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What is the best way to control anxiety?

I'm not sure what the best way is, that's definitely up for discussion and something that's different for each person. I do know several ways how you can learn to control your anxiety. 

Breathing exercises - There are breathing exercises that you can apply to try and calm yourself down. They will have a better effect when you practice them daily. One simple breathing exercise is to breath in through your nose into your belly, while you're doing this, slowly count to five. 

Then, without pausing in between, you slowly breath out again through your mouth while also counting to 5 again. Do this for a couple of minutes every day and also practice this if you're having a panic attack. 

Therapy - There are many different kinds of therapy available to treat anxiety. Make sure you visit a licensed and well-reviewed psychologist, preferably one that specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Applied Relaxation Therapy, those treatments have been scientifically proved to work against anxiety. 

Medication - Now this can be a great solution for the short term, but also has inherent risks attached. Usually you're prescribed benzo's against anxiety, especially by general physicians. Those can become quite addictive and do not offer a permanent solution. If you want to go the medicinal route, go to a licensed psychiatrist, rather than a general physician. 

Meditation  - As weird as it may sound, this has also been scientifically proven to work for people experiencing anxiety. Mindfulness for example is a meditation technique that has a pretty high success rate in fixing anxiety and is also available through therapy sessions with licensed therapists. 


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There are distinctive approaches to decidedly adapt to anxiety~~~~Practicing self-care, working out, and eating well are the most ideal approaches to lessen uneasiness.

Self-care can be viewed as a narrow minded practice however at times we have tounplug.

Exercise is more straightforward than you might suspect.

Practice good eating habits. Attempt nourishments with Omega-3 Fatty Acids like fish and drink a lot of water.

Ensure to find a therapist... We as a whole need an approach to empty and process how we feel. Therapy is an amazingly valuable tools that assists with an extensive variety of issues, including nervousness related conditions. supplier, an incredible place to begin is your neighborhood network or understudy wellbeing focus.