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Is it really important to do Sex in a Relationship or Love?
I am very curious to know your opinion about it. I am excited too.

Sometimes sex in a relationship acts like a tool that is used to consummate love and this question actually varies from the various perspective of people. Some people are actually in a relationship because of the sex that comes with it others come to a relationship because they want to have the experience of what the futuristic marital life can be like so actually people have various agendas when it comes to relationships that is why I think the opinion of people as to whether sex is important and also necessary. However I think sex isn't focal point that is because I believe that when the love comes then the sex should be secondary. I believe before people can get close enough to date in a relationship they must have been really doing it for a long time in order to become perfect.

I believe sex and love is an important factor in a relationship but one must come before the other . in some cases before people can surrender themselves for sex then love must/should definitely come in so the fact that you're asking if love or sex is important in a relationship and I see the both are really essential however. So I believe relationships should be based on love in the first instance and nothing more. Sometimes it can depend on the goals of the person who actually wants to get in this relationship so I will say it is all based on mentality. I believe some people will choose sex over the love as some other people will choose love instead of sex. The two will actually come but one must first come first and this is the presence and uniqueness of love. So morally I think it is better to love for a long lasting relationship and also means that when there is love then consummation of the love by having sex should actually come later in the relationship so one must first come before the other one

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