What is your own definition of "life"?

In my opinion, life is a mystery. Sometimes I think that everything that has, will, and I think I will do is set before we are there. That is, we do not have any rights in this world.

Even so, life is an opportunity for us to be grateful for the blessings that have been given. Even though there are trials among them, we only have to strive to stay on the path of goodness, and never give up. 


Many people are wrong in life because they don't understand where they come from? how long have you stayed? Where to go? and what do you want to bring? This is often asked by humans throughout the world, they cannot understand what is in the world, it cannot be learned through human reason and mind.

There are so many activities that allow people to feel ashamed and stressed because they cannot accept the reality of life and there is no solution to the problem they face there is suicide and some even jump from tall buildings.

In my opinion the definition of life is, in this world consists of humans, animals, plants and of course there are those who manage and create it.

Therefore we must carry out all his orders and abandon all that is forbidden, namely worshiping that best suits each of our beliefs and doing good and helping one another in society, safeguarding what has been created, preserving beings on the sea and on land

I hope we know about life.




The answers to these questions can be various and can also reflect our belief in life. People who believe that life is a struggle will see that life is a struggle that must be fought for. Therefore, the day of his life will be lived by struggling.

Whereas people who believe that life is a challenge, will see that the life they live is a challenge that must be solved. He certainly will live his life by "solving challenges".

People who believe that life is a journey will see that life is a long journey that must be achieved. Therefore he will live his life by "walking" on it.

The way we believe in life will impact our mindset. Mindset will influence actions, and actions will produce fate.

Life is a mystery to those of us who run. Why ? What will happen tomorrow we do not know even what will happen in the next hour also we do not know. That is, this life must be carried out, whatever challenges are faced before.


i will define life with this my own poem.....

What is life? 

"Numerous multiple times I ponder, 

The idea influences me to consider. 

The simple idea made me wonder. 

Gracious! What is life? 

Some of the time it threatens individuals like a blade. 

Is it a help or a bane? 

It gives us both happiness and torment. 

It is brimming with triumphs we can pick up, 

In any case, lethargy makes everything channel. 

A few people make utilization of their minds, 

Furthermore, quench every one of their agonies. 

It is dependent upon us, the manner in which we spend, 

Our lives with an ideal mix. 

We are the general population, that God sends, 

To find out about existence's bends and twists. 

Throughout everyday life, it turns out to be even more a need, 

To comprehend the genuine significance, 

of life, to be spent without groaning".