach. Expecting an upvote is not wrong but you should try to ask more genuine questions  and also think about how your questions will add value to others.

For example I can 1000 different questions now but answering 10 questions is harder.

I agree some good questions should get upvoted and if you're someone who spend more time answering other people's questions then you might get upvotes from the people who you've previously build a relationship by contributing to their journey. 

Finally I would say always think about how much value is your question or answers will add to others


Some very good questions do get upvotes! They seem to have to be questions that are not easy to answer simply by going to wikipedia, and often need a very personalised and opinion based answer.

Without good questions, we won't have interesting answers and we won't learn anything!

Create interesting questions that need a lot of thought to answer and keep working hard and I'm sure you will get an upvote for a question sometimes.

Good luck :-)