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How can not getting enough sleep affect me?

Sleep is very important to handle body metabolism. I always that "All body related problems are healed by sleep and all mind related problems are healed by time." The wear and tear of the body throughout the day is healed only with a good sleep. Our body is capable of asking for rest whenever it requires. The indication is shown in the form of drowsiness. If we continue to work beyond that, the body will be hurt and it will reach a state where it becomes difficult to even heal during sleep. That is when people are affected by diseases.

A good night sleep

Sleep is not just sleeping at anytime. A good night sleep is crucial for the body to stay active throughout the day. We are all social beings and we interact with so many people every day and we gain lots of experiences and knowledge everyday. Along with that we are also exposed to lots of physical activities that will consume our energy. During the day time if we are very active we will be able to spend the night time with proper sleep.

Our activities are somewhat dependent on the presence of Sun as the primary source of energy. It is either us taking the source of energy directly from Sun or the food that we consume takes the energy source from Sun. So, directly or indirectly we are dependent on Sun for our energy. In that case we should also be active when the Sun is available and rest when Sun is not there. For places in the world where sun is not completely available, the case is exception. So for an ideal human being sleeping during the night time and waking up early morning is the best practice.

Harmful effects of Sleeplessness

Even though we try to be very active without proper sleep, it is practically not possible. A study says that a person may be able to survive few days without food but it is quite challenging to survive without sleep. Our body will automatically ask for rest if we have been doing heavy physical work throughout the day. Sleeplessness can also bring other complications like hatred towards food. As the body is expecting sleep, it will not be ready for digestion activity. It become quite challenging to digest food with restlessness.

If Sleeplessness is practiced continuously, there is a high possibility that your body can get used to it and getting ordinary sleep itself can be really challenging. People usually think that they can induce sleep with the help of sleeping pills. That will definitely have harmful effects in the body. Over a course if period the body will gradually forget how to sleep and it will always need a factor or external induction to sleep normally.

Personal experience from sleeplessness

During my college days I used to skip sleeping a lot. I either spend most of my time playing games or chatting with friends. I however get some disturbed sleep after going to college but it was definitely not enough. I ran into so many health issues. I would like to highlight few below:

- Instability in body temperature: I used to have high instability in my body temperature constituting to hatred towards food. It also affected mentally creating lots of frustration towards everything. The other effects that I'm going to be listing below are also related to this instability in body temperature.

- Heat boils in my face: During my school days o used to have clear face but after college I started getting lots of heat boils in my face and some parts of the body. This is not pimples because it is quite obvious to get pimples during that age. But the heat boils we're kind of different from pimples.

- Always drowsy: I was finding it really hard to focus on my studies and pay attention to my classes in college. I always had the drowsiness in my eyes. I even sleep regularly during the class hours.

- Running Nose: I always had this running nose 24/7 and 365 days. I tried to take medicines and it was never controlled. Those days I used to wonder what the actual problem was.

- Hatred towards food: I was unable to eat the food I desire. Since I had running nose throughout the day, I will not be able to taste the food properly. This created a hatred towards food and I was also getting weak.

Having all the above symptoms I somehow completed my college life and later when I started working, I was so tired every day that I had to sleep regularly and properly to be able to work the next day. This is when I experimented everything and realized that all the health problems that I had was because of sleeplessness. And most of it were also because I did not get a proper night sleep. You will not believe that my running nose problem was completely eradicated after I started sleeping properly. After proper sleep I started feeling really fresh and energetic. I also gradually developed interest towards healthy food.

Today I don't compromise my sleep for anything. I also realized that night shift jobs are not my thing at all. I try to sleep early and rise early. This gives me a feeling that I'm able to achieve lot more in my life than before.

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i will answer this basing on my own personal experience . I had a job last year that required me to work at night, here in the Philippines, to be at per with the US time, the job was stressful and sometimes we would go up to 12 hrs, 6 days a week. By the time i go home, the rest of the people are awake. i lived next to an elementary school and the kids were usually very noisy, especially during their break times and when they had extra curricular activities, that made it hard for me to have the required rest. I also run a small business, so during the day, i'd find my self running around with errands and by the time i get back home it would either be too hot to rest, too tired  to rest of just too late before i was required to clock back in at work. These few months were the most horrible times in my life, i found my self very moody, easily irritable, temper outbursts and fatigued. I was restless and  weak. I did not realize it then but i did soon after "i fired my boss", that , the lack of sleep was in fact the reason for all the things i had mentioned above. i not try to get at least 6 hrs of sleep, at night and i feel so much better, health wise. 


