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How do you easily identify intelligent people?

Well, It depends on what you define intelligence. I guess there are many factors and variables that are important to discuss THIS. There are some who are intelligent in some areas and are considered intelligent and some people are intelligent in other parts. Intelligence of a person is usually very subjective.

Usually, I guess by talking to the person you can roughly get a rough idea of how intelligent a person is. I guess it also depends on the person accessing the level of intelligence of that person.

To identify intelligent people if that's what you plan to find, is to go to the places where alot of intelligent people hang out. Usually you can find more intelligent people in the library, universities or they usually write blogs with highly technical detailed ideas.


Depends on a situatuon.

Intelligence isn't really about reading books, talking poetry and solving equation.

It is more about the way a person think rather than what they think.

Some signs of intelligence include,

fast learning,

finding application of new found knowledge,

picking up on nuance,

thinking analytically,

having complex sense of humor,

and many, many other.

I couldn't list all, not even if I tried.

I don't remember who is this quote from but it went something like this:

If you determine intelligence based on ones ability to climb a tree, a fish will live all it's life thinking It's stupid.

I butchered the quote, I'm sure.


There are several signs that show someone is intelligent. In my opinion, the best sign is one's sense of humor. When someone is able to make other people laugh, that means he has the capability to connect with other people. Being able to establish connection with people in a conversation is a sign of intelligence.

In the office, I once read somewhere that sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence. I agree to this at some extent. Being able to throw sarcastic comments at a seemingly foolish statement means that your brain is able to formulate am intelligible response quickly. Although if you would use sarcasm too much just to show that you are smart, you might offend a lot of people. That's not a good thing, in my opinion.

There are a lot more signs of intelligence I can think of but I think these two are the best.


The Intelligent peoples have some habit due to which we can easily identify them their way of talking, Their way of speaking, and their way of physical activities. These all make us to identify the Intelligent person, If you are also intelligent then i think you will easily identify him and If you are not intelligent then you will not able to identify him.


I think if you are intelligent, it would come easily to really identify one who is like you. 

You really can't identify an intelligent person without first, coming close to them and having a conversation with them. An intelligent person is identified by the way he/she talks, the way he/she responds to situations. It really takes an intelligent person to spot another.


They tune in and watch significantly more than they talk and act. A considerable measure of their vitality is spent reasoning thus they regularly don't have enough to save for consistent work. Thus, they regularly sit latently and discreetly until the point that they feel that activity is fundamental.

They have a uninvolved and to some degree easy expert about them. They won't give arranges or be inconsiderate, nor hostile to set up predominance inside a social gathering. Be that as it may, when you address somebody who is insightful, you will have no real option except to tailor your discussions and practices around them, else you will understand exceptionally of your component.

They work effectively and not perpetually. Astute individuals are more ready to develop useful frameworks and schedules that proficiently and creatively give them indistinguishable outcomes from somebody whom would work throughout the day and consistently.

The steady requirement for scholarly incitement implies that a large portion of their leisure activities will either be inventive, or things that permit to consistently learn new abilities. Perusing is a reasonable pointer.

They are to a great degree understanding. Their insight enables them to not fall under strain as effortlessly, withstand extensive stretches of low action, and can last longer in generally rationally depleting circumstances than somebody whom is maybe not as canny.

Exceptionally creative. They can create incredibly satisfactory outcomes with less time, cash, and generally speaking vitality effort. A considerable measure of savvy individuals really turned out to be lethargic therefore.

Can get gifts effectively. Their capacity to watch, investigate, separate into steps, and apply implies that they can learn rapidly any expertise required. Astute individuals can amusingly feel fretful in such manner. For on the off chance that they can't take in an aptitude straight away, they regularly expect that they won't realize how to manage nature enough thus won't go there.

To a great degree socially persuasive. In gatherings, the smart individual is normally the specific calm one whom only from time to time gives their own supposition, or adds to discussions. Notwithstanding, when requested info, they more often than not say something that slices to the core of the issue and changes everybody's point of view.

Morally restrained individuals. I say maybe obstinate. In any case, astute need a moralistic and philosophical structure to which to work in. Intelligent individuals don't see the world as far as what work there is to do or what cash there is to be made, on the grounds that the intelligent individual frequently fears that he will split under the weight of his own cognizant movement. To redress, you will discover intelligent individuals continually thinking about new philosophical or conceptual good ideas to fabricate and live by. They live inside their heads thus I figure they require their inside structure up to scratch.

Intelligent individuals are regularly confused with being crazy and simple-minded. Some even venture to utilize high insight as a symptomatic side effect of an identity issue or learning incapacity.