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What are the worst things in your country?
There are such a substantial number of horrible things happening in all of the countries including mine too. Regardless, no none can make tracks in an opposite direction from these things anyway the legislative issues is the most exceedingly horrendous thing in my country its like the couple of families are overseeing one by one and no other can be there. What is the most recognizably awful thing in your country truly?

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By no means I am degrading my country. It's beautiful and I love it. But answering this question is very simple. I would like to outline the worst problem we have and for me that's the worst thing to have for any country. POPULATION. With populations comes poverty, pollution and illiteracy. There are very less jobs and flourished businesses. Government is corrupt. People get fooled easily. 

 “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

George Carlin 

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I understand that every country has its bad sides. And yes, the Government may be putting in their best to ensure the country is at its best. However, there are some things which are really bad that you can't keep shut about. Some of those things in my country:

  • Electricity: Electricity in my country is very bad. There is almost always no light. Even currently as I'm typing this, we are out of light and my phone is about to go off. I just hope they bring the light soon so I can charge my phone.
  • Roads: In my country, most of the roads are bad. A journey that should take you 30 minutes, will take you almost 2 hours if not more due to the bad roads.. 
  • Water: In most parts of my country, water is really scarce. They find it difficult to get good water to drink or do many other things.

From a personal perspective, I think the worst thing in my country is the way that the mainstream media chooses to report on the news. Each narrative from each news outlet seems to have a bias to it meant to stir up both advocates and those that are against that particular narrative. It hurts my heart to see so many people divided by the various narratives that seem to be even more drummed up by big companies and corporations that have money to throw at various causes. If you have money, you can control the narrative and maybe even some of the politicians. The career politician angle that we have in this country doesn't seem to help anything either. Big business can buy the media and the politicians, so what's next? I wish we could go back to the news reporting in an unbiased, fair way. 

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At the moment, Venezuela is probably one of the worst countries to live in. Most of this disastrous situation can be easily attributed to the infamous Bolivarian revolution and its current president, Nicolas Maduro.

The list of things that go wrong here is long. To decide which one is the worst is a hard task since everything seems to be contributing to a sense of total collapse that suffocates even the most optimistic of people.

1. Inflation. Actually, we must call it HYPERinflation. 2018 closed with what some estimate was a 1,000,000% inflation. That may sound like an outrageous exaggeration to most, but it is not only possible, it will get even worse this year. Not to be able to afford your basic needs makes living here a living hell.

2. Scarcity of medications/Collapse of the health system. Getting sick in Venezuela is technically a death sentence, especially if you require surgery, even the most mundane ones, or if you require long-term treatments. Children are dying of formerly long-eradicated diseases that have found their way back in a country that boasted to the world their universal and free a-la-cubana health system.

3. Violence/Criminality. Venezuela must have one of the highest rates regarding death by crime. You combine that with

4. Corruption. Not only in the men in uniform but also in the legal system and you have

5. Impunity. To be victim of a crime or of abuse of authority is to lose a battle in advance. Most crimes (90+% according to some conservative estimates) go unpunished. In most cases, men in uniform are directly or indirectly involved.

6. Educational system collapsed. Most universities and schools are in ruin. Here lies the problem of allowing the State to control everything. You offer people free education and it sounds great, but what happens when the government sees education as a threat to their totalitarian ambitions and cuts the flow of cash to their institution? Ruin and collapse (I have posted about it in my Steemit blog).

7. Transportation system collapsed. You go to any city in Venezuela and you’ll see most people walking. You can stand on a corner and wait for a bus to pass. You may have to wait hours sometimes. I have also posted on this matter extensively. Most of the vehicles that are providing the service are pick-up trucks, livestock trucks, constructions, and many other vehicles not intended for public transportations.

8. Unemployment. With an economy that has collapsed, many businesses close every day. Most big companies have gone bankrupt, most translational companies have left, small businesses have to either change their line of business or face obliterations. With the constant salary raise governmental decrees and the steady fall in sales (due to people’s impoverishing process), employers find it impossible to keep their roll.

I could go on and on. I do not exaggerate when I say that there is nothing working well in my country. The economy is in ruins and it is all because some stubborn criminals are in power and they would rather see everybody who disagrees with them dead than to acknowledge that changes must be implemented or they are just incapable of governing efficiently and should therefore resign.  



