Is there anyone alive in here?

YES. I'm alive.

I think this is one of the best times to be alive. A lot of people who started this year with us are no where to be found. 

It is not because we're too smart, too beautiful or handsome, too rich or poor that we are still alive today.

Despite the down turn in crypto markets, we are still alive and standing. This is obviously one of the best times to be alive.

And if we can survive this period, then, we indeed are survivors and better days lies ahead for us.

I am grateful for life.


That is some kinda funny question.. seriously, if you ask this to my face,  I won't answer you because you and I already know the answer .


Remember you asked 

> Is there anyone ALIVE in here? 

If no one is alive, no one will ask question, remember when you use the word "ANYONE" which means anyone including you.. lol.. so someone is alive.


And hey! if that is not enough I want to tell that "AM ALIVE AND KICKING" HAHAHA!!



no. we're all virtual souls living in a simulation. 😈


Yes, me and others who show up here regularly and make this platform go. If you're a regular around here, you can see people who don't miss a day because they like this platform and it's important to them.

I love Musing, it's part of my life now and can't imagine a day without it. I've been here only for a month but that month was a life lesson for me. It gave me the possibility to prove myself that I'm capable of doing this, giving quality answers and also asking quality questions. It's a learning curve for me and I'm going to make everything I can to be here as long as I can.

I believe in Musing, crypto, Steemit and Steem and am working hard to achieve my goals. I'm here to stay because this is the future.

So yes, I'm alive and Musing is keeping me alive!


I am a bot made to simulate human activity. beep bop booooooooooop.


What kind of question is this? Checking my status? I am alive. Thanks!

But for the sake of following things...

  • Internet data
  • Musing integrity
  • Server space
  • Consumption of Blockchain resources
  • Electricity require to mine the block that contains your question
  • And the value of your question in this community, post only quality questions. 

After considering all this factor, post your question on this platform or people will consider it as a spam. That's all I Can add for this question.

Do read the Musing guidelines.


I am definitely alive!😉

Warm body is my preference so...

Anyway, for those who feel that steemit is dead, think again. This unusually long bear is gonna wake up soon and start the feast so don't let it discourage. Keep doing what you do best in this platform. Post, vote, & engage!😁


Well, I’d ASSUME so based on the fact that I’m actively writing this...

Though then again, like the kid in 6th Sense said, dead people don’t always know they’re dead...



Life is one of the greatest gift that ever exist. I'm alive.

Not only that I'm grateful for being hale and hearty. It's not by my power because u don't have control over my life.



Seriously? Oh well, I am here commenting to prove to you that I am alive.

Meanwhile, ask better questions next time.


I'm alive.  

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I am alive. Well as far as I know I am. I may also be stuck in the matrix. Who really knows. 


Am glad to say that am alive and hearty, the reason I respond to this question. However, being alive is a choice we all have to make. While some people are walling, yet dead and unconcerned about what is happening around them, i personally chose to be alive and be responsible to what happens around me. I guess you are alive too.

I am alive!


Pretty much alive over here. Struggling here and there but still grateful because that is a huge indicator that I am still alive.


Yep, though I don't know for how much longer. None of us know for certain. Time is passing by.

Time is passing was your question a more existential issue.

Luckily we have musing.io :-)