Do you usually talk to yourself when you are alone?

Sometimes and not always, I only talk to myself when I need to.

First, when I feel like I have lots of things to accomplish and I feel overwhelmed. I reassure myself that I will be able to finish it all by saying to myself positive reassuring words such as "These tasks are easy, I can do it." or "I have everything I need to accomplish these goals.". Sometimes, thinking about accomplishing it is not enough that I really need to hear it from myself that I am capable of accomplishing what I aim to do.

Second, when I am studying. To highlight important key points, I am most likely to say the important line out loud for me to remember it. Also, I will try to simplify the concepts especially the procedural ones to myself as I solve the problems (mathematical problems) out loud. For example, when studying how to convert units of measure, to memorize the conversion units I will say the numerical value out loud to be able to imprint it into my brain.

Third and lastly, when practicing a speech. If I have an important meeting to lead or if I will speak in front of a large number of people, when practicing I will say the words out loud and face in the mirror. This will help me prepare for the said speech and gain confidence in speaking.  Practicing the speech over and over again just like you are speaking to yourself will help me be a better speaker.

I think talking to one's self sometimes is okay as long as it is still healthy. Of course, there can be boundaries wherein talking to yourself may be a sign that there is something wrong. If it helps you, then go for it. I hope I was able to answer your question. 



I talk to myself a lot. The moment I wake up and before going to bed are my favorite time to talk to myself. Somehow, it's a way of planning out my day and evaluating how I lived my life on that particular day. 

I believe it's really important to give time to talk to oneself. You, more than anyone, knows yourself better. It helps me to become more honest to myself. I praise and criticize myself and my actions and plan on things to make my life better. 

I read an article about Steve Jobs before and according to that article, every morning he asks himself "Am I happy with what I am about to do today?" It's like he's assessing himself and the things that he do. And according to the same article, when he constantly answers "no", he comes up to a realization that what he's doing isn't right, so he had to change.

It's the same with me... before I sleep, I ask myself "Were you happy today?" and if not, I strive to do better the next day. :)

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Yes I've been known to talk to myself every now and then when I'm alone and even sometimes when I'm not alone. Right now it seems I might even be talking to myself.

Thankfully my friends have sort of gotten used to it and as such they never really complain much like they used to, and they never really get as worried as they used to.

In the past I only talk to myself when i know I'm alone and I can get my thoughts out arranged properly and privately but then my friends started eavesdropping and picking up sounds and then would come around and lurk and wonder what in the world was going.

So it became a choice of either putting an end to talking out loud or doing it not just when I'm alone but also when I'm in front of them too. I can assure this was it seems a whole lot less crazy.

But why do I speak out loud to myself you ask?

We'll in the the past it was basically a way for me to gather my thoughts--sometimes I do it so unconsciously and I might just be lying down on a couch and thinking about something and before you know it I start thinking out loud and sometimes even though I don't say the words out loud I actually mutter things semi audibly and my lips move and you can see clearly that this guy is obviously saying things to himself.

And of course my friends they start to get worried, mostly for their safety and for my psychological health. But it was really nothing to worry about because I was ok-- at least relatively-- and who doesn't have a bit of neuroses afterall anyway.

As time went on, however, they became more used to it and stop worrying and of course I explained to them that it was pretty much a way for me to think more clearly. Because I have found out that whenever I tried to suppress my thoughts by being too conscious and not sayung things to myself I find that my thought process and my cycle of thought never go in the direction that I would normally want it to.

And so I guess being seen as a little crazy is the price for me to pay to have a coherent strong original thought, and this is obviously a price that I'm willing to pay.

Nowadays though it has gotten to a point where I just do it to mess with people or just to entertain myself. Sometimes I get really bored and I have nothing to think about so I just start saying things that I had come across --probably funny phrases that I picked up on youtube or on television or just random words that comes to my head.

I can't tell you just how fun and satisfying it is, ironically to my mental health, amd even sometimes when people are listening iy doesn't matter I still do it. Again I know this might seem a little crazy but again--which one of us is a little crazy?

Also a s a conclusion I'd recommend if you're ever going to talk to yourself when thinking, dont do it only when you're alone. There's no easier way to end up in a mental asylum than this.

Cheers and have a nice day.


I talk to myself a lot.

When I'm alone in the house, when I'm bored, when I feel lonely, when I feel happy, when I'm in the bathroom, when I'm cooking and even when I'm Steeming.

As long as I am alone, there is every tendency that I am talking to myself. I think I am the best person I can talk to. The only person who truly listens to what I have to say and do whatever I say to do. 

My Mom used to think I was crazy when she hears me talk to myself and I thought so too, for a very long while, I let people tell me I really am crazy but the truth however is, I'm not. Infact, if you talk to yourself a lot, then it means you must be crazy smart. Only smart people talk to themselves. I talk to myself and that makes me a genuis.