I'm proud of my country. I'm proud of her because she is home. I'm proud of her because the people are resilient. I'm proud of her because the people are kind and intelligent and supportive.

I can go on and on about why I love my country.

I can.

But I am also disappointed in my country for many reasons. I can also go on and on about these disappointments but the main thing I am sad about in my country is the leaders void of vision we keep electing or who keep sitting on the seat.

I'm not talking about their looting and corruption or the tribalism and religious intolerance they feed, no, I'm talking about the lack of foresight of the leaders. The lack of nation-building spirit of the leaders.

Nigeria has the smartest young people I've ever seen, and I don't say this with bias. I say this because it has been proven time and time again.

The country has so much potentials, but the mediocre mindset and greed of the leaders have made them not to see through their myopic views that everyone wins if they use what they have to build the country.

No, instead they make us so frustrated that anywhere looks more promising than home. We have become like the main character in the sad tale of the traveler who says, 'anywhere but here.'

Our leaders have painted a picture which tells us that we have no future here and so we go out to build the countries with bright futures.

This is the most recognizably awful thing about my country, Nigeria.


Hey there @mulder2000 i live in Indonesia for your information. Very friendly country they said, with love and lot of amazing nature landscape. But guess what? have you feel about the dark side in here? not yet, then let me tell you.

Been live in this country for about like . . . . . 21 years. As the time pass, i'm not considering everything getting better, but guess  what? it's going worst. People said Indonesia is fill with kindly people. How can they say that, that because it appears they only saw in the one place, have they gone to the other side going deep and deep? not a lot of people can do that. In fact now my country is facing an old problema call "Racism" and it's getting worst and worst. Each religion is fighting each other, and the moslem, i don't know what to say. In the worst scenario sometimes if you were from the outside it's not weird if they were laugh on you because you were strangers. 

What else? oh yes, Politics. Corruption is everywhere, and there's a common view to see perpetrators of corruption having a big smile in their face even when they already got caught by police.

we done? not yet, now let's talk about Law. You know Pyramid? yea, our Law here is precisely like that. And old woman that get caught stolen damn wooden stack in the woods will get like 10 years in prison, and a government officials that got caught because of corruption case, guess how much years they spend? 3 years.

welcome mate . . . .


Worst things about India are the poverty levels and political/corporate corruption.

80% of India is poor even when we are amongst the top 7 richest countries in terms of gdp. Its a bad thing because as a country, we have not been able to provide our citizens with a clean hygienic lifestyle and opportunities to live a decent life that they deserve. And poverty comes with other problems. Lack of education and a vicious circle of generations remaining poor.

The root of the above problem and or another major problem is corporate and government corruption. Few political leaders in india are not educated themselves and once in a position of power, they exploit it by thinking of short term gains as opposed to long term. Short term gains being bribes for approving projects without thinking of what it means for the environment and masses. Also a lot of tax collection is used up for their lifestyle as opposed to executing projects for the benefit of the country.


I would say that the one that really impedes the urban development of a country is the "bad traffic jam". This is actually one of the reason why I dont want to stay in a city, let me tell you why:

1. It discourage investors to put up a business in a certain region. We all know that "time" is "money". Just imagine how much resources we are throwing away just being stuck on a bad traffic jam ~ not to mention the amount of petrol you are burning with it. On top of that, the time that we are wasting while being stuck in it. It isn't productive at all.

2. One of the major cause of air pollution is from the combustion of fuel ~ from vehicles. The amount of emission depends on the duration of the engine's activity. One of the most common death of the people living in the city has something to do with their respiratory organs. If you have a respiratory disease, I'm pretty sure that a person's career / job will be jeopardize as well. This will become a burden to the society, especially to the economic workforce.

I've been in countries where they have an effective regulation to control vehicular traffic. Everything is efficient and in order. The country is progressive and the economic activity is booming.


Definitely the people! Us! We're the ones who throw those empty sachets of water out the moving vehicles yet wear glum faces when there's a flood somewhere that could have been avoided if the drainage wasn't clogged by waste.

We dislike the next person for answering to a different or strange deity, wearing "weird" clothes, owning a cat (every cat is your witch aunt sent from the village to stub your prosperity, in Nigeria BTW), we even dislike you because you don't bear a name how we like it! Be we're always, always ironically fighting haters. The sheer convenience.

