Should all women have children? ?

I think people who need to answer this question are women and women alone, but individually. I mean, it is not right for anyone to dictate what others should do, especially when it comes to a topic such as having and raising a child.

Nevertheless, having a child is definitely not easy. In my country, there are a lot of cases of people giving birth to babies, only to leave them on the street or give them (or sometimes sell, despite being totally illegal obviously) to others. In such a case, it is very hard to defend an action of this kind. It doesn't make any sense to give birth to a baby, only to throw the baby out of your life again, and leave it to die.

There is a lot of responsibility that one must be ready to have if a child is desired. As others have pointed out, the financial situation is important, as well. I think it is not fair to leave a child hungry and make the child suffer, if you already know that you won't be able to feed them. 

Long story short, it is each women's choice whether they want to have a child or not. However, if someone wants to have a child, that person should be ready to raise the child.


This is not a question that should be generalise so the answer is NO!

it's an individual decision, a woman should only have a child if she is willing and ready for it


Absolutely not! While most women are capable of being decent mothers, some are not. Women who have severe addictions or physical or mental health problems are wise not to become mothers. And among those who are fully capable of being good mothers there are those who really don't want to. Those people should not listen to others telling them they must become mothers and stick to their decision. 

Having children is a profoundly life-changing thing. There is no going back. It's something only the prepared and the genuinely willing should embark upon.


 No, some women should not have children.  

There are many factors that need to be met in order for a woman to have children.   Not all women are born to have children. 

To have children must be prepared both physically and psychologically, in addition to having the necessary resources to support the children, it is also important that they have the support of a partner by their side. 

 But most importantly, for a woman to take care of a child, she must be totally responsible.

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This is a great question.  I think it has three answers:


The very best thing families can do for the environment is have one less child.

Children require enormous resources..... imagine how much water, food, power, waste someone requires if they live to be 100 years old... It's just massive.

This planet has more than enough resources for us all at the moment, but we're not sharing well... the 1st world countries are consuming way more than they should, especially in the production of beef.... however, the population of the world is expected to reach 12 billion by 2040.  That's a lot of people.  Can the planet support that many people?  Not as we're currently living.


Economically there are lots of countries freaking out because the birth rate is lower than the death rate, Singapore for example is giving cash bonuses to people who have babies, and Denmark is airing television commercials suggesting that it's everyone's civic duty to have babies.

From an economic point of view, every woman should have two children, to replace themselves and their spouse.  The world birthrate is currently 2.5, but the problem is that this isn't equal around the world... western countries have a much lower birthrate, which means lots of countries won't have enough people paying taxes to pay for the older generations retiring.


In the case where someone should have a child just because of the gender they were born is pretty crazy to me.  It's like saying 'all men should fight in the army'.  Some men should, sure, but other men are much better suited to other tasks, or are not suited to war.  All women should not have children... only the women who really want children, and can't live without their own children should have children.  No one should have to do anything.


Oh, god. No. No. No. There are people who should not reproduce. Not just females.

And it's not even that they are bad people, or have some disease.

Some people are just not suitable to raise another human being.


This is very good question. Now my view is that this is something which shouldn't be forced on women. They should think about it with free mind and if they think they are able to manage the situations after child then they can easily go and plan for it. I know few women who are very much ambitious and they are working in biggest organisation in higher positions. I asked them few times about this question that when they are going to plan children and they clearly said that in current scenarios they are unable to manage so they have no such plans. In future if they will think that they can manage then they can either plan or can think about adoption. I personally feel they are right at their places as it's their own choice and we must respect it.

Thank you.


Although biologically, the cause of a woman has children because of sexual relations. However, not all women who have had sexual relations have a child. Fertility and sperm health factors strongly support a woman's pregnancy. So according to the questions asked, the existence of a child is not an absolute thing, but it can be said that the child is God's gift for those who are married.

I think that's the right answer


No. Maybe it is just here in America but there are a lot of women who are honestly completly worthless anymore. They care for noone but themselves and have no life skills that would be nesesary (cooking, cleaning) wehn having a child. I am truly disgusted with the path American society is going down. Women just treat their kids as a source of income via a welfare check and child suport from the fathers. It is gross and sad. 


I'd like to break your question down into 2 parts if i may?

Should all women have the right to have children? absolutely, categorically yes.

Should all women have children? No. The world population is growing at a staggering, unsustainable rate. Cities are overcrowded, the resources are limited on our planet and we currently have not the means to expand off world thus space is also at a premium. Therefore the point i am trying to make is that if a woman does not want to have children, whatever her reasons are, we should be as a populace extremely supportive of that. Firstly and most importantly because that is HER choice and her choice alone. Secondly because only through less people choosing to have children can we somehow start to curb the exponential population growth. Women who choose not to have children are often pressured by their families, or considered unusual or strange by society but why? Not every one wants to be a parent, being a parent is one of the most wonderful, rewarding things a person can do with their life but it is also extremely hard. Particularly if you are surrounded by poverty, violence or crime and sometimes the people make these decisions, sometimes even though it hurts them, because they do not feel it is appropriate to do so. Sometimes they just don't want to and that is absolutely fine too. The sooner we start to support the people who don't have kids and understand that sometimes this is them doing what they believe to be best for them and, whether deliberately or inadvertently, good for the planet too.

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