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Why is it so difficult to get votes from whale on the steemit platform?
why do I ask this question. I see a lot of posts that get only votes that have high steempower. they only gave their votes to just one another. Not for users who have low steempower. I think this is not fair. Because if we don't have these small ones, then the steem community will not function.

That is the main drawback of Steem and the reason why a lot of people have left over the years.  For the most part, whales have been on the platform much longer than most of us have.  If they have that much SP built up, they either bought it or they earned it when Steem was just in its infancy.

Many times those users have taken on a pretty passive roll.  They also consider a lot of the content that is being produced today beneath them.  At least that is the impression I get based on the content that was first published when the platform started out. 

There are some whales that are just taking care of each other and that is a sad thing to see.  I would argue though that the same thing is true of many dolphin accounts as well.

As you grow it may become natural to want to spread your power out a little more and help others that you maybe weren't able to help before.  As you pick up new people that you are supporting, you need to adjust your votes for all of your other people you support to make things even.  If you don't do this you will quickly run out of VP.  

It is easy to think that if someone was supporting you and they become a dolphin you will start to get larger up votes from them.  That just isn't always the case because as I said, they will probably start to support a wider population.  Which really is a good thing.  If they didn't, they would just be like the whales that are circle jerking that you are complaining about. 

The best thing you can do is join some communities and try to build some relationships with people you can support who will support you back.  Then just stop worrying about what the whales are doing and just do you.  There will always be those at the top that abuse the system and only take care of themselves.  Focusing on them is a waste of time and resources.


The chart below might give you the perfect answer for this question. The reason as to why it is so difficult to get votes from whales on Steem. The reason as to why many people feel that they are neglected by many whales on the platform.

But first it is important to explain how accounts are classified here, when does one classify an account as a minnow, dolphin or a whale.

  • Whale -  1,000,000,000 vests (around 500k SP)
  • Orca -  100,000,000 vests (around 50k SP)
  • Dolphin -  10,000,000 vests (around 5k SP)
  • Minnow -  1,000,000 vests (around 500 SP)
  • Plankton - below 1 million vests

Looking at the chart above there are only 36 whale accounts (over 500k SP), now if we exclude platform accounts like @dtube, @esteemapp, @musing etc.. how many human-whale accounts are there?! Possibly less than 10? 

Now from these 10 how many do you think are still not delegating to any bidbot and/or supporting other projects or initiatives on Steem? How many are still active at reading other people's blog post?! How many are selfless that they really reward people for the quality of their post? My guess is around 0-2 whale accounts. XD

This is one of the many good reasons to stop relying for an upvote from the whales and just enjoy the platform as it is. As you are literally competing against tens of thousands of blog posts daily for only 2 whale accounts.

There are still however 305 accounts (over 50,000SP). For reference, 50k SP gives one a full upvote of $1.24 at today's market value. Again, if we eliminate the bidbot delegators and the platform/initiative supporters (delegators), a good estimate for orca accounts that are still upvoting will be less than 50

The next problem would then be the upvote weight they would give. I really do think that there are only a few selfless orcas out there that would give a full upvote to a random user just because he liked that user's post. Most often than not, they will only give around 25-50%, which would only be around $0.5-$1

Still not enough for some and is possibly the reason why they think that they are not being supported by the community! Because the upvote worth isn't much. XD


Because the majority of content isn’t great quality and not worth high rewards.

And the stuff that IS, probably doesn’t often get to the attention of those with the capacity to reward it.

Blunt truth.


@My451r, In my opinion, it's not like that, the most important aspect is **Engagement**. In my case I've also spend lot of time and efforts and i am an Full Time Steemian, and I've also faced the days of nothing and it was really difficult to reiceve votes. Then I've started engaging with whales and dolphins, and remember one thing, do you think, no matter whale or anyone, do you think they can reach to everyone, No, we have to engage with them, and we have to become visible in their blog posts in comment section then for sure there will be times when someone will going to check our profile and will engage with us. And always remember, we are in Social Media Networking Platform and not just on Blogging Platform, it's possible that, if particular whale is Investor may be they are not interested in some other Niche, they will explore Investment section. So, if we post something, then next step is Engagement through commenting because, if you are visible in someone's blog, there will be time when someone will try to check your blog. And one more thing, there are many whales who are doing Revolutionary things. So, believe yourself and keep up because let's not wait, but let's inspire others to visit our work and profile.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Before asking for something, ask yourself if you have contributed significantly or not. Moreover, the "whales" here implied to people or companies, groups who invested heavily in Steem ecosystem. Knowing the investment rule, if they have invested that much, they would opt to the votes that bring benefits to them or the posts that they may feel valuable to vote.


This is very true and why the retention levels are so low of new users. There are loads of accounts that only upvote each other and ignore anyone else around them.

I think this will change in the near future though as if you aren't part of  a community you just wont grow. Imagine having 10 accounts and you just upvote yourself and the other 9 each day. You would only grow  at a set pace and would receive no support form others.

I can remember commenting on a few posts and only realized they didn't care about anyone but themselves. I stopped following them as I learnt that they wouldn't even reply let alone upvote  a comment.

The best thing to do is stick to users around you and join communities that will also support you. Chasing Whales and Orcas is not the way to work ,rather grow with people who know you and grow together.

There are very few accounts that are whales and orcas on Steemit. The last count was 35/36 Whales and around 300 Orcas. You are best sticking to the Minnows and Dolphins as they have a different mindset and will most likely support you.


A whale is an account that has more than 375000 SP. there are only a handful of whale accounts compared to all the other accounts. The last time I looked I think there were around 35 whales only.