We have our phones at the ready to make videos of an unfortunate event, say, someone has a terrible accident. It's with these phones we write heartfelt epistles expressing our deepest concern, sympathy, and condolence in a fatal case, when we could have easily rung up an emergency number. Wait, we couldn't have, there are no functional emergency hotlines in Nigeria. Shouldn't the government provide those? Shoot, the government here is made of robots!


I know ever country have their flaws. For mine, a few things are horrible:

  • No Electricity: You will agree with me that we cannot undermine the usefulness of power in any economy that is growing and that must grow. Ours leaders lack what it takes to give us sustainable power supply. Where there is no power, no meaningful development can take place. Power is one of the most consumed utility and every home, business need it. Where power is not available, then the cost of production will be high.
  • Disbelief in Indigenous Prowess: I come from a country where If you do not cross your boundaries abroad, you are a nobody. While the government should seek fpr ways to harness indigenous innovation, technology, expertise, education, health, our funds are wasted in international ties and imports which continues to raise living standards.
  • Corruption: Our leaders are simply corrupt. They do not build our hospitals, yet, they fly abroad for medical treatment. They promise us schools, yet, their children  school abroad. They higher young men for thuggery and political slander instead of equiping them for development.

Its sad, I wish the #freedom we have on the blockchain will leverage us to  raise the living standards of our people



I’m not fond of superlatives, but I’d summarize it in one word: Lenience.

· Our willingness to forgive children because they are children. A child grows up to become a selfish adult who hardly ever takes responsibility.  I think we are more indulgent about boys than girls (consider chauvinism in this case, too).

· Our willingness to forgive every failure just because we know we can—we will—fail, too, at some point. Call it collaborative shame.

· Our willingness to compliment others whether they deserve it or not. Nietzsche said something related to that; I’ll paraphrase: We offer compliments a lot because we fear people may turn against us some day (they'd better be happy, or at least happy with us).

Like psychology has it (e.g. Jung states it), we project our own flaws on others. When we assume others need to be forgiven because of their lack of expertise (case of children), or that they need to be forgiven because their incapacity to thrive is actually a personal trait, or that they need constant assurance so their self-esteem won’t hit the floor, I think—and this is my opinion—we are just saying: “I am so afraid to fail, but also so sure I will fail that the best way to go is showing my happy face.”  Important things become a joke; for example: raising a kid is easy. Parents may end up beating the hell out of their children because they have not taught them to cope with failure and their consequences properly. Marriage is easy, too. You can always divorce. Don’t have a job, everybody will understand, and they will give you some money. And the list goes on.

There are a lot of positive things to say about my country, but you’re not asking about those, right?


Almont everything looks Bad here staring from the government to the bad roads to the poor economy growth to the education sectors. Even if the president want to make things better there are some of his cabinet members that would mislead him.

All countries has its own worst things, no country is excluded but this are things I noticed are bad in my own country


I am Tanzanian, being a third world country, i am not t Liberty to complain about most of the things happening there as its so me what expected. (3rd world country problems.), but 1 thing for sure that i pray they improve is public transportation as it is a NIGHT MARE, especially in the Commercial city capital of Daressalaam. Its dreadful.

To get on a public bus during rush hour whether pregnant, too young or too old, you must fight

,and obviously the strongest wins.

Aside from the struggle, there seems to be no limit to the number of people a bus can carry as the one with capacity to carry 36 people is allowed to carry more than twice its capacity.

This is not only risky to road safety but also suffocation of the passengers, i almost fell a victim once, luckily i was squeezed and mushed a bit close to a window and i managed to breath intermittently.

The over congestation has also resulted to cases such sexual assault, pick Pocketing in the past.

Solving the general public transportation problem may not be easy but making it a bit more bearabke by tackling these issues might help the general public.

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Here in the Philippines, I think some of the worst things come from those who are greedy for power and money in general.

Like those corrupt officials and some are even connected to crimes and illegal drugs.

Lack of discipline is also a bad thing here. You can see garbage on the streets and even there are frequent street sweepers, some still do not mind throwing everywhere. Heavy traffic in the cities too.


I believe every country has it's good and bad side or what the country hasn't provided to the people adequately.

I look at Election Rigging to be the worst thing happening in my country. In the process of rigging, the country raises thuggery,and the killing of innocent people during an election, breaks my heart.

Also, I believe if the electorates ( the people) are allowed to choose a particular leader that they really want, things would have been a bit easier and better.

