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What might you need to change to make your accomplice/life partner extremely glad?
Despite the fact that affection connections are established on the possibility that intimate romance must be unqualified, given withour anticipating anything consequently, regarding contrasts, and so on., at some point or another there will be something your companion or accomplice will disclose to you s/he wishes you'd change. What is that part of your identity that by one way or another aggravates your relationship and does not enable your accomplice to be 100% cheerful.

It would definitely be criticism. I have a tendency to criticize certain things that she likes and that rubs her the wrong way. It's hard for me to not judge things like TV shows, movies, or music, etc. simply because those things are mostly designed to be judged by others, but doing it in a constructive manner is the key I suppose.

Good question!


I will say one of the things I will love to change is my hot temper. As I am easily prone to anger. My partner have complained a lot about this and I still find it a little bit difficult to change but if I am able to change my hot temper, she will really be glad of it.