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Why do some people act mean on the internet?

Why is everybody thus mean on the internet

Why are folks - even people that are "nice" offline becomes "mean" on the internet?

Most social interactions ar tempered by basic norms of behavior, as well as consequences for "bad" behavior and rewards for "good" behavior. If I do one thing that upsets you as I pass you on the road, it's entirely attainable that you will respond (and if you do not onlookers might), and your response may be something from telling Pine Tree State off to occupation the authorities to beating Pine Tree State up to lecture Pine Tree State regarding my misconceptions. If I do one thing kind as I pass you, i'd be rewarded by your sincere thanks, and maybe one thing else positive may arise from that interaction as a results of your feeling. In any case, i would see the results of my actions right away, and at any purpose throughout the interaction, i'd amendment my mind regarding the justification of my actions supported feedback from the opposite person. i am in an exceedingly position wherever I own my words, and am forced to ascertain the person with whom I act.

There ar 2 factors that close to permit some folks to behave in an exceedingly means that's offensive, disrespectful, cutting, objectifying, threatening, or otherwise disconcerting means (verbally) on the internet:

Anonymity that stops answerableness

There is no verified identity demand for several venues for social interaction on the web (social media sites, old-fashioned message boards, the comment sections of on-line articles, email messages to the authors or subjects of revealed content). somebody will bask in deplorable behavior while not being known or "outed" because the wrongdoer, going the victim and lookers-on to be upset with none thanks to hold the dangerous actor responsible. In theory, I might ruthlessly troll you on the web so have a cup of low with you, and you would be none the wiser.

A faceless (or One Dimensional) Victim

Unlike the third-dimensional world, an individual will say terrible things to a different person on the web while not having to ascertain the results of their actions or acknowledging that the topic of their unkind words could be a real, fully-developed person. Instead, their target becomes a one-dimensional proxy for regardless of the fisherman {is bothered|cares|thinks regarding|is concerned|worries} about, which permits the fisherman to disregard the implications of their actions, even after they would feel terrible if they aforesaid an equivalent things to somebody they knew.

Anecdotal info regarding trolls United Nations agency have met the victims of their dangerous behavior tend to report that on-line harassers feel regret and contriteness once they discover that the person upon whom they have been gushing their vitriol is actually a fancy, sensitive, intelligent, and fascinating one who is additional like them than not.


Because and simply because, The internet offers us voice without the burden of overcoming our fears; the opportunity of a clean slate without having to do any work for it. A platform where you can say things without having to worry about what the backlash would be, because identity on the internet is nothing more than a username and an anime character as a display picture. You habe these two things and you're all set. You're officially a new, distinct person, and noisy importantly you have a voice, the kind you might never have had before.

Opening a social media account gives you various opportunities, and the way we use it ultimately depends on us. We open a twitter account, get hundreds of followers from all over the world-- who dont have an inkling of what we're really like in real life--this gives us the opportunity to do things and say things we wouldn't otherwise say in real life. You could be and say things that are flashier or stronger or more mature or funnier or meaner than what your are able wjat you say in real life.

And sadly most of us choose to do the latter. Which is is why the internet is full of online thugs, people who may be timid shy and voiceless in real life, but annoying and vociferous once they get on the internet.

I was speaking with a friend of mine here on steemit once about this topic, how fascinating it is that the internet, especially social media, gives everyone the outlet and the voice, and how it's probably a good thing when you consider it from an angle, but also makes for a lot of stupid things being said, by trolls and people who in reality live in their mother's basement and so on.

Some might even argue that that freedom of speech without having to worry about consequences IS the main cause that encourages and foster this. And there's probably a psychology book that deals with this already. But the closest I've come is this study by some psychologists on how collective conditioning causes people to act certain way especially on the internet.


It's also a theory about branding and how collective branding and expectations influence our choices. It's perfectly relatable to the idea of the internet age and they did such a good job of that.

I mean, when we say things that we read online or intuit from the reaction of other people, over time one starts to pick up this trait, because hey you never know when it might come in handy. So having picked this up, all you need is a situation that provokes your chagrin! And since opinions are widely distributed on the internet (due to this freedom again), one will certainly see something to disagree with. And with the backing of other people who agrees with you--and there will also be this set of people--one finds that it's not as hard as one thinks to become a mean person on the internet.

This is why most people post slurs and abuses and catchy but filthy punchlines. Because they CAN and there's nobody to stop them from doing so. Even some people will when back them. And what's worse they can busy create another account and back themselves. It's quite fascinating.

There's nothing like freedom, of course, and everyone should enjoy it seeing its our right. But we should also learn to exercise control ourselves. Just because we CAN do a say a thing doesn't mean we SHOULD say or do that thing.

Cheers and have a nice day.


To make them feel good about themselves!!!

Humans love validation. They want people to appreciate their worth. They want people to notice them and one way people seek validation online is through attacking other people.

When they attack/troll people online, they feel validated. Validated in terms of being noticed. At least someone is now paying attention to them. The more people pay attention, the more they feel validated and thus they feel much better.

Also "anonymity" plays a big part on this and "distance". People are likely to show their true colours when they are free and we all know what jealousy and insecurity can do to a person.


Because some of people are insecure and they don't have anything to do .  They have a lot of time to act mean or bully on the internet.


This is the same question I've been asking myself. It's not uncommon today to see people acting rude at the slightest provocation.

Sometimes even, the OP might not have been provocative but expect people to blow things off proportion.

