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Many individuals are remaining on the sidelines and trusting that the correct open door will bounce back in.. At the point when will you return to the market?

It will be total foolishness to wait on the sidelines for the markets to bounce back without doing anything significant during this bear market. In the cryptocurrency market there are no "right time" the fear of investing in this current situation is making people hold their money in fiat currency bitcoin is currently around 3900 and if you ask me this is the biggest downward tom that I've seen in virtually four years this is to tell you that there is no certain time for us to experience a bull market so as a result of this I still expect the cryptocurrency market to take another downward plunge around mid january and then I am hoping it can end around april or may I am definitely not expecting I am only hoping that is why I am stacking and storing up cryptocurrency and also making some exchange and buying more alternative coins because if you ask me there is no right time you can ask so many people that refused to invest in bitcoin in 2011.

As for me I am not returning to the market because I am already in the market making my analysis and drawing graphs studying downturn and as well as other positive outcomes if a person becomes too rusty staying away from cryptocurrency then the person may not even know the right time to invest again that is why people who are investors in cryptocurrency are like addicts to the market chart and graph, awesome I'm waiting for just a little tip or increase in some alternative coins in order to start their investing so if you ask me I will say there is no right time stay close to the market in order not to be left behind as for me I predict the starting of a bull market around september 2019 so it will be best if people start investing by january