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What is it that scares us about growing old?

You know I do get scared anytime I think about this most especially when I come across some old men and women. I would always be depressed thinking I will surely be like them one day even though there is no how I will escape this. πŸ˜‘

We all want to stay young forever mainly because of our physical features and I am very sure that the old men and women like our granny would also wish to experience the same but they fact is the we can't just cheat nature.

I think the below factors are the main reasons we are always scared to grow old.

1) DEVELOPMENT OF WRINKLES: We all love our fresh skin such that we feel very happy and confident whenever we stare at the mirror to check our beautiful or handsome face. We even go to the extent of showing off our lovely skin on social media which attracts more views from different people 😊.

The sad fact that scare us most is that our handsomeness or beauty fades away with the replacement of wrinkles all over the face. The beauty and handsomeness depreciate due to old age which causes most people to be scared of getting old.

2) LOW STRENGTH : At our youth stage we are always agile and strong to engage in activities that requires strength. The sad truth is that when you get older, your energy level reduces leading to your reduction in strength. This is why you see most old people not engaging in energetic activities because the strength isn't there anymore.

3) DEATH: We all know death is inevitable! Death can occur at any time though but most people do believe that old people die first before the young ones. The old ones are much aware that they are close to the end of their lives because death can overtake them at any time. None of us wish to die but we can't escape death because it is part of our features as a living thing. When some people remember death after old age, it makes them scared.

4) LONELINESS: I think you can attest to this point because you might have seen most old men and women usually alone. The main reason for this is that everyone is busy including their children and grandchildren. Some old ones have nothing to do other than staying at home and eating because most of their friends, family and grandchildren may not have their time as everyone is busy with their lives. Their family members tend to visit then once in a while or during Christmas, New year, Eid and other celebrations such that they feel very happy spending such moments with their family and friends. The sad fact about this is that they are still lonely and depressed sometimes because they love people to be around them always but that can't be possible. This is one of the major factor that scares people from getting old.

In conclusion, we will surely grow old and there will be great changes in our physical features such as Grey hair, weak eyesight, low strength and many other features you know about . The fact is that we all wish to stay young forever but this is not possible because we can never cheat nature. Change is constant and we have no choice than to adapt to changes brought by nature even though we may be scared to get old. I think we just have to utilize our youth stage as an opportunity to attain anything we wish to accomplish before time runs out (before getting old). The more we wake up everyday, the older we become and the more we are getting to that stage despite the fact we are scared of getting old.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Many people are very, very afraid to grow old. From my experience, there are many people who are upset if they say that they are old or getting older. In fact, they really hated his birthday because he did not want to increase his age. This is actually very funny because they are afraid of what should be fun.

Being old is very pleasant for me, because with increasing age, of course we will be more respected and respected by those who are much younger. Getting old will make us look more authoritative and of course all our commands will be followed. Being old can actually make us live relaxed because we no longer need to worry about thinking of children who are still small and dizzy thinking about work at the office. When we age we should not need to feel the life problems of love, lifestyle, and this and that.

Many reasons that make humans very afraid to grow old. Their reasons are actually illogical and maybe only feelings that do not necessarily occur. Some of the reasons for fear of growing old from what I noticed are as follows:

Afraid of weakening

Do you know the term "tough age"? tough age means there is a young age. In other words, when we grow old, we lose strength. Our body also weakens. Old people usually have difficulty hearing, seeing, or walking. Sometimes memories don't function properly. All these things make you afraid to grow old.

Fear is not interesting anymore

In our young age we will certainly look very attractive because at that age we have a fresh and fresh young aura. The aura will bring out charisma that makes you young look attractive. In addition, even at a young age our body and skin look so beautiful, tight without wrinkles that can attract the eyes of people around. In our society there is the term "young is ideal" so that everyone thinks we must look young to look attractive.

Not Useful Fear

When we are old, there is indeed an event where our body and muscle strength becomes weak and memory and thinking power also weaken. This is indeed a matter of course. This is what is feared by humans because the weakening of brain function and energy will make the person not be used again in the world of work because of that consideration. They are also afraid that if they are labeled as useless to their families and children because they are troublesome or a burden. A little advice, things like this need not be feared because when we are old we are still very useful to give advice and input to young people who like arrogant thoughts. In addition, you are also useful and valuable because by growing up you have a lot of time to be with the children and grandchildren who are possible when you are young it rarely happens because of busy work.

Besides the reasons for the fear above, if you do not want these reasons to become a reality, then you should work hard and give full attention to the family so that the relationship between families becomes tight. In addition, try to have a deposit or investment in the form of money or anything for your old age so that you do not need to ask for family help and become independent parents. When we grow old, then we have been given time by God to improve our nature in the past and draw closer to Him.

Hopefully it can be a lesson and also input for those who are afraid to grow old. Being old is not something to be afraid of but something to be grateful for because we have been given a long time to enjoy this life and experience the experience of the past. Sorry if there is a mistake


Well, growing old I feel is a beautiful process. But however, I do have my own concerns about myself reaching that age one day. If I do grow old, I hope I would still be healthy as I do not want to be a burden for those that are taking care of me. Imagine getting sick and then someone else have to keep taking care of me. I don't want that to happen so I am working hard at this point of time at least to maintain a level of health.

I hope I won't have dimentia. Imagine having all those memories wiped out day by day. By day 1000 there isn't anything inside in terms of any knowledge of even myself. Where would I end up?

I hope that the best way to go would be sleeping and leaving and not by some really painful situation.


Well each person have different thoughts concerning what scares them about growing old but as for me what

scares me is that What really scares me the most while I am growing up is seeing myself become more established as time past by and not having the capacity

to achieve the objectives I needed to achieve throughout everyday life. We just have a restricted measure of time to live, it alarms me now and then so

hard that I won't have the capacity to accomplish the things I longed for, because of the constrained time I have in this world. At times I truly cant prevent myself from speculation possibly it is as of now to late for me.


The many health conditions that old people are vulnerable to. That is what scares me about growing old and having to depend on others when they strike.