And a lot

In fact, I think I hold more conversations with myself than with others. I'm a writer, you see and sometimes my imagination takes over reality.

Plus, I practically grew up alone and indoors. Until I was 15, there was no one to talk to after school hours. I would engage in conversations with myself. I would chide myself when I made mistakes. I would cheer myself up when I was down. I would even tell myself jokes

These days, it's become a part of me. As I type these words, I'm actually telling myself what to type. I mean, I hear the words as I type them.

I remember reading somewhere that intelligent people talk to themselves. I would like to catch in on that.


When alone?

I talk to myself even when People are around!

I do enjoy talking with intellectual equals, so I frequently chat myself up.

I don't always agree with me, but that's just adds the spice into discussion.

After all, if everyone always agreed, what would be the point of discussing anything.

Talking to myself let me stay sane when at work.

It's good for crystalizing ones ideas and self-review.

Inside Voice is good at making quick connections but hearing words being spoken trully help in thinking.


I guess we have to talk to ourselves once in a while, and yes I do find myself unconsciously talking to myself once in a while. Although, I don't really know why I do it, I guess a part of me is in deep thought about something really important that I have to utter words that will describe it.

Although it's quite surprising that sometimes find myself laughing about something that I just remember a few seconds ago and talk quite a bit. it's like telling myself how foolish I am about random thoughts.

But hey, if you think that you're also talking to yourself (sometimes) it means that you are self-sufficient and that you have belief at yourself. Don;t of yourself as a crazy person, instead you should think of yourself as a genuinely intelligent person. Take Albert Einstein for example, he is constantly talking to himself since he have a lot of mindful thoughts that he wants to convey to himself. 

There are times that in order for us to solve, we simply talk to ourselves and we get an answer.


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I usually think to myself when I am alone like there are two sides of myself debating with each other in my head. But usually I won't speak it out. If not , what happens is that I guess people would think I should be sent into the insane ward. 

Sometimes I sit there and my mind runs wild and I imagine these little mini me in my head and they are talking. They communicate in English. Sometimes Occasionally I do pass by someone who speaks to themselves when they are alone. 

I have a colleague, ex- colleague. One time, he was doing this project work alone. It was midnight, he was talking to himself as if there was another person that was besides him. It looks like a scene from a ghost movie in some way to see someone talking to themselves sometimes. This same guy does strange things one day in the toilet as I was also his house mate working in the same company in which his uncle was the boss. He was banging the bathroom sink while he was brushing his teeth. 


Pretty much constantly.  It is just the way my mind works though. I  am always having conversations with myself.  Whether I am trying to sort  something out or just hanging around doing not much of anything.  

Heck, there is a good chance that I talk to myself when other people are around too.  I don't discriminate :) 

Like I said though, I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I just think it is the indication of an active mind.


This is a usual habit of mine. I remind myself of the stuff I need to do for the day. I scold myself when I do or say something stupid. I console myself when I feel too bad about something. When I am analyzing a challenging situation, that is when I have a serious heart to heart talk with myself.

It's like a battle between my good self and my evil self most of the time. There are times when I let my evil self take over me, there are instances when I make sure my good self is up front.


Oh yes, all the time. Is that not normal? I can easily hold a conversation with myself. A lot of the time I like being alone more than I do being around people. 


That's right. I began doing it to enhance my English talking aptitudes. My inflection utilized the by somewhat hard to comprehend, and I was extremely timid about it, so I couldn't rehearse it. As an answer I began portraying my life and verbally processing in English to rehearse.

I found that doing this likewise made me more garrulous to other people. My musings aren't in talked or composed word, or any dialect so far as that is concerned, however additionally something theoretical. So voicing my contemplations was troublesome some of the time. Talking so anyone can hear what I was thinking helped me to vocalize my considerations and be more garrulous and clever in real discussion.

I additionally do outward appearances once in a while as training when I'm disclosing something to myself as though to another person, on the grounds that in ordinary discussion I now and then neglect to express feelings. For me the monolog is a persistent stream of thought, yet I am mindful that I will in general recurrent stuff to word it better. I likewise change from verbally processing and in my mind, so there are times of quietness.

I additionally discover records simpler to recollect when I say them so anyone can hear. I can likewise convey a peptalk to myself, which is far more compelling than rationally cussing myself out. Finally when I articulate something I can place them into a psychological cabinet and close it, or to say it in an unexpected way, move it from to do to done. I don't need to consider it any longer after that.

It's a propensity I kept, and I have no second thoughts.


This is unique question, and my answer is no, I am talking to myself when I am alone, If I am alone I just read my book and revise my previous work of school and no talking to myself. Lol strange question ! 



Though I occasionally feel it’d be more sane if I DID.


As the saying goes: Why would you mind talking to an intelligent person? Yeah, and I'm still camera shy


Yes, all the time. I can full on have a conversation with myself easily. I always feel wierd when I catch myself doing it.