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How can you define ?
I am confuse Can you help me identify what is love. Actually, I have a best friend and I like him. Can you tell me how I get to know that he also loves me? Thank you so much :-)

Sincerely, love cannot truly be defined.

It is a magical feeling which cannot be explained.

If he cares for you, calls you almost everytime to ensure you are okay, understands you even better than you are.

When you guys talk, there is always something to talk about. You never get tired of talking to each other.

You miss each other so much even when you just left him.

I really don't know how to define love but if you feel butterflies in your tummy everytime you're with him, then it's likely that you love him.


  1. Love is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.

There are over 20 kinds of Love:

  • The Hindi language covers almost all of them, with over 20 words to describe 20+ different kinds of Love, but in English-based cultures, Love is less understood, and is thought to be mysterious, based on the ambiguous nature of using one word to describe over 20 different versions of love.

So love is many things to many people, there is more than one kind of love, and in English, it's not easy to clearly describe someone's thoughts or feelings under the word Love alone (without it being ambiguous).

It would probably be better to ask what kind of love your friend feels for you, and if you want to discover how your friend feels (and what he thinks about you) you should spend time talking and listenening to him.

You can always ask him directly but sometimes that's hard 😊

  1. The definition of 'Love' was taken from Merriam-Webster.
  2. Photo Credit https://pixabay.com/photo-437968/



A persons action could tell if he/she truly loves you. Then it is left for you to place his/her actions on your own scale. That is to measure the level of love.

But we humans are funny. We can go extra miles in doing things that will prove our love for someone just to get what we want. And after that, BOOM! We are gone!!

Therefore, its really difficult to figure out at the onset if the person loves you. Truth be told, we can only figure who's with us and against us when we are in our darkest hours.

If I should bring religion into this, I think loving people around you and avoiding anything that could possibly hurt them clearly defines love.

LOVE IS GOD AND GOD IS LOVE. And you can't claim you love God when you despise the beings He has created in His own image.

See it this way, anyone who loves you and doesn't treat people around him/her right is clearly a hypocrite. There must be an ulterior motive lying low.


I hope this answer helps.

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1...When there is understanding and regard of one another inclination and there is no space for treachery then i will state that as love.. Both are faithful to one another and no thing can separated them for one another regardless of the reason.

2...When there is no condition for them to be as one they are with one another with no terms, When both the individual sees one another and comprehends what will be great and terrible for their relationship regardless of what is the discussion that is disturbing them they will make impact to one another.

3...When there is no uncertainty for one's love , No cheatings , No false talk , NO lies there we discover love, No matter how rich or poor your partner is yet you are being cheerful in what they give you back consequently. May be that can be a rose from a normal person or a diamond ring from a rich person to a normal young lady. Seeing the actual feelings as opposed to trying to find out the cost of the gifts

4...Love is actually unconditional and when there are different conditions attached to love then at that point it is no longer love, Priorities should never got change for the one whom you really love and adore.

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I think it's very complicated to give a definition of love.  I myself see love as a complicated feeling, sometimes I am sad, happy, laughing, smiling, sad, disappointed made by love. 

Until this moment I have not found the exact definition of what love is? Some people define "Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal interest".

In the context of the philosophy of love is the good character that inherits all goodness, feelings of compassion.

Although it is very difficult to define what love is, it is not wrong if I try to make a definition of love.

In my opinion, love can be interpreted as emotions and feelings that originate from a sense of affection that is very strong and there is interest in an object, can humans, animals, plants, and various other objects.

Love causes me or everyone (lover) to have a sense of empathy, attention, affection, and tend to want to sacrifice and always want to follow whatever is desired by a loved person or object.

so love is a word that is easy to say and difficult to define by an accurate and standard definition.



  Tough question. Hard to answer.

Love is probably one of the most universal feelings and yet, one of the most difficult to define. What is love for some (self-sacrifice, selflessness) may not be for others who may expect more determination and resiliency. Some people think that if your love for someone is not possible and may even hurt that person (his/her parents disapprove, for instance) it is better to let that person go, whereas others think that love must fight any obstacle no matter how many hearts get broken in the process or how short the relationship ends up being at the end when either of the party realizes it was just pure chemistry that fades away after some sex. 

In theory, every person should be able to identify if cupid has hit them with one of his arrows and if that impact is requited. However, people insist on separating infatuation from real love. Thus, we have to assume that there is a sort of superficial love that is actually a physical attraction that may produce some chemical reactions on either or both parties and may induce them to do some crazy things such as wanting to see, talk to and be with that significant other. After getting to know the person better, the infatuation may be substituted by some other feeling, including indifference or hatred.

If, after knowing the other person better, the family, the friends, the bad times, the manias or defects, the feelings of euphoria, affection and desire remain, then maybe the relation may move to the next level and chances are it will be a long-lasting relationship. Yet, we know how even after 13 years of marriage and 2 or more children what was thought to be love may disappear. Thus, like female orgasm, love can also be faked and that’s the trickiest thing in the world.

Authenticity, transparency, mutual respect and interest in one-another's views and inclinations, mutual concern and desire of protection, may be good indicators. We make a mistake by measuring love by what the media has determined must be a person-in-love. Movies and advertisement have raised the bar and forced people to become something they are not because allegedly yhe other perosn expects them to be that romantic magician from the movies and soap operas. Buying presents, calling, taking out for dinner or different fun places, writing poetry or giving serenatas, are supposed to be things people in love do. It is really hard in the real world to compete with the magic and resources of the media.

How can we tell if it is for real? I don’t think there is a formula for that. From culture to culture, person to person, loves manifest in different ways and may or may not pas the trials that will guarantee long-lasting and happy relationships. In any case, a relationship should be put in question if one feels that either of the parties must sacrifice too much in order for it to work. Love should allow the parties involved flow and grow as they explore the different levels of friendship, passion and intimacy, always pursuing the best for both and avoiding pain at all cost. If one of the parties must always sacrifice, change or stop living so that the other be happy, there is something terribly wrong and must stop.


Truly, one cannot comfortably define love.

Love is one of the most profound emotions humans have. You define love base on how you feel it.

It's the greatest likeness you could ever have for anyone or something.

Love could be that happiness you feel whenever your partner is close to you.

It is that unimaginary force that connects two hearts together.

Love has multiple definitions.. too numerous to talk about.

When you find love, then you will know your own definition of love.


Love is sincere concern towards others, its a selfless act of thinking of others before yourself. Its deeply caring for those around you past the superficial and temporary emotions. Love is a conscious effort and not just an emotion, its action.

To know if your friend really loves you, I would advice you to look beyond his words and look at his actions. Even further look at the intention behind his actions, how does he treat you? How does he treat others? Does his attitude change when it involves you? Or is he the same person irrespective of who he is interacting with?

If he truly loves you it would show in his attitude, his actions will speak louder than his words so listen to that more. I believe that if you can find answers to those questions posed above it will go a long way in helping you determine if he really loves you.

You're lovable, I'm sure he does. I hope this helps, have a good one.


Love is caring.

Love is passionate.

Love is seeing someone's fault and still standing by the person.

Love is knowing someone's weaknesses and never let the person go.

Love is being by one's side.

Love is giving attention to someone whom your heart is after.

Love is respect

Love is trusting someone.

Love is giving listening ears to someone

Love is making someone happy

God is love, so to love you must be God-fearing.