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What causes backpain?

There are many causes associated to back pain. Some of them are as follows:-

- Deficiency of vitamin D - if you are facing back pain regularly and have tried different methods to remediate it and still there is a back pain - then I would suggest getting your vitamin D levels checked. Most of the time back pain is caused due to low levels of vitamin d in the body. The best source of vitamin D is to have a sunbath or during the sunrise or before noontime have 15-20 minutes walk in the sun.

- Inappropriate postures of sitting  - back pain could also be caused due to your sitting postures and also the chair you sit on could be the reason as well. Ensure that you are sitting upright with spine erect and you use a comfortable chair while working on your desktop or laptop. At times is the inappropriate posture causing pain in the back. It's recommended that you do not sit for a long period of time rather take frequently intervals - take a coffee break or just stand for 2 minutes - this should help in getting relief from the consistent back pain.

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- Doing rigorous exercise in an inappropriate manner -  people tend to start exercise without an instructor and at times it turns out that which where exercise they are doing is not in the correct manner and further leading to a back pain. So it's recommended that if you are into doing rigorous exercise then stop for somedays - take rest and once you feel ok/fine talk to an expert and cross check that which all exercise you are doing is in correct fashion or not and if not make the changes accordingly.

- Overweight/Obesity - this could also be the reason for back pain. Do a quick check on your BMI [Body Mass Index] and see if you are overweight or not. If the BMI suggests that you are overweight then you need to get that extra kilos shed out. Take help of experts or a dietician and try reducing your weight.

- Depression and Stress - Yes both i.e. depression and stress could also lead to severe back pain. The best way to get out of depression and stress is to take a break from your normal work and just go out for a vacation with family. Hopefully, this should bring you back that peace and happiness that you want and ultimately relief from the back pain.

I could just go on and on numbering different caused the leads to a back pain. But it drills down to being healthy. Healthy is your all-time wealthy so do take special care of it and remember that there is always a solution to a problem - so if you have a back pain do not worry consult your doctor and he or she will guide you in the right direction. Instead of worrying and creating tension for your self just relax and visit your doctor and things should be back to normal again.


There are many things that could potentially cause back pain. It is amongst the most common health issues we are facing today. Probably because of all the time we spend sitting. Whether it's at school, while working a job or just while browsing the web, we are always sitting! Most people spend a big part of their day sitting, myself included.

I had so many back pain problems in my fairly short life (I'm 23) that I feel like somewhat of an expert on this issue. I visited seven different doctors in two years and even a chiropractor to help me with my back pain so, I think that I'll be able to easily pinpoint a couple of things that cause back pain. 

Possible causes of back pain:

  • Sitting for the most of the day
  • Lack of excercise  
  • Improper lifting  
  • Excess body weight (puts a lot of pressure on the spine)
  • Job that includes heavy lifting, pulling, or anything else that twists the spine
  • Constantly carrying a heavy backpack
  • Overdoing it at the gym
  • Slouching - bad posture
  • Muscle tension
  • Damaged discs
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis

  It took me years to get to where I am now. Where I canconfidently say that my back doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did before. 

I got over my back pain by:

  • Correcting my posture
  • Excercising regularly - at least 3 days a week
  • Going for monthly alignments at the chiropractor
  • Sports massages at least once a month
  • Standing up and walking around for a couple of minutes, every other hour that I spent sitting working on the PC or wherever

Backpain is a terribly cripplying pain to feel. Especially on an everyday basis. If you have it I would suggest you to go to the doctor and listen to what he has to say.Do the tests to make sure something is not seriously wrong with your discs and their alignment. Take his tips, and the ones that helped me overcome back pain. Implement them in your daily life and soon you will see some changes for the better. 

Keep going forward. Excercise regularly, correct your posture, and get a professional massage every now and then. After a couple of months you should already feel the changes. 

Hope this helps and that soon, you will be able to overcome this handicap.


There are many causes for back pain and even though they can be treated it takes time to heal.

Posture is the number one cause of back pain.

The way we sit is a big one. If we slouch whilst sitting not supporting our back. We should  be keeping our backs straight at all times. The length of time you sit without stretching or taking short breaks to give your back a chance to straighten itself.

Your bed

The mattress you sleep on every night is key to not having back pain. Most people over look this and when they buy a bed don't spend enough time finding what is right for them. A bed should be changed every 7-8 years. The foam inside will break down over a period of time and the springs become depressed.

Technology on beds has changed in the last 5 years and there are zoned beds now that are designed for people with different body weights. If a bed doesn't support you properly you will suffer constant back pain. Spend the right money on a decent bad that suits you and your body.


If you are overweight and have a tummy it will pull your body forwards putting pressure on your back. A fit healthy body helps for keeping back pain away.

Incorrect exercise

How many times have we not warmed up and done some rigorous exercise and paid the consequences with back pain afterwards or the next day. Doing incorrect exercises that are not advisable straining the back. Picking up weights or boxes or something else in the incorrect manner. One should bend your knees and not put all the strain on the back.

Stress from life in general. We don't realize what this can do as the more you stress the more your muscles tense up. The more your muscles tens the less flexible your back becomes and it could seize up entirely.

Back pain is a common occurrence in most peoples lives and it is about reading the signals. I often go to the Chiropractor to have my back reset. What we have to understand is that if you injure your back the muscles will tense around that area in order to protect it. This could cause your back to spasm or just entirely seize up. What a reset does is it aligns your spine so it can avoid problems later on in life.


One important and can be prevented would be propper sitting and sleeping position. Sitting and sleeping are both important factors affecting your body responses. Oftentimes these are the major cause for someone having backpains. Try to maintain a good sitting and sleeping posture and for sure it will.help you.

Another one will be focusing on the foods you eat. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin D. A low Vitamin D will cause backpains triggering as it lacks in our body.

Drink water and exercise regularly too.


 1- Stand, sit or bend down for long periods
2- Lift, carry, push or pull loads that are too heavy, or if you go about these tasks in 3- The wrong way
4- Have a trip or a fall
5- Are stressed or anxious
6- Being overweight