What's the best cryptocurrency to invest in, long term? Why?
I personally really like the Cargo X project (CXO), which introduces blockchain based bill-of-lading which could prove to be revolutionary.
It's currently trading at around $0.08 but I can see it easily reaching $10+ by 2021.
Bitcoin - because 21 million BTC limit supply, mass adoption, supported by all exchanges (you can buy any cryptocurrency with btc)
ECC because it is basically in a startup phase.

No ICO was made but yet there are more products to show than a typical ICO. The sapphire wallet is hands down the best looking wallet crypto has. It even beats out Exodus for me. The team is only promoting when there is something worth promoting, such as ANS.

Speaking of ANS(Address Naming Service) You can send ECC to a registered name like "chuck" instead of the usual long address strings. This can stop the argument of crypto being "complicated and scary".