If you get votes from musing then in theory you are getting a vote from a whale because musing has more than 1 million SP. 

I understand what you are saying though and it is the bigger accounts who don't always look for smaller accounts and help them on their way. I have the view that I think you have to show that you are here to grow first before you get support.

If you were an early adopter and joined Steemit 2 years ago how many accounts would you have seen come and go. I think the longer you stay on here the easier it will become as you are showing other users you are serious. 

When I joined 9 months ago it took me around 6 months to really start growing and was a massive struggle up to that point. It is  a lot of work engaging with other users everyday and it just takes time.

I am supported by some of the larger accounts now and I am grateful for that .but it took time. Sometimes you could get lucky but it is consistency that wins over at the end of the day.



In general, every writer, especially Minnow, really hopes for votes from Whale. However, in this case, we are actually getting used to applying a pattern of life in a dignified community, in the sense of not expecting too much votes from whale. Supposedly, we must try to create interesting content that is able to captivate whale and great people in steemit.

Creating interesting and certainly useful content to read. Therefore, they (whale), and the curators will see and judge your content is worthy of being rewarded or not.

I believe there are still many generous whales here. and you must be able to get them interested in your content/post.

All you need to remember is that Steemit is social media, and you also have to build good social relationships with the community and the whale well. 

Too much hope can make you disappointed if your wishes and expectations are not met.

One more thing, here you are required to be creative in creating content, and even whale never promises to vote to any writer. 

Although if there are those (whale) who vote on certain author content, that is their right (without any coercion from anyone), that's their own initiative.

So be clever in seeing the opportunity to build relationships with certain whale so that you can get votes from them.

My advice, so that you are not disappointed in the future, you should create interesting content by not expecting votes, with the aim that your writing is read by many people and certainly becomes a benefit for the reader. Thus you will always be remembered and remembered for the benefits of your writing.

So you better improve the quality of your writing rather than expecting a vote from whales.

Moreover, the current condition of steemit, and steem prices, it becomes increasingly difficult to get votes from whale and curator.

Get used to giving votes to other people, then others will come and vote for you.

that's the only response from me. thanks


The reason is simple. There are few whales in steemit community as compared with minnows and plankton. So, it's impossible that every one gets vote from whales. Moreover whales gives you vote only if your blog is decent enough to win whales choice. For this purpose you have to improve your skill and consistency.  The more your blog will view the more it will sell. I also agree with your statement that beside supporting quality content majority of big guns scratch each other bag. In my personal opinion in recent days where there is blood bath in crypto market  whales should support new talent more. New talent always bring positive energy to the community. 


Whales only befriend whales. That's how life is. Rich will always support fellow rich because that's the only way they benefit from one another. Beside, whales have the right to support whomever they want to support and no one is entitled to their support.

Though it will be nice if the should consider supporting others outside their rank once in a while, but nevertheless, the SP is theirs and they can use it as they please.


This is really true that it is difficult to get upvote from  whale on steemit platform.   

Steemit is a online earning platform. We, all are here in order to earn  money. There are two types of people here. One type is he have no money that why he is here to earn money and the other one type is he have money and he wants to increase it that why he is here.   

The people who have money and he is here to earn money, he or she can earn money very slowly. But the people who knows how to earn more in  a very easy way by investing is money, he or she can earn money very quickly.   

There are many people on steemit those became  whale that why they all the time thinking about how to earn more and more. When it is about upvote on steemit then they all the time think how to get more curation reward. So they all the time upvotes those people where they can get Hugh curation reward. 1% voting power is very important to a whale on steemit. As our steemit account is not big that why we don't get any upvote from whale.  

 If we are investing a hugh amount of money in our post, then there will be a chance for getting upvotes from a whale.  Because of this reasons it is very difficultto get upvote from a whale on steemit platform.

Photo source:[https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRMisQN96c9AwQT0l7Ozucl4rUUCrgHY59XGjarnuIvBgo9SCemg]


All in all, every essayist, particularly Minnow, truly seeks after votes from Whale. Be that as it may, for this situation, we are really becoming accustomed to applying an example of life in a noble network, in the feeling of not anticipating excessively cast a ballot from whale. As far as anyone knows, we should attempt to make intriguing substance that can dazzle whale and extraordinary individuals in steemit.

Making fascinating and surely valuable substance to peruse. In this manner, they (whale), and the keepers will see and pass judgment on your substance is deserving of being remunerated or not.

I accept there are as yet numerous liberal whales here. what's more, you should have the capacity to get them inspired by your substance/post.

All you have to recollect is that Steemit is online life, and you additionally need to construct great social associations with the network and the whale well.

An excessive amount of expectation can make you disillusioned if your desires and desires are not met.

One additionally thing, here you are required to be inventive in making content, and even whale never guarantees to cast a ballot to any author.

Despite the fact that if there are those (whale) who vote on certain creator content, that is their right (with no intimidation from anybody), that is their own drive.

So be astute in observing the chance to fabricate associations with certain whale so you can get cast a ballot from them.

My recommendation, so you are not baffled later on, you ought to make intriguing substance by not anticipating cast a ballot, with the point that your composing is perused by numerous individuals and positively turns into an advantage for the peruser. In this way you will dependably be recalled and associated with the advantages of your composition.

So you better enhance the nature of your composing as opposed to anticipating a vote from whales.

Also, the present state of steemit, and steem costs, it turns out to be progressively hard to get cast a ballot from whale and custodian.

Become acclimated to offering votes to other individuals, at that point others will come and vote in favor of you.

that is the main reaction from me. much appreciated