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Do you think now days love is becoming fake?

Love itself can never be fake. But, the way that we choose to treat love and exhibit love to others can be fake. I think the rise of social media has killed human relationships because we are constantly comparing our lives to the lives of others and wanting what they have. Envy of others has killed many relationships and has injured our self esteem because we don't feel that we measure up to those around us. Thanks in part to technology, it's possible to find a new lover or new friends just by swiping on an app on a smartphone or you can look to meet people on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc... And we can hide our actions by deleting records of conversations. Instead of being happy with the relationships that we have, we pursue the next new thing because it looks so much better. So, is love fake or is love dead? No, but the way that we treat each other has become fake. Can we change it? Sure, we can. By changing our own actions and consciously choosing to love those around us and by treating them well. Then, we should teach others how to love by actions and not just by our words. It is often said that children learn best from watching the adults around them and that is so very true but adults are constantly learning from each other too by watching each other's actions. 

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  I don’t think love “has become” or is “becoming fake”. In all epochs there have been instances of fake or superficial relationships either based on arranged marriages, which are still practiced in many cultures, or based on material interest. There are many reasons for a man or a woman to marry or be with a significant other without being in love. In any case, what we may identify these days is a diversification, proliferation, and massive diffusion of ways in which relationships can look fake.

Global communications and pop culture have contributed to establishing what we may call new “values” that young people are taking as models. Celebrities have been the center of attention and the youths (at least some of them) look at these (artificial) people as models. They expect to mimic their romances and dramas. They even aspire to look like them. They follow their reality shows as if that were a reflection of real life and start living accordingly, which causes some more reality shows to emerge out of the report of these fake lives which are a reflection of the original fakeness.

What we see in this globalized world is an over emphasis on individualism. So, of course, when we compared the values that move people now with those of past generations we see that self-sacrifice or settling for less than our personal aspirations are not qualities to be encouraged. We know how difficult is to make a love relationship work is and how important negotiation and sacrifice are, thus, if those values are not among the ones being displayed and encourage by the media, most love relationships now will resemble the ephemeral ones impersonated by media celebrities. 

Our globalized world has made different kinds of false love more visible and has probably instituted new forms of superficiality that have contributed to making love relationships even more unstable. I remember, some years ago, watching this commercial about a diamond company or jewelry. In the commercial the man declares his love aloud in the middle of the street; “I love this woman!” he yells. The woman is embarrassed and wants to run away until she sees the “stone”. Then, she murmurs “I love this man!” and you can almost hear her meaning “this stone.”

Thus, today’s idea of love and romance is all about materiality, shopping sprees, traveling, social acceptance, popularity, drama and all that. Some of this already existed in periods past, only that drama was reserved to the upper classes. The democratization of technology and social networks also democratized vanity and superficiality.


 "Fake" is, perhaps, the wrong word as it implies an deliberate intent to deceive. "Superficial," "selfish" and "uncommitted" are sentiments to which I'd be more inclined.

Human beings do not live alone on mountaintops nor in the depths of deserts. We live together in groups ... and that is the source of our strength, for all of us are stronger together than any of us are alone. 

But no thing is free. The having of one thing comes at the expense of another. The transcendent First Principle of all relationships is "sacrifice" ... which means "sacred price." The sacred price in question is the forfeiture of personal liberties for the good of the group, the elevation of the "we" over the "me." 

The "ties that bind" ... require being bound.

But it is precisely this "paying of price" ... the "subordination of self to the unified whole" against which post-modernism rails. This is the Me, Me, Me Generation and I can be denied no thing. Everything is about my needs, my feelings and my freedoms. 

Relationships of any kind, cannot survive selfish individualism. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. 

Mark Twain once said that, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes." Study the rise and fall of empires ... the rot is always from within. On all scales, whether a marriage or a nation ... once individualism becomes an ideology, the end is nigh. 



Love isn't fake at all. When you are with the right person, you will find out that love could be so real and sweet.

Love could truly be fake if you, yourself is not true to yourself.

Some men/women lie alot just to maintain their relationship, you lie to be a CEO of a company when you dont even have a job.

When the woman you lied to, finds out you are not,whom she thought you were, she quits on you, then in conclusion, you will say love is fake nowadays. She never loved me or he never loved me bla bla..

I believe that , everyone has his/ her own missing rib somewhere, and when you find that one person, your instinct will definitely tell you.

There is no point trying to be who you are not, or lie your way into anybody's life. That one person that will love you for who you are, will definitely find you. All you need to do, is to wait on for the right person to find you.

Love is so real when you are with the right person. Don't force love, lest you will end up with a fake lover.

Don't also be desperate to find a lover, you may end up with the wrong person or fake lover.



 Yes absolutely nowadays "LOVE" become fake because peoples are now just kept flirting with someone and play with feelings. That's so annoying but most peoples do that and no one can betray with that peoples why he does this such manipulating society with their bad behavior.

Some peoples are flirt with someone just sake of money. They are selfish peoples because they don't want to give some happiness with that person they attach with. However, love is pretty feeling but some fake or stupid peoples can't understand what the meaning of love. He just doing shiny things in their life. In that way they are losing trust each other then no one can trust with that kind on peoples.

