How did you discover Musing?

I was reading articles on Steemit. I like reading. Suddenly I saw a post about Musing. This post was made from @musing. I got curious. I read the post. Looking at the name "Musing," it seems it is something connected with music. No, it is not. Musing and music are not the same thing.

Musing is a question answer platform that built on top of Steem blockchain. I was so happy to find a platform like this. I discovered Musing 6 months ago. It was the beginning of Musing. I got so excited about Musing that I made post about Musing to let all my friends know about this awesome platform. Here's the link of the post.


When I visited Musing, I saw a clean and fresh site with a couple of questions. I answered some questions. When you answered any question, it was showed on Steemit blog by default. Now you have an option to choose whether you want to show it on your blog or comment section. You can format your answer and add images now. 

I did not see Musing curators that time. Now this is great. Musing has a excellent curators team who curates everything manually. I think Musing will be one of the most popular platforms. I was here, I'm here and I will be here on Musing.

This is how, I discovered Musing.

Image source: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@musing/introducing-musing-io-a-decentralized-question-and-answer-platform-on-steem

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I discovered Musing.io by a complete accident. 

A few months ago, I was looking for things to do on the blockchain. I just went on hiatus from Steemit, so I was trying to get my footing again by reading posts from the Steemians I follow. Now one of the things I like to do, which I'm sure others do too, is that when I find an interesting Steemian, I tend to go back and read through their past posts. Maybe they had interesting ideas in the past? Who knows? 

One of the Steemians that I follow is @rishi556. He ran a "Grow Your SP" initiative back then, which i was a part of. And since that was an interesting and helpful project, I decided to read through the rest of his blog posts, which turned out to be a great idea. 

He wrote a post titled "I'm Addicted to Musing" (https://steempeak.com/musing/@rishi556/i-m-addicted-to-musing). Intriguing title. Then he wrote on the snippet "Its a Q and A site built on top of the STEEM blockchain." Now, at this point, it was already obvious to me that I'm not a great blogger. Or at least, that I'm not the type of a blogger who could come up with a well-focused blog on a consistent basis. But I do love Quora. And I loved Yahoo Answers, before that. And I thought, "What a happy coincidence that I read this post!"

So, there I was trying to figure out what to do on the blockchain when Musing.io presented itself. I'd like to say that I've been a "Muser" since that day, but that wasn't the case, at all. In fact, it took me a few weeks before I got started on Musing.io. 


Well, I hesitated using the platform at first because, to be honest, the content here three months ago was not so great. I saw a lot of spammy questions and a lot of the answers were badly written. I'd see a few good ones here and there, but it was a little discouraging. Then, when I did try asking a question I couldn't figure out how. I'm pretty sure I was the problem, that I was missing something important. So, I just decided to leave and give Musing.io a try some other time.

A few weeks later, I came back to the website. I was actually surprised that there was an improvement on the quality of questions and answers. Sure, the spammy ones were still there but the good ones have become more prominent. For me, this indicated that the site had growth and  potential. So, I was eager to get started again.

But I still couldn't figure out how to ask a question. So, I went to their Discord Server and asked about my issue. I was once again pleasantly surprised when just a few minutes later @jonching messaged me to try and figure out with my issue. It turns out, there wasn't an issue, at all. I was just being my silly self and typing my question in the wrong field. I knew I was the problem. Lol! But, this showed me that Musing.io  has a dedicated and helpful team, behind it. Personally, that's a big plus in my book. 

So, that's how I discovered Musing.io. That was a little over two months ago.


I was introduced to musing by my friends @sayee and @rzs members of Indiaunited steemit community, when the musing was just a little baby probably a couple of days old. And honestly, I wasn't much interested in it for two reason first hectic job and second was unable to keep up the same genre in the steemit. Trust me if you go through my steemit profile the stories and the style would go left, right and center. :-D (There is a third reason also, the crooked vote buying system in steemit, But I have changed for better).

The first couple of tries were miserable from my end. And I was going around randomly and answering question and I almost quit is for a month or so. But Later I started giving it tries and I was surprised as musing has made it easier for me to write. Because, here the topic would just pop and all you have to do is let your fingers dance on the keyboards. And volla!! You wrote a couple of hundred words article.

So thank you @sayee & @rzs for introducing me to musing and Thank you @musing for giving me comment sections where I can ramble on ;-)

PS :- I am still working on my schedule around on musing, But I think that wont be necessary as I can land any time here.


It was several months ago and I was tooling around on Steemit looking at different articles that had been posted by other users.  I saw one where someone was talking about musing.io and how it was a new platform where you could ask questions and answer questions.

I thought that was a pretty interesting idea.  I had never heard or quora before and quite honestly, I have still never visited their site.  I don't really see the point.  Why would I use that when I have such a large investment in the Steem blockchain.

At the time I started using musing.io there really wasn't a ton of content.  There were not a lot of users either.  It was a still a pretty cool place with some very interesting and thought provoking questions being asked.

I like the interaction that was going on between users and the time and effort that people were obviously putting into their replies.

From there musing has grown exponentially and it is exciting to see the changes even over the past couple of months.


I was browsing through the post on steemit - And there I read a post on different best dApps tied to STEEM  Blockchain. Going through the post I came to know about musing and it was interesting to see the punchline which stated that - "Ask Questions or Answer them to earn cryptocurrency" 

So, I further went on to explore the website musing - and in a matter of minutes, I was able to understand the system. By this I mean the User interface of musing is so user-friendly that even a novice i.e. a non technical person can easily understand it and should be able to start using the platform in a matter of minutes.

