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When you finish a plate clean in a fine-dining restaurant, does that make you look starved and classless? Should you leave at least some amount of it?

I think if someone's concerned about being considered starved and classless simply for eating their whole meal, something's really wrong. This is a problem of social constructs. It might be considered "classless" or something along those lines but what really even is class? 

This is a moral issue on another level too. If we are supposed to dispose of food so that we don't appear "silly", or whatever; what does that say about how we've been trained to treat the rest of the world? There are so many hungry people out there and we're supposed to throw out our food? Even myself; I'm not in any "class",  but I guess you could call me "financially poor as shit". Even so, it is common for me to be expected to throw out food. If you don't like something, you're supposed to throw it out. Not donate it- but throw it out. This is because society doesn't give you any sort of reward for doing good deeds- in fact, when it comes down to it, it usually actually costs you money to donate something. 

It's very hard for me to throw out food because I'm constantly thinking about all the times I've been in such dire need for food and I watch people just waste it on the daily. We are all(ok not all) in bad situations sometimes and I think when we are not it's important to think of those who are.

I guess the reason I'm going on this rant is to say that if you have the money to go to a fine dining establishment and that's where you want to spend it- go for it. That's your choice and I got no problem with that because those employees gotta live too. But, eat your food! Eat every little scrap on the plate and lick it clean. If nothing else, it's a testament to the kitchen staff about how much you liked their food. Whether or not they want to admit it- cooks like to see that. 

And don't be concerned about what other's think. The people that judge you for what you eat are hopeless, lost causes. If they give you a look, give them a goofy smile. Do something silly. Screw em!

Cheers :)


The dish you are eating is yours, you are the one paying for it, you should be the only on deciding what to do with it.

In some cultures they say you have to eat it all, it's not nice to leave any on the plate. If you are a guest and you don't eat all the food, that's an offence towards the hosts.

Times are changing, people are changing. If you are a good host you should care more about your guests well being and less about some stupid old saying. Let them eat as much as they want and if there's any left on the plate, it's not the end of the world.

If you are at the restaurant, do as you please, don't listen to anyone, eat it all if it's good and you like it. People should mind their own business and not poke their nose in other people's business.

What good does that do if you leave some food on your plate? Would you rather waste the food you are paying for and leave hungry just to look good in other people's eyes? Would that make you happy? I don't think so.


I don't care about what others might think. If we live our lives worrying about everyone else then we won't do anything.

If you are in a restaurant and finish your plate of food or leave some behind that is your prerogative and no one has the right to judge you.  i personally will finish what i like and leave something if i don't like it.

People are too worried about what others are doing instead of worrying about themselves. The world is changing for the worse if this is now the case. The new generation coming through has been mothered to much and need to wake up to what life is all about.


I paid for my meal with my own money and whatever i do with my meal should be my personal business,,so if i finish the food inside my plate it means i want to finish it and that does not make me starved or


there are no rules that states that i must leave some food inside my plate whenever i go to a restaurant at least none that i am aware of.....


Well this is trickish, however I do believe that leaving remnant of food on a plate or eating everything on a plate in a restaurant makes one either starved or classy.

It all depends on mentality, you see some men rich men in a restaurant hardly finishes their meal it's not because they feel classy but because they hardly even eat too much, meanwhile others finish their meals in a restaurant and get done with it, it's a matter of mentality and doesn't have to do with either being rich or being poor or being classy or being mundane.

Food in a restaurant is purchased with hard earned money and finishing the meal or leaving part of it signifies nothing