In a current life difficult to find true love because most peoples are don't understand love and they are still doing this. Well, as I listen love become honest with mostly good fate peoples.  


I don't think Love is becoming fake, but inexperienced partners and relationships usually take the spotlight, especially in the U.S. Entertainment Industry.

  • Hollywood, Disney and the Music Industry in the United States are all known to promote poor & inexperienced relationships.

That can lead people to think all Love is fake, or is at least becoming fake, but there are still people that know how to Love, and they (we) Love deeply.


To the inexperienced, Love is fleeting, and is mostly about infatuation or emotional highs (a.k.a. Fake Love).


The experienced seek stability, care and long-lasting affection, and find it in the stability, care and long-lasting affection that they give their spouse, family and loved ones (a.k.a. Real Love).

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No! Nowadays love is not becoming fake. The only issue is when one is unfortunate to fall in love with the wrong person who does not have an iota of love for him or her, in such cases there is a problem because it is a waste of time and a very bad thing to fall in love with someone who does not love you back and can not even tell you he or she does not love you. It is a situation no human would like to find himself.

So people involve in fake love because of their quest for money, they tend to pretend to love because of the financial benefits they stand to get, so they play pranks on their victims emotions.

True love still exists because inasmuch as people keep deliberating that fake love is rampant these days, they are people both lovers and married couples who are busy enjoying their relationship in peace, love and harmony.

Fake love has existed right from the days of our ancestors. So it is no new thing. Before we fall in love with someone, there is need for us to take out time to study and examine our intended lovers carefully. By so doing we will know most things about him or her that can help us decide if truly they have come to stay.

Thank you for your wonderful question. I must say there is nothing like rampant fake love, it is left for us to go after the one that craves every moment with us and then we will realize the world is a beautiful place.


You can't blame someone for having a fake love. Oftenly it's caused by so much thing's, and many of it we couldn't understand, or we don't want to understand. And let me make a list on how we can "Accidentally" force someone to having a fake love or relationship.

  1. your friend were gay or lesbian, so in order you didn't find out the truth or they afraid for being themself, then they having a fake relationship with their partner
  2. each time and everytime, you mocking a best friend. Did you have it? a couple that looks like their in a relationship but actually not, and you always mocking them so they will become a lover, but they actually fake it just to make you stop.
  3. Afraid of someone. Imagine you are a weak and un-independent girl, so you need a guy to protect you, even if you need to have a fake relationship with him, it'll be okay for you
  4. Being a bitch. Now imagine your an actuall rich guy, and then didn't realize a girl approaching you just to get your money's off.
  5. Wanna make someone jealous. Now this is also a douchbag reason.

The thing about love is that it can never be fake.  Actual love is impossible to fake.  It would be like seeing a lot of people angrily fighting and thinking, "They are faking being angry".  It's impossible.

I think that there are a lot of people faking love but not love becoming fake.

Celebrities who come out in front of the cameras to tell everyone how in love they are with the new person they are dating only to cheat on them that same week are faking love.  They do it for the cameras.  

Regular, non-celebrity people do the same.  They do it for various reasons: make parents happy, impress friends, be part of the couples crowd, etc.  

People can fake love but love itself will never be fake.


I don't think that love is currently being fake. Maybe some of you will smile sarcastically when you hear the word "true love" spoken. Have you been so dislike with true love? You are not alone, many women who no longer believe in true love, and also there are still many who believe and hope to find it (true love).

Because there the true will last until the end of the day. Although in practice many women are intimidated by their own love, but that does not mean there is no true love in the present era.

Love is never wrong and we don't need to blame love. Who must be responsible for love are we as the subject of love. How we treat love so that the sanctity of love is not tainted by betrayal and infidelity.


I don't think so. Love is something within us, and it comes out naturally. It is felt, and will eventually be manifested in your actions. If you think love is fake, then that's not love at all!

If you think about fakeness, that depends on ones attitude. Others don't show what they really feel with purpose of diplomacy. While others are just totally pretender, and do not have love inside their hearts.

I do disagree with people saying "fake love" because there is no love with fake things.


Leí un pasaje en la biblia que dice que el amor todo lo puede, todo lo sufre y todo lo soporta, no es envidioso ni egoísta. En fin el amor no puede ser falso y tampoco volverse falso. Cuando decidimos amar realmente a una persona siempre vamos a desear lo mejor para ella, su felicidad y un mejor futuro y aunque vengan los problemas o tentaciones el amor es inconmovible, pienso que  falso es la persona que trata de demostrar amor para ganar algo. o conseguir su objetivo.


Yes the love of our days has changed because we have become less tolerant!

Look at your parents, your grandparents, your grandparents if you still have some! They love each other and take the good as the bad and yet when I look I tell myself that it is not so obvious!

We of our day have become selective ALL as much as we are! we seek only Love, but also not be disturbed in our daily lives in our love!

As soon as there is a fly in the soup, we spit on it and change the restaurant!

While to love is precisely to show respect, tolerance, complicity, protection, sharing, mutual support, trust, transience and forgiveness!

When you have it all, you do not have to envy anything else. but it means accepting you before you can accept the other.



Some people are fake. Some aren’t. Whether it’s in love or some other arena.

It’s the individual, not the topic itself.