There's a famous website in my country called Nairaland. Here, a lot of people gather to discuss things happening in the country. You could see someone asking for help in, for instance, her relationship and some people would start calling her names like prostitute, home breaker, devils incarnate. I will be left wondering if what she said that was wrong. It's very pitiable how people misbehave online.

I join some whatsapp groups and someone would just make a sarcastic statement and some people will just start acting like it's an insult to their personality. For crying out loud, this is the internet space, social media. No one knows you and no one cares to just be looking for your trouble.

I think people need to be positive first and foremost. Don't go thinking that everyone is against you, that they'd take every action to see you sad. I think people are becoming more sadistic everyday. It shouldn't be the case. Everyone just needs to take a chill pill and get a going with life.

What I do when someone confronts me online is to try and understand the situation. I look back at what I've said and try to picture the way another person would receive it. This would make me know if I had said the wrong thing or said the right thing in a wrong way and apologise for it. It doesn't take anything from me, if anything, it will make me sleep well at night, as usual.



because its an easy way to vent pent-up aggression, where they don't have accountability to face the consequences their immaturity has on others.

pure self-indulgence of one's shadows.


I think it is because they have a screen to hide behind. No one knows who the are and can do whatever they want.

There is no accountability for their actions and having no one know who they are can do as they please. It is a cowardice approach as they will never act that way in real life. There are very few consequences for their actions as no one really knows anyone. 

People take the internet seriously and get upset instead of just ignoring these individuals. They are portraying something they probably fantasize about and are feeble in everyday life. 


The internet offers a "screen of protection" literally.

This makes it easy for individuals who are likely meek with their daily encounters, to become anything they want to portray on the net. 

I would guess many of these people have been bullied in life, and have been too afraid to stand up for themselves, so trolling becomes their way of dealing with things.

I usually assume most internet trolls are troubled kids, and I generally don't waste much of my time trying to reason with them. 

My best advice is to ignore internet trolls/bullies, unless maybe they turn to you for help. That would be a judgement call on your behalf whether or not you offer them an "ear".


The internet is one of the best tools used to engage in communication and interaction with people. This implies you are able to socialize through the internet.

While socialization and interaction is going on between people online, there is sometimes a change in behaviour from people to people because it differs as you meet different people online. Some of them may seem to be very nice and caring while some of them may be very mean.

But why do people really act mean on the internet?

After pondering over the above question with deep thought, I was able to come up with the below reasons why some people tend to act mean on the internet.

1) MOOD : The mood of the person you are chatting with will always have great impact on the messages he or she sends to you.

Sometimes, some people maybe in a very good mood and they tend to reply you very happily such that you feel secure and lively with them. Also, sometimes some people may not be in a good mood while chatting with them and this is why some of them try to vent their anger during chatting which makes them look mean on the internet.

It is always advisable to give such people some time till they get themselves to the right mood before chatting with them. Always make sure you are very cautious of the mood people are before chatting with them so that they won't look too mean to you during conversation.

2) YOUR CHATTING MANNERISM : Sometimes, we may actually feel people are mean to us due to their nature not knowing we are the main cause of their actions. To every action there is always and equal but opposite reactions.

There are some people who will make you very angry just by their manner of chatting and this use to make me very mean to people like them. I actually love to be respected just like I treat others. How can someone just message me and start making use of abusive words towards me.. Don't you think I am meant to be mean to such person?

We have to be very careful about the type of words we use while interacting on the internet online because people may get angry with us and this will make them mean towards us. Always check out the way you chat with people because your manner of chatting on the internet can either enable you to receive a very mean response or very great replies.

3) NATURAL CHARACTER OR BEHAVIOUR: Some people are naturally mean both physically and on the internet. This type of people may possess a disciplined character or they may be pessimistic towards people.

It is always advisable to do away with such people if you are really tired of getting mean towards them.

4) FALSE THOUGHTS TOWARDS OTHERS : Sometimes, we may actually think some people are mean towards us on the internet while they aren't in the real sense.

We sometimes develop false thoughts about people thinking they are acting very mean towards us not knowing they aren't even acting like that. We should be very careful regarding this aspect.

5) THEY DON'T WANT TO CHAT WITH YOU : This is actually a sad truth. Sometimes, we might have offended some people such that they don't want to chat with us at that particular time and they tend to get mean towards us online.

Just take your time and study the person you are chatting with online. Also try to calm such person down and make them feel secured.

These are the above points I was able to get regarding why some people act mean on the internet.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Basically because they are hiding behind a screen.

No one knows who they are and can get away with it. They wouldn't do that in normal life as people know who they are.

Some people say that the internet brings out the real person as they can behave how they want. It is quite scary how some people can change. I am glad that some users have been tracked back to who they really were and have been caught out. There was an incident about 2 years ago that someone was charged for racism and prosecuted.

You may think you are safe behind the screen but authorities can find out on certain sites who those people really are.


All things considered, individuals are simply spooks! They exploit the way that on the off chance that they do state something incorrectly, they won't get stuck in an unfortunate situation for it. In some cases, individuals are in an awful state of mind as well, so they take it out on individuals on the web, so they won't need to confront the results of taking it out on them physically.


The simple answer is that they are too chanced and don't have anything serious doing. Time management is the key problem they have. Just agree to that.

Use an active Steemian that blogs everyday as a case study. You will never see them acting mean on internet because they have a lot value to add to the world.