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What are some things that make you sad?

Meaningless violence

It's bad when people get hurt. It's worse when it happens for no reason. In Nigeria, the Boko Haram sect has killed so many people. For nothing. Under the guise of religion, they are wrecking lives and destroying families and communities. It's something that almost makes me cry especially when I see the pictures on TV


I know life isn't fair. Still, it doesn't help me deal with the pain. I was bullied while in school so I know how it feels when one is being treated unjustly. What hurts even more is when poor people try to cheat and bully themselves. I cringe at their ignorance and shortsightedness


I hate lying. But I get really sad when those I care about lie to my face without flinching, especially when I know the truth

Loss of loved ones

It's just sad. I don't want to say much here as I don't want to trigger bad memories


Let me give you a childlike answer to this question, since I'm the type of person that prefer "a bright sunny day". One of the reasons that will literally make me sad is ~ sunny day :(

I just feel like I can do so many things during a bright sunny day compared to a dull rainy day. Since there are so many restrictions to me amidst a bad weather, I could only stay at home and find ways until it stopped raining. 


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I have always been very sensitive, but at this stage of my life many things make me sad. The loss of loved ones is the first. It is very sad to feel the absence of those who shared our lives.  Children abandoned, without a home to protect them, without parents to guide them and give them their love. The mistreated animals make me sad to see so many dogs in the street under the sun and the rain. In the circumstances in which we live in my country (Venezuela) I am very saddened by the deterioration of the country, the abyss into which we have fallen. I am saddened by the deaths of human beings for lack of medicines, the elderly in long queues to collect a pension that will not reach them. It makes me very sad to think that we were a developing country and now we are only the rubble left by a perverse government.


There are several things that make me sad. Few of them are:

  • Seeing someone in pain. I really feel sad and sorry seeing someone in pain especially physical pain. For example, someone suffering from a disease and I can really see the pain in their eyes. It makes me really sad. 
  • Seeing someone cry. When I see a person crying because he/she is hurt, it makes me really sad and sometimes, I feel like crying too. Especially when I am the cause someone is crying, my heart will be filled with sadness because it is never my intention to hurt someone.
  • Seeing people leave. I really feel sad when I see someone departing. For example, when someone I know goes to a place somewhere far and I am at the airport waiting for his/her departure. My heart will be filled with sadness and I will feel lonely.
  • Watching animals getting hurt. Videos or photos where animals are hurt just like the ones in the forest fire recently. I saw a particular video wherein the animals are suffering because of the forest fire, that video really made me sad.
  • Death. May it be people or animals, death makes me sad especially when the person or animal is close to me.
  • Breakups. Friendship or relationship breakups, I will find it really hard to move on especially those that really made a mark in my life. Breakups make me extremely lonely especially when you are not in good terms with the other person after the breakup.
  • Seeing old people without someone taking care of them. I have a soft spot for the elderly because I grew up with my grandma. Hence, when I see an old person without family or when he/she is clearly lonely, I feel sad for them as well.

Individuals ridiculing my mom.

I am from a little town of Ladakh.Life in my local place is moderate and web speed is immaterial. So even the youthful understudies who get back home for excursion are additionally allowed to watch and judge others/giggle at other individuals' shortcoming.

Foundation :- My folks used to live in a joint family. My mom was the ideal girl in law as she used to do all the family work with no complaints.I have gotten notification from relatives that progressively she turned out to be exceptionally frail because of the overwhelming errands like crafted by cutting grasses and so forth amid pregnancy.

Till now is the story before I was conceived.

So because of this when she brought forth me,she turned out to be more frail and specialists encouraged to eat nutritious sustenance or else she may free her hearing power.Nobody in the family( including my mom herself ) considered it important.

Result:- She totally lost her hearing power.Doctors were simply giving one after other hearing machines which never aided and they at long last finished up it can't be cured.Imagine how you will feel if u quit hearing like this.I appeal to God this ought not transpire in this universe.

Presently the above story is known to pretty much every individual in my town yet at the same time individuals who say something to her and when she doesn't comprehend and request that they rehash they snicker all over.

In some cases I point the finger at myself for not having the capacity to give a befitting answer to such shallow individuals yet then to what number of individuals I will answer and they all are senior than me.

My mother is a wonderful individual inside out.She couldn't care less about such things however it makes me extremely dismal.


People hurting others.

And looking at my crypto portfolio over the last couple weeks. 😂


Seeing people mistreat animals. Not sure if it makes me more sad or mad. Probably both at the same time. 


In life we  can sad by our old memory with old friends and died friends make sad.

The death of your very closer as friend brother father mother etc also make sad.

Our first love which were broken is also make sad.

Sad songs also make sad