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What things should be taken into account to choose a good hotel if you go on a work plan?

There's many things to take into account. See the reviews first and foremost of the hotels that interest you the most! Because most reviews are accounts of many people that have visited these places. And they know exactly of the environments and customer service of the hotel. Those things are important. No one likes a bed bug infested bed. No one likes rude employees. We all want a wonderful experience.. So that's why I look at the reviews first. 

The second thing you're going to wanna do is pay a mid range price for the hotel. Luxury isn't everything when you're just on a business trip. Unless of course you are loaded. If you're loaded then I'd advise the Hilton Hotels. But that's just me. It's a business trip so you honestly just need a bed and tv with a bathroom. Keep it simple and enjoy yourself ultimately! 


I think the single and most important aspect when choosing a good hotel for work is the place where it's at. If you're going there to work, you're gonna need to get in and out very quickly and efficiently for your job there to be accomplished without any disturbances.

Besides location, other clauses that should be taken into consideration should be quality and reviews. Sure, we'll be going there for work but we're still there to sleep and rest, so we don't want something that gives us more problems than it solves.

Cost is another point to take into account. We'll be staying there only for resting purposes, so we shouldn't just go to the first 5 start hotel we get notice of. It's better to go for something modest, comfortable and readily available than spending all of our budget on going to a hotel just for work.

But hey, that's just my opinion! Wise choosing of location, cost and actual quality of a hotel should be the founding pillars of having a great time while maintaining your budget!