Explored and the platform -liked it and it was interesting to see different people questions and opinions when they answered and I liked it so much that from thereon I started using musing frequently. 

So it was through a blog post that I discovered musing and the journey so far has been good - I'm liking the platform coz. of ease to use it and getting different people opinion plus musing supporting its user with up votes - which is like feels good factor that you get rewarded for your hard work.


I first heard about Musing over 3 months ago when my good friend @culgin invited me over to try the platform out.

I honestly wasn't a big fan of this platform at first as ALL comments at that time was posted as a blog post. Since I have a strict one post per day policy (in order to make my blog neat and clean) it was not enticing to use Musing back then.

Almost 2 weeks after, Musing removed that "default-posting as a blog post" and treated answers as comments. Since Musing wasn't popular at that time and only a few people was using it, I first tried the platform with my alt account @clauxklein (my testing account for not so well known Steem Platforms) and from then on love Musing ever since.

Back then they only have around 50k SP (or was it 75k? XD), then months after 500kSP, then now 1 million.

Good to see you grow Musing! :)


Four months ago, I was checking for some information regarding Forex trading, suddenly a reply from a musing participant popped up. I remember @awesomianist told me to check it out, and so I did. I did not find my answer that point of time, however I did replied to a few questions which I have answers, and I got upvoted! Since then, I was hooked and often when I have free time I will drop by and find something I can contribute. Nowadays, I spend more time in reading replies than finding questions to answer. I like it the way how people reply to a same question with different aspect, especially trolls.😂


Being a loyal member of Quora for a long time, I really like to engage with others by answering to their concerns and address their issue with the best I can do.  Furthermore, incentive is also a great way to get back for your effort, but getting incentive is not my goal in the first place. I just want to share what I know and learn from other people.

I get invited to musing by @quochuy, one of the people who I admire a lot on Steem community and especially, Teamvn discord manager. He has been a true ambassador of Steemit and all the great things behind.


A few days ago one of my friends introduced me to musing and my friend's name is @ rehan12. I'm very happy to come here. Actually here are some questions that we can learn a lot. I want everyone to know about this platform . I want it to be the place of people's mind. For this, I mention this site name of different sites and introduce many about this site. My time is well spent here. I answer a lot of questions and here are a lot of good questions which are very beautiful and many have very beautiful answers, I've learned a lot and learned a lot. Thank you musing, for providing an excellent decentralized application to the steem Blockchain .


I got to know from one of my friend in steemit and I was just talking to him about different DApps and he just suggested me to check musing.io and to be honest after a long time I found something which is of my genuine interest, apart from being  participated in steem community as a blogger my interest is always of something like Quora and I am lucky enough to say that we have something like that in steemit now and it is one of the most wonderful feature in steemit and I love it more and more and it is also my regular cup of tea as of now. Thank you @johnching, thank you musing.io


I found it when my friends, `calprut` and `chuuuckie` told about this awesome platform. Actually, I am still learning how this platform work. It seems like `quora` or `yahoo answer`. I ever tried those platform to find answers. I am sure this platform will be growing to be bigger. People can visit this platform to find answer about their  difficult questions. Or post questions here and let all musing users give the best answer based on their experience.


It was my good friend @sanmi who introduced me to Musing. I've really enjoyed my time here, and I'm humbly grateful for the income I've received for my efforts in assisting others with their questions. 

Thank you Musing, for providing an excellent decentralized application to the Steem Blockchain, and thank you for providing your users with incentive for using your platform. It's much appreciated!


I first heard of Musing when some of @zetetrahedron369's answers popped up in my Steemit feed as posts.  Later, when they made a genuine Steemit post about Musing.io, I asked them a question about the site.  Some time after receiving a satisfactory response to my question, I decided to join Musing.  That was probably one of the best choices I've made in my time on the Steem blockchain.


I don't really know much about Steemit and applications that are built on this blockchain system, but some time ago, the makers and developers of Musing.io wrote articles about their introduction.

He explained many things about who he was and the products he was developing, namely Musing.io. The post is on the trending page.

For me this is very interesting, and I hope people continue to ask questions and provide answers that enlighten and not spread spam.

That's how I know the Musing.


Simple - I got attracted to @misterdelegation delegations and @ned delegations. Then I studied musing first like more than week. I was busy so I had no time or no clue to answer some questions, maybe because it is not inline with my life or my knowledge. Best answers are from experiences for sure. 

Musing is really interesting, for me - I don't have to construct an idea, but instead debate/answer the question itself, right now - I dont have any problems regarding brainstorming titles and ideas for every post.


I was invited by a dear friend of mine yesterday. It was like a reward for good behaviour :)

Otherwise I wouldn't have known musing exists or would have taken me longer to get here.

So far I can say that it's a great place, even though I've only been here for half a day.


I discovered this awesome platform through my friend.

He introduced me to this platform and told me that its a good platform to join.  

Initially this platform attracted me as it pay you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

I started to check weather this platform actually pays or not. And when I spent some time I found it very helpful in number of ways. Such as:-

Sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.

It enables to broaden my vision and I can get different point of view for a single problem/ question.

It also enable me to get some earning while sharing my knowledge.

It also allows me to ask question and clear my doubts.

Lastly, I think that I’m now addicted to this platform.


Whoop! Interesting, It is so common that our friend @chuccckie and @calprut just told to me about this nice platforum and I am really happy to play with this question and answer. 


A Steemian (@mazzle) recommended it to me 22 days ago (on 2018.11.27) in a comment under one of my blog posts.


I discovered it from reading their announcement post back when the project first started. At this time my blog feed also got filled up with many people who asked questions or wrote answers, since everything was published as blog posts back then.