One of the key factor that affect of our daily routine is enough rest or sleep. It's our body's way of recharging itself and be ready for the activity that we will have do the next day. Our body cells regenerates more efficiently when we are sleeping.

So what would happen to us when we lack the needed rest. Let just share my personal experience about it.

First, I couldn't think well. My response is slow, to a point that I'm having mental block. And it affects my performance at work.

Second, my immune system starts to weaken. I remember when I used to do a lot of work that I'm not having enough rest, I would end up getting sick.

Lastly, I begin to stress out that it also affects my attitude towards everything. I tend to become impatient which end up that I will most likely to make bad decisions.

So that's it. Be sure to get enough rest. Cheers😉


The most important thing is that it affects ur mind and thought. Especially when your working the next day. It effects our energy level. Usually, I feel that if we don't get enough sleep, we tend to be really unproductive and grumpy.

The only thing that is constantly though of is to really have a good eyes shut or sleep. Hormonal changes and hormone imbalances. Then anything someone says to us tend to annoy us.

It also really affects our health. Our health may deteriorate due to lack of sleep.


Not having enough sleep can cause you to be irritable which can affect your work and other aspect of life.

You will feel not having enough energy especially if you have been lacking enough sleep for too long.

Depriving yourself from enough and proper sleep can also cause some illnesses. Like heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Lack of sleep can also cause accidents like if you are driving for long hours or while working in a construction site. It is because lack of sleep might also cause lack of concentration and dizziness.


Absence of sharpness: Even absent as meager as 1.5 hours can have an effect, explore appears. 

Hindered memory: Lack of rest can influence your capacity to think and to recollect and process data. 

Relationship push: It can make you feel testy, and you can turn out to probably have clashes with others. 

Personal satisfaction: You may turn out to be more averse to take an interest in ordinary every day exercises or to work out. 

More noteworthy probability for vehicle mischances: Drowsy driving records for a huge number of accidents, wounds and fatalities every year, as indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

In the event that you keep on working without enough rest, you may see all the more long haul and genuine medical issues. Probably the most genuine potential issues related with incessant lack of sleep are hypertension, diabetes, heart assault, heart disappointment or stroke. Other potential issues incorporate stoutness, sadness and lower sex drive. 

Interminable lack of sleep can even influence your appearance. After some time, it can prompt untimely wrinkling and dark circles under the eyes. Likewise, look into connections an absence of rest to an expansion of the pressure hormone cortisol in the body. Cortisol can separate collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth.


Insomnia is a symptom of sleep disorders in the form of difficulty sleeping. These symptoms are usually followed by functional disorders when you wake up. Insomnia is also the inability to get the amount of sleep you need to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energetic. Because everyone needs a different sleep time. insomnia is judged by the quality of sleep and how you feel after waking up in the morning, not the number of hours you sleep or sleep at night. Even if you spend 8 hours sleeping, if you feel sleepy and tired during the day, you may experience insomnia.

The causes of insomnia are:

- You have different sleep schedules on weekdays and weekends

- You sleep too fast

- You don't have a bedtime routine

-Too much coffee all day

- Get out of bed when you wake up in the middle of the night

-Too nervous at midnight

- Busy playing gadgets before going to bed

-Too worry about not having much time to sleep

- Feel you have to sleep 8 full hours

- Suffering from chronic pain

-The influence of drugs

-Mental health conditions


- Restless legs syndrome


How to overcome it is

1. Drink warm milk before going to bed. A glass of warm milk, coupled with a little consumption of fruit, can help you to sleep and get a better quality sleep. ...

2. Don't drink coffee at night. ...

3. Don't take a nap. ...

4.bUse aroma therapy candles. ...

5. Take a warm bath.


Sleep plays a very important role in our body and cannot be substituted with anything.

Its a design that God already made for the body to regain his strength and help you relax your nervous system.

It's very important in our health, sleep is as important as the food you take in daily.

There are alot of side effects that will affect your body when you don't sleep well or refuse to give your body the needed sleep it requires.

Lack of sleep can cause heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Sleeping also help to protect your physical and mental state,protect your health and good quality life.