Like the provisions of basic amenities like: water, access roads, electricity and even schools. A good government voted in by the electorates would take care of such basic amenities without being asked to do so.

The worst thing happening is that, the predecessors gets to install whosoever(their successors) they want for their selfish interest; and this can only be achieved through "election rigging ". They must make sure that the man they want wins.

By so doing, the successors gets directives from the predecessors, and this hinders them from doing what they would have done for the people. Their Manifestos will always be forgotten.

The people's vote should count, let the people's choice stand in governance, and we will enjoy the dividend of democracy.

Thank you!


Politicking! That's the worst thing happening in the country which persists as nobody really gets tired.

Every President enthroned were always subject to scrutiny. A certain group doesn't like Presidents in our country, and what did they do. They tried to oust them, and it happened twice. Those Presidents do not belong to their party, and they succeeded by influencing people through their propaganda.

Then an incumbent President was elected, and that political party hated him. They released a lot of propaganda trying to influence the majority of people. However, no matter how they tried to bring the incumbent ruler, they failed because his trust rating is still at the high level for more than two years. Many people vents in social media that they were being deceived by the political party which has been ousting Presidents that do not belong to their party. Mainstream Media which has been a tool of that political party even lost their credibility for their partiality and biases. Did they succeed? Apparently, people still trust the current government. Politicking from the opposition continues.


My country is a country dominated by the majority of Muslims about 80% of the population is Muslim. The country is a country that respects diversity and visits diversity. 

The worst thing that we feel so much in our country is justice and blunt law to the authorities and sharp to Muslims. As if the current regime is very anti-Islam and it seems they (the regime) are more impartial and support those who defame religion.

The point is we live under an unjust ruler. Leaders who are not pro-people. Only those in the incumbent who enjoy welfare.

Our leader is currently busy doing imaging actions, not thinking about how to prosper the people. In addition, the country's debt swelled and the prices of goods were all expensive.

Employment is very difficult for us even though we have finished the study until the masters degree, but we are still unemployed.

And there are still many other worst things that have happened in my country and that is very much felt for us.

I myself currently pay my family (life cost) , and children's education, mostly from steemit and musing not from the salary where I work because I only work as a steem (steemian) user.


Quality of fuel oil

The quality of fuel oil in my country is the lowest in Southeast Asia. This is because most of the fuel oil in my country still uses subsidized fuel oil with high sulfur content.

In addition, because subsidized fuel oil has a high sulfur content, the emissions (exhaust gases) produced also pollute the air and have an impact on the increase in diseases due to air pollution.


Increasing rents and property prices here in Germany. Very high costs of living. Health insurance is required by law and is very very expensive. As a result a lot of people cannot afford it any more, especially the self employed. People are priced out of their homes particularly in the cities because investors push up the rents and overheat the whole market and the goverment is simply not doing enough against that. There might be increasing unrest about that one day....However I am grateful that we do not have bigger problems.


No mean that i am going to giving some negative points to my beloved country. As you all i also love my mother land. And i can not explain my love in words.

When we see in all arounf in our country. We can estimate the problem which where we are facing. I have also watched many thing which are worst in my country Pakistan.

 1. Population;

The current population of Pakistan is 202,723,521 as of Thursday, January 3, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates.

Pakistan population is equivalent to 2.65% of the total world population.

Pakistan ranks number 6 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

The population density in Pakistan is 265 per Km2 (687 people per mi2).

The total land area is 770,880 Km2 (297,638 sq. miles)

39.8 % of the population is urban (81,499,983 people in 2019)

The median age in Pakistan is 22.7 years.

2. Transport;

Urban transportation has become a major concern of Pakistani’s life and public policy. There is no doubt that Pakistanis are becoming urban people, more and more people are migrating towards urban areas. The roads of Pakistan have become over populated and congested. These roads were not even, capable enough to hold the increasing transportation demand of the cities, but these have to hold the additional transportation load caused by the immigrants from the rural areas resulting swear congestion on the roads. This paper discuss about the Crisis, Effects and Problem of urban transportation. At the end some solutions to the problem are suggested.


CLIMATE: Hot and Humid


1. Bribery and Corruption

2. Embezzlement

3. Lack of democracy

4. Bad roads


The worst thing in my country is definitely illegal immigration. I am talking about thousands of people entering the country daily. That of course has side effects on many aspects. Such as economy.... 


People's mental shift and a brainwash left by Soviet Union years ago, after its "collapse".