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What should we users of the Steem ecosystem be doing to support it and to ensure that it stays afloat and excels?


Honestly, I do not know. Except for continuing interacting in the platform as I’ve been doing since I started (actually, the lower the price of Steem the harder I’ve worked).

I don’t know much about crypto currencies and I don’t know much about social networks. For years, I refused to have a facebook, youtube or twiter account, then I opened one, but rarely used it. I always wondered how facebook founders became millionaires, then I understood the whole thing about ads and the selling of information, etc. etc. With platforms like Steemit is more difficult for me to understand because I still cannot understand the intricacies of the crypto world.

Thus, it is hard for us, regular users to do anything if we do not know what the options are. If generating content helps, then, I’ll be helping. We know that the quality of the content is a touchy issue here because we know that money talks regardless of content quality. I particularly think that when we get used to do things the right way we know no other way. So, I will always aim at producing content that people will find useful and well thought out. They will be able to tell that some effort went into doing it, etc.

If interaction helps, I will be helping. I love interaction here. I like honest, thoughtful, constructive, comments and I try to provide that kind of comments. If the volume of comments/posts make a difference, please let us know, so that we double the amount of material we add to the platform.   

If promotion helps, then I will be helping. I am using my facebook account to post my Steemit material and I talk to people who are not in the platform to persuade them to join in. I will be doing videos shortly (it has taken me a while to jump in, don’t ask me why). I do not know what else I can do.

I try to be an honest, active and productive Steemian. But, I guess there is only so much we can do with the information we have. If there are more things we can help with, those in the know should let us know though all available channels. Steemit is in crisis because the cryptos are in crisis. Steemit was attractive because there is money involved. But that virtual money most don’t understand and all these fluctuations are hard to deal with if we don’t know what causes them and what can stop them or revert them.

I just hope all good intentions and this idealist model of decentralized economy can finally take off and take us all to that promised land of crypto milk and crypto honey. 


I think the best thing that we can be doing to support Steem is to continue using it every day.  We need to spread the wealth around a little more and start supporting others who need it.  If there are a bunch of Whales at the top and everyone else is a plankton or a minnow who never see a whale vote there is going to be a lot of issues in the future.

I don't think the current fear about Steem going under has any foundation though and I have a feeling that is what prompted this question.

Steem has been down as low as $.07 and it was still functioning just fine.  The fact that they have had to lay off some workers and restructure isn't any cause for alarm.  It actually happens quite frequently in many big businesses.  

It is good to see that they identified the problem and are doing something to fix it instead of just letting the ship sink.

I really feel like the best thing we can do though is just keep on doing what we have been doing.  Support witnesses and projects that run their own nodes.  Support interfaces to the Steem blockchain that can sustain themselves even if Steemit takes a while to recover.

There is still a lot of development happening on Steem and we have lots of things to look forward to in the future.  The more you keep posting now and building your account the better situated you are going to be when all of this stuff comes to fruition. 

I plan on continuing to post around five times a week when I can and commenting on as much content as I can.  I also plan on using the SP I have bought and earned to upvote people who I think are putting great content out there.  My $.05 upvote may not seem like a lot but if we can start multiplying that and spreading it around, it is going to be better for all users of the platform.


What you usually do on steem blockchain and for what this ecosystem is designed to........we all should adhere to that. During any crisis, there is a return fundamental issues. Steem ecosystem is fundamentally based upon content creation, value addition in the form of blogging and if we all stick to those fundamental values, no matter what the value steem is, we are always there to prosper as a community and the people outside the community will have a firm impression upon us.

Therefore the best thing to do is to engage qualitatively on steem blockchain without worrying about stem price and let the market mature by itself and take the steem value where it wanted to and I am sure at some point of time you will get that relief in steem price and worrying about steem price at the moment and not engaging is not the correct thing right now.

Further one should not decide on his activities on steem blockchain based on steem price, as that is not going to make it a healthy community. The best thing to do is constant engagement on daily basis.

Thank you and Have a great day.


There are a lot of roles that you can play right now, just take a moment and see where you fit!

Let's take my example, I have been here from a year and by now I have contributed many times and tried my best to enrich this block-chain. There is a wrong myth that only technical or big brains people are contributing to this chain. I have been a mod in many communities, helped out many people to build their community here. Currently I am associated with ActiFit and my community. About 6 months ago I was there in one of the most trending war between Grumpy cat's policies and the people who were trying to end his tyranny.  Grumpycat's policies about bid bots were not that polished and imposing them was one wrong turn. I had some big flags on my post and voice yet we fought and took the freedom of expression message to core peoples who love this blockchain. We won and Grumpycat left this chain.

I helped out many people and still doing my best to ensure that no person  goes bear hand. I did curation works too. Sometime I spent hours to check for the quality post so we can reward such users for their dedication. By now I have spent around 30,000 Rupees i.e. $450 helping out people here on steem and gave away some of my steem earnings to local people who were in need of money.  

To ensure the good state we must:-

  • Help new comers
  • Stop spam 
  • Ensure quality of our content
  • No greed
  • We before I
  • Stand strong in any days  

Keep posting quality, unique and interesting.

In addition, if there is an event voting etc., you must follow it so that Steem adoption becomes bigger.


As steem blockchain users, we have to do to support steem to stay ahead is the first, of course, to consistently create positive content, because I think steem blokchain is a social media platform so that a platform will stay alive with content from users. The second is, the steem ecosystem remains floating and the superior we need users to do is vote for steem coins when there are contests like we have done last month.

This is a short answer from me. I hope Steem Blockchain will remain floating and superior. Stay On Steem! Regards