Human being needs atleast 8hours sleeping period in other to be healthy and smart, when you sleep, it makes you psychologically gr3at and you would be able to think fast and sharp..

Sleep is very important, it is well known If a person didn't sleep for three days , it can't lead to psychological disorder or even death...


not getting enough sleep can affect you in a variety of ways ranging from physical body mass loss etc.

Sleep deprivation happens when an individual gets less sleep than they have to feel conscious and alarm. Individuals change in how little sleep is should have been viewed as sleep-denied. A few people, for example, more seasoned grown-ups appear to be more impervious to the impacts of sleep deprivation, while others, particularly kids and youthful grown-ups, are more defenseless. 

Albeit incidental sleep intrusions are by and large close to a disturbance, progressing absence of sleep can prompt over the top daytime sleepiness, passionate troubles, poor employment execution, stoutness and a brought down impression of personal satisfaction. 

There is no scrutinizing the significance of therapeutic sleep, and a specific measure of consideration is important to both oversee and avert sleep deprivation.

Sleep misfortune changes typical working of consideration and disturbs the capacity to center around natural tactile info 

Absence of sleep has been embroiled as assuming a huge job in unfortunate mischances including planes, ships, trains, cars and atomic power plants 

Kids and youthful grown-ups are most powerless against the negative impacts of sleep deprivation 

Sleep deprivation can be a side effect of an undiscovered sleep issue or other medicinal issue 

When you neglect to get your required measure of adequate sleep, you begin to amass a sleep obligation. 


Sleepy office specialist at work area with numerous espressos. 

At the point when an individual does not get enough sleep to feel wakeful and caution, they start to encounter side effects of sleep deprivation. 

The primary manifestation of continuous sleep misfortune is intemperate daytime sleepiness, yet different side effects include: 

yawning , irritability, weariness, peevishness, discouraged temperament , trouble adapting new ideas , neglect, failure to focus or a "fluffy" head , absence of inspiration , ungainliness, expanded hunger and sugar longings , diminished sex drive 

Sleep deprivation can adversely influence a scope of frameworks in the body.

Not getting enough sleep keeps the body from fortifying the invulnerable framework and delivering more cytokines to battle disease. This can mean a man can take more time to recuperate from sickness and additionally having an expanded danger of ceaseless disease. 

Sleep deprivation can likewise result in an expanded danger of new and progressed respiratory infections. 

An absence of sleep can influence body weight. Two hormones in the body, leptin and ghrelin, control sentiments of yearning and satiety, or completion. The levels of these hormones are influenced by sleep. Sleep deprivation likewise causes the arrival of insulin, which prompts expanded fat stockpiling and a higher danger of sort 2 diabetes. 

Sleep encourages the heart vessels to mend and remake and also influencing procedures that keep up circulatory strain and sugar levels and additionally aggravation control. Not sleeping enough builds the danger of cardiovascular ailment. 

Deficient sleep can influence hormone creation, including development hormones and testosterone in men.

Sleep deprivation happens when somebody doesn't get a solid measure of sleep. 

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) 2015 proposals for fitting sleep lengths for particular age bunches are: 

Babies (0 to 3 months): 14 to 17 hours every day 

Newborn children (4 to 11 months): 12 to 15 hours 

Little children (1 to 2 years): 11 to 14 hours 

Preschoolers (3 to 5 years): 10 to 13 hours 

School-age youngsters (6 to 13 years): 9 to 11 hours 

Young people (14 to 17 years): 8 to 10 hours 

Grown-ups (18 to 64 years): 7 to 9 hours 

More seasoned grown-ups (more than 65 years): 7 to 8 hours 

A few gatherings of individuals may consider sleep as sat idle and deliberately deny themselves of sleep to seek after different things, for example, stimulation, instructive objectives, or cash making interests. 

This purposeful sleep deprivation is destined to be found in youngsters and youthful grown-ups. 

Others may inadvertently not get enough sleep in view of move work, family commitments, or requesting occupations. 

Steady sleep-wake examples of going to bed late, visit evening feelings of excitement, or awakening early can prompt sleep deprivation and the aggregation of sleep obligation. 

Extra reasons for sleep deprivation incorporate restorative issues, for example, melancholy, obstructive sleep apnea, hormone irregular characteristics, and other endless sicknesses.