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What tips should I follow to be a responsible tourist? ?

The best advice to being a responsible toursit is to have respect for the country you are visiting - respect for their culture and their land. This means always putting your rubbish in rubbish bins, and leaving the place the way you found it . I remember an old saying when I was younger 'Take only photographs, leave only footsteps' - I think this sums it up pretty well.

In regards to culture - it pays to do a bit of research about what is acceptable and what isnt, such as what is acceptable dress and also language. Some cultures are quite strict on certain things and you can avoid offending people by doing some research.

I am a native English speaker, and it pays not to assume everyone speaks English (as this sometimes puts people in uncomfortable situations) - in bigger and more touristy places English is very common, and it pays to listen out for an english speaker when you need help rather than just assuming everyone speaks English - because they dont!


This little story in the news grabbed my attention as of late: a visitor was captured in Myanmar for pulling the attachment of a speaker that was communicating a priest's message since it was irritating his rest. It's something that we're unfortunately observing a greater amount of every year: sightseers being ill bred to individuals, neighborhood traditions, customs and rules, and also ruining noteworthy landmarks and harming nature. I frequently consider methods for how to be a dependable vacationer amid my movements around the globe, particularly on the grounds that I've had a lot of encounters and heard numerous awful stories including severely carried on visitors, similar to the traveler who endeavored to carry a penguin from Boulders Beach close Cape Town in his jacket as a pet to bring home. Or on the other hand the person who tossed pens and cleanser out the transport window in Cuba and chuckled as individuals mixed to the ground to snatch them. Or on the other hand the sightseers who shouted at the nearby merchant on the shoreline in Phuket for not having cool lager, a couple of days after the torrent which wiped out the seller's home and a large portion of her family. Or on the other hand the vacationer who jotted "xyz was here!" onto one of the Easter Island statues! Furthermore, I can continue endlessly… 

I must be straightforward however. I haven't generally been a capable vacationer myself – I'll always remember that minute when I was pursued out of a market by two Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico, for taking photographs of them. That is one exercise (additionally featured beneath) I adapted rapidly! So, I do my most extreme to be aware of my environment and of neighborhood traditions. In case I don't know, I see what local people do first, or I'll ask them. To me its critical to know and deferential, and to indicate compassion. I may not concur with a few traditions or customs and I may sometimes voice my difference however dependably in an aware way. Likewise, I generally adhere to the ways or trails along noteworthy landmarks or national parks, and I generally fight the temptation to contact a landmark, similar to statues, or carry a free keepsake home with me as a seashell or stone. Basically submitting to these standards has enabled me to appreciate travel a great deal more and get numerous profitable exercises and bits of knowledge en route, which, to me, is the thing that movement is about.


First one has to know the meaning of "responsible" and "terrorist"

Responsible means having the obligation to do something, having control over something you can also say being the primary cause of something and also can be blamed or credited for an action

Terrorist on the other hand means a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation especially against a civilian in the pursuit of political aims

The first tip according to your question to be a responsible terrorist is to be.....

(1) responsible for your actions: for one to be a responsible terrorist he has to be responsible for his actions ie he has to be honest because I think that's what being responsible is a responsible person ought to be honest

(2) favourable plan: for one to be a responsible terrorist he has to be very careful during planning and executing of plans so he won't hurt civilians unintentionally because then that will be irresponsibility.

Thanks this is my little tips correct if wrong thanks.


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The Japanese have a saying that translates to "the nail that sticks up gets hammered down."  In essence, standing out in a crowd makes you a target, and conformity with the norms of the country is idealized.

To that end, when you visit a foreign country, you should try to blend in as best you can.  Learn a bit of the language, dress like the locals, etc. The more you look like a local, the better off you'll be.